The full-line floating washing market took you, indifferent?


This year’s cosmetics industry is destined to not calm, there is less than big big, and many beauty makeup are affected. However, relatively pressed make-up consumption, the online washing market rose against the trend, and multiple fine molecular performances are full of red. The data shows that nearly 90 days of 3.17-6.14 this year, Taobao / Tmall’s washing goods sales reached 9.8 billion +, an increase of 55% from the previous month. Large up 55% + back, reveal which trends and new growth points? The full line of red-filled washing market patted you, are you still indifferent?

(Data Description: The sales of Taobao Tmall systems involved in the report have not calculated activity coupons)

Sales TOP subclasses are red, seasonal big daily increased rapidly

Nearly 90 days Taobao / Tmall washing and sales TOP sub-class performance is full of red,

The lead is the shampoo, the sales exceeds 2.5 billion; second is the shower gel and toothpaste / tooth powder, sales are more than 1 billion; these three subclauses, whether sales and sales are accomplished, first three, It is the category of the highest penetration rate in the washing item, but also the category of the quality of the standard to focus on investment and breakthrough.

From the change of sales, the highest increase is the summer quaternary flower, which has increased by more than 1300%; second is a hair removal and an increase of more than 1 times more deodorant, private care. In addition to hair care essence and mouthwash, other maintenance mainstream classes have a substantial growth.

Adolf is far ahead, half-acre flower field


From nearly 90 days Taobao / Tmall wash sales TOP20 brand, although the number of domestic products only account for only 25%, the list of Aldov, the performance is far super other international brand, sales of 2.48 million + pieces; half acre flower field Spend fast, becoming the sales of Sales second only to Adolf’s domestic care brands; the overall sales is 5.04 million parts of Skull, the brand penetration is very high; second is Shuke and black, both of which are owner.

The seasonal hair removal cream is highlighted, and the pain points are grasped.

From the product characteristics,

The hot products of the Taobao are inseparable from cost-effective, just need, new strange, star / kol / short video planting combination, multi-faceted consumers’ willingness.

For example, the Shu Youqi’s removal cream is the first day of the summer, the high cost, Huo Siyan’s recommendation; KONO is lightly controlled oil-water, Xin Yong makeup ginger washing, sea flying refreshing to the oil production set, etc., the consumers The greasy, hair loss in the washing hair; 齿 健 按 压 小 小 打 白 牙 牙 滋 源 源 源 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 奇 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 奇 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 奇 奇 奇The experience of experienced differentiation of consumers; half acres of flower pearm fruit grinding cream is a shake explosion, the star endorsement route; Han Jinhao, a comb, the hair dye, the special beauty, a color dye, etc., it is Seize the demand for dyeing, with high cost performance and convenience.

From the change of the sales of hot products, Shu Younchi is a daily increase in hair cream; Bo Ziweilan hair removal cream, Haifeila is refreshing to the oil-watering package, Shanghai Meisheng ginger is washed, and the source will go to the oil and dry spray. Dora Duo’s nicotine fragrance bath gear case, Hui Run soft shampoo reveals water, etc., all achieved 100% + increase.

Shampoo three giants have more than 100 million, and the sea flying penetration is the highest.


Nearly 90 days Taobao / Tmall Shampoo Sales TOP15 brand, Adolf, Haifei It is worth noting that Kono, three magic letters, Shanghai Mei and other domestic shampoo, walked out of his own breakout under the surrounding brand.


For example, in the seventh KONO, the packaging is the simple route, the original non-alkaline shampoo system is applied, and 15 amino acid nourishing hair is added. In May, the 53rd Golden Horse Award Best Activity Master Master Magic, Pull sales and improve brand power.

Three magic letters focus on the fragrance to wash hair, and the product played Zhong Lizhen’s publicity, the number is not much, and the market trend explosion “copy” and low-cost route. Shanghai Midea route is similar to Lu.

From the shampoo sales TOP15 product,

More than 70% is a domestic product, and the top of the list is that KONO is lightly controlled oil, and personalization is more obvious. In the fifth, the fifth is also innovated in the category. It also seizes the current consumption pain points, and complies with fashion, convenient shampoo, in the stars, Daren, the product advantage Quickly zoom in, there is more consumer groups.

