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Fishing rod

First, the classification of fishing rods 1. First, from the material, the fishing rod has a glass steel, carbon, there is also bamboo. Most of the fishing rods are now carbon. Carbon rods are roll up, many manufacturers will label carbon content, such as 40T, 60T, etc., we don’t have to be confused when buying fishing rods. If one or two hundred rods have been labeled 60T or 80t, then it is certainly Dirty! Generally, the lower the carbon, the more great, the price is definitely not cheap, but the more brittle, so novice is suitable for carbon low. FRP is more important, but it is not easy. (Carbon pole is easy to conduct electricity, don’t fish near the high voltage line)
Fiscal rod knowledge popularizationBe

2 Fishing rods are divided into vibration and computational. The vibration is set together with all the rods. When you are fishing, you will be drawn from the front section; it is a separate, and the section is connected to the section when fishing. At present, most of the fishing rods are vibrating, more portable, not easy to lose parts (except for forward blocking).

3, from the functional point, fishing rods can be divided into handlers (long-term fishing rods and short section streams), and rods with wheel (sea rod, road rod, front hint, Zhongtong, 竿, etc. . Taiwan fishing rods because of the long section, so the same length is small, the strength of the relative rod is good; the biggest benefits of the stream rod is portable.

4, depending on the object fish, it can be divided into a rod, a carp, a rod, and a carp. The rod is relatively light, because the squid is not large, the rod is not high, then it is definitely, the more beautiful, the more comfortable. Other poles are characterized by fish, rocons, squid, etc., will generally be more rough.

Second, the parameters of the fishing rod 1, the modulation of so-called adjustment, the main force of a rush is the “three or seven adjustments” that usually say. For example, catching a slow fish big fish, you can choose three or five or five adjustment; fishing fry fish, you can choose 19-28. In general, most of the novice is casual fishing, it is recommended to choose two eight- and seven, suitable for most situations.
Fiscal rod knowledge popularizationBeBe

2, hardness so-called hardness, refers to a full anti-bending ability of a plum. The fishing rod is not, the better, and of course, the smother is, the better. If you are preparing to fish fish, then you have to be soft, the soft lever is compared. If you are fishing fast fish, you have to use hard rods, directly fly fish, and if you have more fishing spaces, you need to use hard rods, quickly return fish to avoid hanging.

3, waist (toughness) so-called waist, refers to a rebound force after the stress of the stress, which is to be bent to restore the original state. We also pay attention to the waist when choosing the softness of the fishing. The hardness of the fishing rod is enough, there is no toughness, then the fishing rod is similar to the wooden stick, it is easy to break. And the soft pole does not have waist, it is like a noodle.

4, the strength of the so-called strength refers to a plurality of anti-folding capabilities, the more intensity, the more it is not easy to break. It has nothing to do with the “hardness” of the fishing rod, but is influenced by “adjustment”, it can be said that the same hardness is two fishing rods, and the adjustability is more likely to be “first-tune” fishing rods. The carbon fish is slightly hard, but the strength is more than FRP. We look at the intensity of fish rods. The most typical is the value of the fishing. It is fixed to 45 degrees. Location, with a kg measured the weight of the fish, do not destroy the maximum value of the strength.) The general fish rod will labeze the top fishing value, although the different value demonstrators different intensity, but we also pay attention to our fishing The group is a whole, not just a rod, so we can catch the biggest fish size is not necessarily the value, often more than the top fishing value, this is because we generally do not directly fly fish, fish still in the water In that, most weight is still offset by its buoyancy!

5. Keep more attention to the weight of the rod, in fact, it should be more focused on the position of the center. In general, a good fishing rod focus should be forward (rod handles) so that we will not feel heavy, and the feel will be better. The center of gravity depends greatly to the taper of the rod, the thilement of the rod, the more the rod, the more the center of gravity, so it is not advisable.

6, the length of the general fish rod has a standard length of 2.7 meters (9 feet), 3.6 m (12 feet), 4.5 meters (15 feet), 5.4 meters (18th, measuring, etc., there are some non-standard length 3.9 meters (13 feet) 4.8 meters (16 feet), etc. We will follow the following principles when choosing the length of the fishing rod: (1) first is based on fishing point status. Fish is more likely to stay at deep shallow binding, retreating into deep water, entering a shallow water, and the distance from this terrain is not necessarily, then it is necessary to choose the length of the pole. In addition, according to the size of the lake, choose the right length, such as fishing in ordinary small river, selected 2.7-4.5 meters, large lake or reservoir, etc., optional 5.4 meters. (2) Select according to the body of the object. In general, if it is possible, try to choose a short rod, after all, short-pole is easy to operate. For example, the small fish in the white strip, then 2.7 meters is the first choice; small and medium-sized fish in the fishing squid, the small and medium-sized fish is selected from 3.6-4.5 meters; the fish and fish, the fish, etc., the choice is 4.5 meters or more, some large The reservoir blogger, many fishing friends will start 6.3 meters. (3) Select according to the weather conditions. For example, in winter, fish will be deep in the winter, then we need to choose some of the poles to catch a deep fishing, while the summer fishing, the fish is on the shore, then we have to choose a short rod to catch a light. (4) Select itself according to its own conditions. The length of the rod will affect the throw, the more difficult it is, so for the newcomer, it should be practiced from the short rod, etc., etc. In addition, for those who are bad, the poles are long, and they can’t see it. Some of the above, some are the information found on the Internet. In fact, for the newcomer, the first rod should not be tangled. Taobao will choose a 3.6 m or 4.5 meters, practice the basic operation, and so on. Consider buying a little more. Now there are many brands on the fishing rod on the market, I don’t say it here.
Fiscal rod knowledge popularizationBe