Don’t blow, Li Youbin performs 3 levels, Huang Jingyu makes me think of fire


Not long ago, the year-end pressure shaft drama “Ace Force” started.


Topple top flow, plus


Li Youbin, He Zhengjun, Zhang Zhijian

Waiting for the joining of the bones, let this drama harvest unprecedented attention.

Sure enough, the heat generation is really invincible, and the first broadcast ratio rushes to 2.63, ranking first in the country.

“People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, “Xinhua Net”, many heavyweight media, and other heavyweight media are also personally, and the word “most burning” is also used in the comment.

However, open the panel, but presents a significant polarization.

This degree of differentiation even reached a kind of




Turn to the top page of the festival area, the top 5 shorts of the number of pictures is 5 stars, and the number of short-standing shorts is close to 80,000;


But such a high interactive amount, the Douban score has not yet come yet.

Of course, everyone is also very clear, this cause of “strange” phenomenon is

Xiao Wan


Piko also had multiple doubts about Xiao Wan.


On the one hand, Xiao Wan disappears for so long, it is very likely to be carefully polished, take a boutique good drama.


On the other hand, the theme, Li Yubin, He Zhengjun, Zhang Zhijian, this powerful lineup group will not destroy a few small meat.

With these questions, Piko took 10 episodes.

Through the enthusiasm of just brushing, Piki will talk about the five “dispute topics” after the TV drama broadcast.

Around these five dispute topics, the same “military”, Li Youbin, Huang Jingyu, Zhang Shaogang, Xiao Wan, Zhong Chu, the difference is there …


01, Li Youbin copied a “Li Yunlong”? In a “fishing and saving” play, Li Youbin’s eyes showed three-story meaning.

Military drama + Li Youbin, I don’t know how many audiences are just like the skin, isn’t it just “bright sword”?


However, with the “bright sword”, the “ace troops” are not the war drama of our army and the enemy, but the new era of the new era of the military ace is the main line of the military ace.

At first glance, the protagonist is “new soldiers”, it seems that there is nothing to do with Lao Li.

How is Li Youbin’s performance in the “Ace Force”?

In the TV series, Li Youbin played Zheng Yuan, and this role also exists on the front and rear transformation of the identity.

At the beginning, he was the military master, and he was responsible for the command of the command.

“The first commando is named!”

I heard Lao Li, this unique voice, the spectators’ thoughts were enough to be returned to the war of war.


When the lens turned, he came to modernity, Zheng Yuan is already a division of division of two or four divisions in a part of the Liberation Army.

In the face of an emergency exercise, Li Youbin appeared urgently. Don’t look at Li Youbin was 63 years old, but the teacher’s gas field was stable.

Many people are discussing this role is another Li Yunlong, in fact, there is the same, and there is also a difference.

Li Yunlong’s blood is still still, but there are more calm.

You look at him, the serious eyes, the pleats with face are staded, and the corners of the squat are presented in the mouth of the mouth, and there is a garden for many years of the battlefield.

The military area is engaged in the exercise, giving the second four divisions, have a sudden attack, and the staff under the hand is complaining, and only Zheng Yuan silently looks at the sand table.

But the next second, the bloody and tenacity of the soldiers were completely out.

In the face of the sudden situation, the people complained that “this is to see our jokes”, only Zheng Yuan is seriously said: “This joke is good!”

“The two or four divisions did not play, the cannons sounded, and the whole thing to see the blood!”


Li Youbin said this sentence, in fact, he lives in Zheng Yuan.

The staff under the hand may not be hit, did not flow over, have never seen sacrifices, but he experienced blood and fire quenched.


He knows what the war means, and also knows the relationship between exercises and wars. So in his world, there is no fake exercise, only true war, this is also a teacher.

Of course, as a teacher, there is no more majesty. In the exchange of recruits, we also saw the other side of his benevolence.


There is a “fishing saver” playing very interesting.

Huang Jingyu played the sorghum was retired, and the heart was not born in the river. He almost killed, and Zheng Yuan, was rescued by the fishing.

Listening to the life of the new soldiers, Zheng Yuan’s eyes are majestic, but the sympathy revealed can’t stop.


He looked at the eyes of this recruit, just like watching his children, even like a young man.

You look at this god, shiny, deep, warm, have the strict of the elders, and the care of the elders.


An eye can express so much complicated emotional expression, I think there is only Lao Li.


Listening, Zheng Yuan was touched by the experience of the recruit, and the eyes were tears. Even as the audience, we can fully experience this time Zhengyuan’s mood.

