Bookshelf box can also have a shocking low-frequency Hewei X8 live audition


1 Sound setting: professional effective back to the top

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

[PCONLINE micro-evaluation]

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Huiwei’s new monitored flagship x8 is already listed, which is previously in the outset. Before waiting for the formal evaluation of the product, our evaluation room editor was first came to the Listening Room of the Hewei store to listen to the strength of this new Yugui listening speaker.

The look of this heavyweight speaker We have already appreciated it before, let’s take a look at the settings part of this player.

EQ adjustment is a must-have function of monitor speakers, and Hewei X8 provides four switch adjustments, corresponding to HF high frequency adjustment, MF intermediate frequency adjustment, LF low frequency adjustment, and low cut switch.

Official test frequency

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

The audio-listed room area is approximately 30 square meters. It is just a good for the 8-inch speaker, but since the X8 is behind the inverting hole design, plus from the official frequency response test, the low frequency part has an obvious protrusion, and pending The distance from the wall is still a bit near (about 1 meter), and it feels that the low frequency feel is not good at the beginning. At this time, the role of EQ played, after adjustment of the low frequency part (attenuated 2DB), we can see that the overall frequency of X8 is more straightforward, and low frequency dive is also close to 30Hz. Its shape has been basically close to the official frequency sound map. Of course, the perfect state is far away, this exempted 8-inch listening box is not easy to teach.

Since the environment is not a professional silence room, the test is also for reference only.

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

2 Listening: Different monitors back to the top

Playback device

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Asus Essence ONE

Music track

Bullet for My Valentine – Scream AIM and Fire

Hans Zimmer – Cornfield Chase

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Carlos Kleiber – Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Miles Davis – So What

野弘 – Mobile Suits

The listening part is common to the review room is also the case that the author often listens. Cover symphony, jazz, rock music. The audio source is an ASUS Essence One decoded.

Three-frequency: Since it is a monitored speaker, X8 sound is still trying to develop in neutral direction, but completely neutral speakers do not exist. Even if other brands of monitor speakers will have their own style, and X8’s style is obvious Still affected by the low frequency part: the overall sound is strong, the momentum is very powerful, because the antechronic unit can guarantee enough depth, X8 can meet the needs of the ultra-low frequency, but the large size unit sometimes does not Something is too fast, so the transient expression of X8 is normal, but not too big surprises. The intersection of the intermediate frequency is thick, the line is good, and the hard texture is not soft. And the high frequency part, the high frequency performance of the new 26mm metal ball top high frequency unit X8 will not be too “warping”, even in the range of 5k to 10K, this means is not like a general listening box ( For example, really, adam) is so hard and bright. This benefit is to let more general HIFI users can accept this sound.

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Sound field and positioning: X8’s momentum is not questioned. After all, it is also an antechronic box. It is also very beneficial to create a sound field, and overall positioning depends mainly on the high frequency unit’s quality, and this aspect is good, the instrument is more It can also be positioned accurately when intensive.

书架箱也能有震撼的低频 惠威X8现场试听

Music Phase: In fact, we have already noticed that Huiwei official’s propaganda to X8 is pointing to the audio and video appreciation, rather than the monitoring. Therefore, the large-scale music such as the classical classical is very suitable for X8 interpretation. In addition, the audio and video scene of the burst is also very suitable for X8, which does not require independent low frequency units to meet sufficient dive and low frequency.


In fact, Hewei X8 still continues the consistent tuning style of the Hewey X series, the sound does not have much tract, but it is not to pursue the ultra-high analytical force of the general monitor speaker, but in the sense of listening and listening. The balance of the HIFI consumer group tends to. The new high-stroke unit upgrade also makes its sound quality significantly, relatively, the X8 is relatively higher than the cost performance ratio than 6 inch X6. Of course, the big speakers always face certain problems – there is a high demand for the listener. If there is a space that can serve the octamin unit, then the performance of X8 will not be disappointed.