The wise is witnessed, the cross-border season is about to become the past, in 2019, the explosive force awakened!


We spend our daily life every day, in fact, a miracle continuous.

Nanfeng cross-border

Every year Western Christmas at 12.25

Like most people’s shopping habits

Before December 20th is the peak of the year sales

Sales will be clearly decline after the 19th

Christmas, New Year, 2019, Spring Festival

Now, such words are flooded around us

I know that I have to pass this year.

At this point in time

We should think about the 2019 cross-border e-commerce market.

Let’s take a look at the four platforms of cross-border e-commerce:


Amazon in the past year is for 80% of the seller.

It is very difficult, directly blood tears history.

Platform strictly check the single, operational comments, etc.

US station is a hurricane, knife sword shadow, knife see blood

There is a brand, there are trademarks, the seller who knows the supply chain can stand the feet.

European station VAT compliance rods have been waving

German tax must be taken into effect in January 2019

Japan Stone is the most eye-catching market

Dayia selection decides whether it can be made

2018 has eliminated a lot of sellers pursuing a relaxing

We are still looking forward to 2019


In October this year

I have closed the free registration gate

Yes, free lunch opportunities are not

Register now requires $ 200,000 margin

Wish in 2014-2016

It is the era of a large number of small and small sellers

2019 Wish has a seller

Can operate in the refinement direction

Wish platform algorithm makes the product randomness

That is, the buyer saw this product.

Belonging to impulse consumption

Products must meet the style of young people

The era of burning PB flow,

Seller must buy traffic


Our Chinese Internet Enterprise Pride

Globalization, ecological, online maximization

SO Each category takes 10,000 yuan deposit

2019 traffic support is a gold medal shop

Silver shop will also have a certain amount of traffic

AliExpress still has most market share in the Russian market

But AliExpress is still a physical activity

Need constant packaging, but still have to do it.


Old models of foreign trade internet platform

The volume is still huge

Current registration account does not charge

Can be used for the US market to find a feeling

But not suitable for small and medium-selling parents

The rigid company system will make many new sellers to die

I need layout non-European and American markets next year.

Whether it is shrimp skin, lazada

Still the tide of the Middle East Souq

Will be the 2019 market growth point

Sub-station this year –


Part of the reason is that platform traffic is expensive

Resulting in the extrusion effect of the seller

Another part reason is that overseas social information is rising

The development of the Internet is to human

Human natural attributes is: social

Therefore, with the continuous expansion of the internet population base

The frequency of use based on social function APP is very large

Such as: Facebook YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

This is the product of desktop communities

Titting overseas version of Tiktok successfully

Accurately: social products in mobile Internet age

So, Japan, the US shake overseas version of the new traffic

Short video social intersection based on mobile Internet development

It is a high traffic of cross-border e-commerce.

That happened, I told you so much. Next, do you want to see some dry goods again. Recently, the Pinterest is based on platform data, issued a hot trend in 2019. A spokesman said that the monthly merchant users of Pinterest exceed 250 million, so far, more than 175 billion ideas were collected by 3 billion times.

The following contents have focused on the trend of export sellers, hoping

2019 stock sales

Provide relevant inspiration.

1, travel

Top related search is hot on Pinterest. The search volume of bus travel has increased by 32%, and the search volume of hot springs has also increased by 32%. The search volume of ancient castle adventure and island travel increased by 142% and 179% respectively. The search volume of small towns increased by 276%, and the search volume of autumn scenery increased by 94%. Search for surprise travel destination has also increased by 192% year-on-year.

Therefore, stocks of related products are also worthy of attention. Compared to the car, bicycle travel may be more loved in 2019, the search volume increased by 64%. The search volume of zero garbage travel and sustainable use travel bag has also increased by 74%.

2, health care

Pinterest’s data insights discovered that personal health care will become a big topic in 2019, and search volume increased by 140% year-on-year, including privacy, sports and sleep.

The key words of search vessels include boneum recipes (685%), psoralen (275%), super powder (such as tumping tea and macar, 144%), sleep optimization (116%), nutrition plan (475%), Goat milk soap (231%), elastic belt training (1,913%), awake life (746%), beeswax packaging (146%) and ginger oil (659%).

3, hobbies hobbies

Pinterest data shows that there are 80 Pins on the platform about amateur hobbies. Many people are making interest hobbies into SOHO full-time job, and the relevant workload has increased by 690%.

Search for search quantities in this topic includes acrylic splash paints (660%), human body painting (444%), ceramic (475%), 52-week savings plan (295%), chalk art (664%), sketchbook (513%) How to grow avocado trees (101%), boats (169%) and urban decay (44%).

4, holiday celebration

In addition, the Pinterest’s data also shows, invitation, decorations, food, drinks, cakes, photography tools, and costumes, festive celebrations, have also become a hot trend.

The key words of search quantities in this topic include the godfather’s motherworking program (152%), garden wedding (441%), donut decoration (748%), small time celebration (113%), gold wedding dress (1,552%) ), The number of cakes (314%), smoke bomb photography (436%), neon wedding logo (281%), garland (1154%) and moon party (54%).

5, food

The idea, health, sustainable meal of 23 billion recipes and catering philosophy will become one of the trends in 2019, so relevant options is also worthy of attention.

In this topic, the key words of search volume include mushroom recipe (64%), ginger water (353%), oatmented milk (186%), toast (413%), eat bacon (337%), animal scientific table (163) %), Aluminum foil packaging dinner (759%), cattle tail recipe (209%), homemade jam (829%) and palobae recipe (76%).

6, home

83% of home search is related to daily DIY projects, 60% related to more major projects, such as home improvement and landscape beautification.

The key words of search volume in this topic include mustard yellow (45%), modern fireplace (763%), textile art (1718%), geometric coatings (225%), silver tin internal decoration (563%), cactus hit (235%), vertical gardens (287%), painted bricks (1276%), exaggerated printing wallpaper (401%) and natural swimming pool (262%).

7, men’s fashion

Men’s fashion retro trend is also worthy of attention in 2019. On Pinterest, the search volume about the antique watches is 98% year-on-year, while the search volume of light-colored jeans has increased by 70%, and the corduroy search volume increased by 507%, retro tide or will become the 2019 men’s fashion keywords. .


In 2018, with the changes in the international situation and platform policies, cross-border e-commerce refinement operations have come to make it more complicated, mature, rational, and operate, and business development is also more cautious.

Before eating a long and wisdom, Anyway is important not only to say three times, but also as a Point as a point, there are not many reasons, but it is very important:

Tax! Tax! ! Use your own tax! ! !

1. Safer: Tax No. Hei, can only clear the goods under his name, safer, will not be implicated because of the tax number of the public others

2. Easy to compensate: Customs / Amazon checks the goods, Amazon needs to submit information, with its own tax number, information more match, easier to get compensation

3, traceable: the US customs check the goods traceable

4, the platform needs: Coping Amazon needs to review the tax, avoid the risk of the account is closed

Finally, I wish you a beautiful duck on the road!

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