This kind of emotion is that Li Youbin is perfectly communicated with his own acting.

Although the first broadcast of “Bright Sword” has passed for 16 years, some of the slights of Li Youbin in the play can still let Piki people think about the familiar taste of the “bright sword”.

02, Huang Jingyu’s role, reminds me of the Naruto “Naruto”

Huang Jingyu has never had a famous head, called “Man in the entertainment industry”. Since he is on the way, it can be described as a passage of the police, the military’s role.

“Red Sea Action” China Dragon Team Sniper, the face of the face, so far it is impressive.


In the “Decisive Time”, he turned into the liberation army.

In “Ice Breaking Action”, he is a poisonous police Li Fei.

In the “Falling Special Forces”, he became a special team member.


In this “ace troops”, he is a new soldering egg in the 1980s People’s Liberation Army.

The “Ace Force” mainly launched the sorghum and Xiao Wan played by the sorghum and Xiao Wan, so Huang Jingyu played, directly affecting the quality of this drama.


To analyze that he is going well, let’s see how this is what role.

Sorghum is a bitter child. He was abandoned by his parents when he was young. He went home from his brother.

Later, my brother sacrificed in the battle, the mother died again, he once again became an orphan.

Others should be the worship of the soldiers, or make a living, you can find a home.

Huang Jingyu shaped sorghum, giving people the deepest impression, is the comedy element he joined.

He has strong passion and vitality.

He can just listen to the instructors who have just taken the instructors to take the new soldiers. You can do two words.


Not only that, he is still a broken mouth, not only the mouth, but also the prank.


Of course, this “wind” behavior can also be understood.

Because he has experienced hardship, the most painful bitter is in the heart of the heart, and he deliberately showed the attitude and the spirit of the thorns, it is precisely to cover the wounds of the inner wounds, and learn about others.


This figure, even let Piki remembers the Naruto in the “Naruto”, their prank behavior, the people who are born with people and the inner depression, all have emotional common work.

And this kind of oil tongue is tough, in fact, there is a certain fit with the image characteristics of Huang Jingyu.

However, only relying on this side, it is obviously difficult to support the entire role, in the drama behind the “Ace Force”, let’s see if Huang Jingyu has more show.

03, there is no distortion in the performance of Zhong Chu?


The emotional line of “Ace Force”, focused on the sorghum, take care of the wild and Jiangnan, and the female soldiers are played by Zhong Chu.

The representative of Zhong Chu is “Fanghua”. She played Xiao Suzi, and it was very amazing.

But in the “Ace Force”, she played Jiangnan, but she triggered a number of different voices.


The opening debut is still amazing, but the latter performance, many people evaluate “some promisievable”.

Pingo believes that the main reason is the difference between Zhong Chu performance, she chose an expression close to modernization.

People who participate in the 1980s are probably 90 parents. This generation is what the love is like. Most people should have earned from my parents.

Can Jiangnan, the role of this role, there is less than a single 60 and 70, and the attitude towards emotions and rules is too 蛮.

Two days two nights have been opened, only she can’t take care of the discipline to take pictures, let this role are a bit not happy.


After seeing the temples of the new soldiers, I don’t say it first, and I am rogue, this is not a female soldier, more like a princess.


Treating an emotional attitude, too open, not to be in the army, even in the real life, in the 1980s, there was no such a mantking female chasing man.

Jiangnan, this person, everyone is looking forward to “receiving performance”, emotionally, and the more emphasizes.

Therefore, Zhong Chu rushed to the performance technique of chasing love, and the audience expected a gap.

04, why did Zhang Shaogang have three seconds?

Piko saw an old acquaintance in the “Ace Force”: Zhang Shaogang.

Zhang Shaogang was originally a CCTV host. After leaving CCTV, his performance and comedy days were perfectly developed.


This is not the first passenger film work of Zhang Shaogang. In the “Senior Ling Jian Mountain” and Feng Xiaogang’s drama “Beans South Power”, he has a guest.

Then, because she presided over the “Tucao Conference”, Zhang Shaogang began to develop in the wind and harmonious star, and once mentioned him, most audience should have this scene.

Why Zhang Shaogang can be a visitor in a military arsenal, and Piko thought about there were about three reasons.


First, like “Nanbei”, Zhang Shaogang’s participation can be used as a propaganda, borrowing Zhang Shaogang’s reputation with the “Ace Force”, which is a basis for a variety of episodes.

Second, it is possible that Zhang Shaogang is active.