However, there is also an entry market in the TOP product, and use low-cost harvesting. Such as proud, Xiaofei, etc.

From the functional appeal of hot-selling water, it is basically concentrated in oil control, debris, supple, anti-off, repair. In particular, the sales of the repair of the shampoo, the maximum increase in the year, nearly 60%.


In the hot declaration of shampoo, the top of the list is ginger, which can meet the safety of consumers’ safety and demand, but differentiation is not obvious, compare tradition;


The second bit is a mild amino acid, which is also one of the direction that can be excavated.


What is the highest, He Shouwu is close to 450%;

In the fifth tea tree, the increase of more than 200%, revealed that the oil-controlled function appeal sharply.

Lux performance and penetration lend, three valley, half-acre flower field sales

As a second larger than shampoo, the sale of shower gel is still the brand of Unilever, P & G, and Shiseido. However, there is a characteristic domestic brand in this category that is increasingly bright, including red elephants specializing in mother and child care, focusing on color amino acid, making faces, funny mousse shower gel, with flowers shower gel Sighted people, super cost-effective and good reputation, Dora Duo, the main big-name fragrance, is good at the half-video / live planting sediments. It is foreseeable that

The main fragrance concept and the shower gel of the victory in the value of the value, the experience of the experience, which is increasingly popular under the social attributes of the product.

From the hot effect of shower gel, the first is the fragrance, followed by cleaning, emotional appeal and social needs, exceeding the functional needs.

From these sales TOP shower dew brands, the performance is changed, the most fierce is three valleys, reaching 600% +; second is 370% + Dora Duo.

These TOP brands of TOP monophytes show strong productivity. For example, nearly 90 days of Taobao / Tmall shower gear TOP product, the list is the top of the La Duo’s nicotine fragrance shower gel, which does not only meet the functional needs of consumer skin care, and satisfy the fragrance. Emotion and social needs. The third and fourth are the fragrance shower gels of Huidu and Luxi.



Hair film performance leads, freely evaporated film, two-in-one hair cap

As a fifth hair solution ranked fifth in the washing subscription, the segmentation category of the washing brand can be focused, and the rising space is large. 3.17-6.14 Near 90 days Taobao / Tmall hair mask sales TOP brand, the list is the list of Shiseido,


In the second, it was established in 2018, the simple beauty is a young personality brand. The brand founder Vincent has served as Director in P & G and won the total capital of Talent Capital, good at content marketing; small oil hair The film is characteristic explosion model, and the package is new and established. It has set up 30 million yuan for the brand in 90 days, and the list of hot hair mask is headed.

In the third, the FINO Fen is concentrated, and its explosive product “Ruby Bottle” in the hair mask is second.

Other domestic brands, or it is either in the product, or it is a combination of market explosions + high cost performance. For example, Moqi advocates a fraud-free hair care experience, and its explosion has evaporated to evaporate the film, the fourth place in the hot products, and the performance contributes more than 10 million yuan. Su Jiao is a hair mask cap, which is two-in-one, and created in the use of the hair mask and the hat, which are both fresh, and also taken into account the needs of new generations of consumers to pursue efficient, convenient experience, but this type of product It is also easy to be copied. Orano, Faboshi is a combination of market consumption hotspots, with high cost performance. HANGO attracts consumers with salon-level professional hair care and aroma steaming concepts, highlighting their own professionalism.

From the sales of sales TOP10 brand, the brand whose hair mask penetration rate is Pan Ting, followed by Shiseido and Phen Deli. From the concept appeal, the free concept is very popular, ranking first. Repair and compliance are ranked first two effects appeals.

It is foreseeable that the breakthrough direction of the hair mask is innovated from the form of packaging, bringing freshness to consumers, easy to ferment on social platforms; second, innovation in product form, such as hair film cap, special paste, etc. Create viscosity and attract new customers; third is to take high quality and high cost performance, which is a general direction.