Zhao Lui wears white sweaters and is very cute! Sweater is the basic single product in winter, can be single


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Sweater is the most basic item in winter, can be single-through, challenged the overall wearing more exquisite

How can we have a sweater in our wardrobe? Sweater can be the most basic matching item, select the sweater, not only can be made, but also in the spring and autumn weather, making the price ratio becomes higher. The sweater is challenged, and the overall wear will look more exquisite ~ Today we will come and talk, how can the sweater choose to choose?


Zhao Lui is very attractive to this sweater, don’t look at a simple solid color sweater, it is a lot of care. The design of the small round collar is very elegant, making her flesh faces have a lot of petite. The texture of the clothes is fine, and this ripple has increased a lot of attention, so that the sweater has become more trembled.


The round neck is the most classic design, which can make the neck line more longer on the body. The cannabis flower ripples on the shaded body refined, highlighting a very good texture, and also added a lot of highlights. Small children can choose short design when choosing sweaters, and the leg ratio is displayed.

If you want your head, you can choose this design, you can choose this big-retro collection, a sense of layering is very rich, it is a must-have! The whole is relatively relaxed, suitable for daily life. And this wide sweater also plays a good role in the formation, covering the body’s fat, it is right, and it is easy to reach a thin effect.


Winter often blows the wind, and if our neck is encountered in the invasion of the cold, then the whole person is cold. Therefore, the protection of the neck is especially important, but the words wearing a scarf are slightly bloated, and the sweaters who choose this high collar are the best choice. There is a vertical stripe on the clothes, and it will also look higher to pick up the body. It is recommended that you can choose wool materials and have better texture when choosing sweaters.

The design of the generic collar is full, and it is a styles that must be less in the women’s godroom. East way to reveal the skin of the chest, how to wear it will be bloated, have a visual effect, let people see it completely. The sweater in the neckline is preferably a slim design, and there will be no binding feelings in the outside.


The sweater of the V-neck is actually more common in life. On the one hand, the sweaters of this style are easy and not difficult. On the other hand, it can show the elegant temperament that is unique to women, which is very suitable for white-collar women. Women are often dressed in work, you can try this sweater, and there will be no boring feelings at all.

The sweater of the word neck is very popular in the nearest fashion circle, and many wear bloggers pass similar styles. Women who are suitable for enthusiasm, especially women with charming shoulder neck, isn’t it a pity? If you choose this type of texture, you will make your body feel excited. When wearing this sweater, you can wear a dot ornament on your neck, more trendy.

Solid sweater is a good choice for single wearing or bottoming, it is almost uncomfortable, whether it is a student party or office workers, can be easily lifted. If it is in order to wear, the clothes don’t be too loose, and there is one room to wear a bottoming shirt. The design of the high collar can give more sense of security, suitable for fear of cold stars.

The sweater of the deep V neck is very suitable for stacking. It can be matched inside, which looks more impact on the visual. Wearing on the body is very foreign, lengthening the lines of the neck. Striped design detachment on your body. Darkness and light collision together will make the wearing more memory. When we are with a match, you should also pay attention to make the color more balanced.

The design of this big back neckline is very strong, and the student party and young girl dress are very strong. This kind of clothes choose loose sweater as soon as possible, regardless of what the body is very suitable. Sweater can choose the material of the water, this material is directly in contact with the skin is also very comfortable, suitable for the winter season. Sweater is the most basic single product in winter, can be single-through, challenged the overall wearing more exquisite! Do you know which style you are suitable for?


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