Perhaps he thought of participating in the addiction of the military. After all, he played in the play is the assistant of Master Zhengyuan, which can be exposed in a drama that is likely to be explosive, and also count a new experience.

In the play, he also gave the scout to the scouts an important task.

Finally, guess may be the drama intentional arrangements to form a contrast.

Zhang Shaogang is too happy. When he appeared, the barrage was blown.

Some people say Zhang Shao just cute, and some people said Zhang Shaogang as a “traitor.”


However, a lot of spectators believe that “Zhang Shaogang is so laughing”, online for a short time about Zhang Shaogang.

“Li Yunlong” as a serious face, and Zhang Shaogang wearing a helmet feeling is really a bit “thief eyebrow eye”, and the two are serious and funny, so that this plot has become the best laugh. Drama.

Especially the looks of the people, whoever sees you don’t want to look at a few eyes.

This may be a small ninety-nine nine of the film. It can reach such a comedy effect, and the serious atmosphere of the Drama, and it is a big job.

05, this role of Xiao Wan, choose?

I haven’t heard the news of Xiao Wan for a long time, and suddenly there is one of the men’s men who have been the main melody military.


Objectively, this new role in Xiao Wan has always been a breakthrough in the type, which represents him aware of the crisis.


But the role of the play in the play, I want to play, I can’t have a heart that I want to break through.


He is from the military person, with a proud of a child.


He is strictly demanding his high standards. In order to enlist, self-study a lot of courses and military technology, everything in the army said that there is also a new year’s burdock not afraid of the tiger.

In the character, he is silent, the inside is depressed, the emotions are not exposed, hardly express, there is anything to hide in my heart.

Such a characteristic color is actually suitable for Xiao Wan, as a light car mats.


From some emotional play, you can also feel that Xiao Wan tried a lot of new interpretation skills.


For example, when the tank is rumbling, Gu Yichi expresses his ideals, and this face is firm, it seems that there is a military charm.


When I was subjected to the first frustration, when I was retired, Xiao Wan showed a sentiment out, this brochure show because of the previous pavement, so it also has certain emotional appeal.

In the trick of the seniors of Xu Hongwa, it can still be able to pick up.

However, it may be because of the previous role too much reason, in many scenes, we can still see a lot of expressions.


This expression is.

And this expression.

This is a common expression of the tyrant male role, which is inevitable in recruits.


And like this expression and emotions, if you change the military uniforms, you can basically arrange any modern idol drama.

In the interior flower dew incident, Xiao Wan was also defeated in the game with the priest.

The eyes are floating, the look is nervous, even the mouth is swallowed, which is more than observed with him before, and the knowledge is rich, strong inner, and even the newcomers who can be left and right.


It is necessary to nervously, give a tight reaction, and this performance is unfirected, but it is too much in the surface.


This is actually what we said, the performance experience is not enough, the precipitate is not enough, resulting in the loss of the hierarchical and richness of the shape.


Even so, Pi brother still believes that the acting of Xiao Wan has improved a lot, both of the basic skills, the skills of the line, the skill of the acting, and the quality improvement is compared to before.

Not to mention how the future, but this road is definitely a left.


Finally, let’s talk about the “military camp details” in the drama.

As a military traveler, “The Ace Force” is obviously the “soldier assault” route, focusing on the growth and transformation of recruits.

Since it is shaping recruit, the details of the military camp are naturally important.


There are a lot of scenes in the play. In the viewer who participated in military training or the audience who used to be soldiers, it should be quite in touch.


Every new recruits have a few thorns, and the whole drama is actually based on the thorns.

Everyone is different from the reasons, but there are shares who are more than those of others.

The army is green, and the neat tofu block is neat.

Ten people, one table, can you eat.


One of the human hand, the small horse, check the incomplete internal service,

The venue of the arrangement is placed, and it is unless.


Even after the light is turned off, the flashlight is launched, of course, it should now be a mobile phone.

Although the quality of the whole department needs to be discussible, but in these details, “the trump troops” can not be sloppy.


At least for the audience who has had a military life, see these familiar scenes, there will always be a few memories.

Although the “ace troops” have such controversy, it is also a lot of highlights, still worth seeing.



From the drama Li Youbin to He Guanjun, from Zhang Zhijian to Duyuan, can match Huang Jingyu and Xiao Wan, and also see their high wind bright festival.

This world, these works, and finally pay in the hands of young actors, the future is their opportunity to give them progress.

After all, who isn’t going to come in this step?

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