The dazzling full of sunscreen is picking up the eyes, and finally the white shirt, simple and good


In the face of the hot summer, it is essential to the street. Although there is sunscreen, I still don’t feel relieved, then wear sunscreen clothes! In the face of a dazzling sunscreen, finally pick up simple White shirts, simple and clean white shirts are not easy to make mistakes, really a hundred.


When the sun is empty, the white shirt can be said to be the best sunscreen clothes this summer, the concise refreshing version, not only the hundred, and it is very fashionable.


What are the white shirts that can afford the burden of “Sunside” in summer? Which white shirts are suitable for sunscare clothes today.

A little bit of sunscreen

The sunscreen white shirt has a little bit of breath, not only breathable, but also brings a brightest, breathable and comfortable.

梦 瑶 身 身 黄 黄 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 一 一 一 一 一 一 白 白 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范Beautiful legs. A refreshing and simple style, full of vitality.

White shirts with perspective effect, not only sunscreen, but also very temperament, a refreshing and descending shape, not only simple and profit, but also enhances the overall appeal and temptation, super.


The princess fan full of bubble sleeves, adding a perspective element, the overall shape is more refreshing, and there is a feeling of fashion, and there is a fan.

Also have a little texture

There is a textured clothing to wear a piece of flan, soft and unfamiliar fabric, not only make the overall look cleaner, but also high-grade model, Tianshi, chiffon, etc., not only light, breathable and hanging I feel better.

He Yizhen wears a white silk shirt, take a white nine casual pants, a white shape, refreshing and comfortable, especially silky white shirt, bright texture, nine-point wide legs High heel mat, not only the legs are still very temperament.


Last to a little loose


Summer white shirt should not only sustain, no loss, then the version must not be too sluggish, the leisure version is not only easy, but also wear trendy, the orthimize version is not very suitable, just good Leisure, sunscreen, no bloated.

White vest bottoms, with a casual cotton white shirt, wear white casual pants, a refreshing and simple style, hipster comfortable, feet, a pair of words, and a bit of breath. Very dark.


Simple white letter printing T-shirt with white shirt in the bottom of the box, with natural wearing, comfortable and placed, wearing a black dress pants, simple modeling, trend is fashionable.

The cool sling dress is also very good, refreshing and casual, and is still very fan.

In the contest flower world, only the white shirt is clear, with a white and minimalist skills, Ruoshan. I don’t know which sunscreen clothing in summer, then choose white shirts ~

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