Lightweight, trend and wild – PANDAER “Removing” Messenger


In daily travel, everyone will always bring some “messy” things, can be your mobile phone, headphones, charging treasure, can also be a girlfriend’s lipstick, powder, powder foundation, at this time, carry a

Lightweight backpack


It is very important.

Starting from the Shipping Package of the Chark Times, the hauching bag has never disappointed. Yes”


Cool MA Mengding Mind Charm Blue Digital Storage Bag

Coco love love, is

“LifeMe camera bag”


The lightweight is highly, it is also

“City Walk backpack”


Simple and simple.

Now, this stick is over.


Pandaer “Resist” Messenger Bag


In the hands. What is TA, what?

Texture, full!

Because it is a pre-sale product, this Pandaer “reshaping” Messenger bag is definitely a product of Xiaobian online shopping waiting time. From the order of September 30, until the end of November 29, it took 44 days.

Waiting for a long, but it is worth it!


Sign, unpack, take out the package, one! More speech can not describe me for the PANDAER “Rehabilitation” Messenger!


The packaged packaging uses the package of SF F2 carton + foam buffering, which greatly guarantees the overall overall, and the full range of layers is heard.

There are friends who respond to their Messenger bags in the factory, which may be the first reason for the first batch of delivery!

The front of the entire Messenger bag can be described correctly, reflecting the personality of Pandaer, nor is there a mix.

The inside of the package uses an orange fabric, forming a visual contrast with the black appearance, and the texture is absolutely online. At the same time, the strap of the Messenger bag is also placed inside, the internal space compartment specification and reasonable. Feel the material with your hand, you can only say very thick, very material!


On the side, there is a logo card with a Messenger bag.


The size of the entire Messenger bag is 23 cm * 8cm * 19cm, weighs 368g. On the basis of sufficient capacity, it is also easy to carry, and it can be said that Pandaer “Resist” Messenger Bag is just right in size and weight control.

Pandaer “Reshaping” The theme of the Messenger Bag uses imported Cordura nylon material, light, quick dry, soft, and durability. It is its characteristic. At the bottom of easier wear, imported calf skin is also installed.


The zipper and locks are used in the “Nasal Ancestor” level YKK. Its brand products have a good process, raw materials and management methods, production and production costs from Japan, about 10 times more than other brand zippers. Quality, rest assured!

Trend, personality!

Pandaer Messenger Bag received a good friend “MESAP” brand author’s authorization authorization, and reshaped on the original Panda bag, I got the current Pandaer “Resist” Messenger bag. Pandaer elements also make good looks more stylized, and the details of the design are more beautiful.

I broke through the full support of 500 people early, and I gave each package with three magic stickers according to the agreement. A black and yellow one laser, different styles, with the heart, there is always your love out of the street effect.


Like other products of Pandaer, Messenger bag also prepares a bag of Pandaer personal stickers. Mobile phone tablets and notebooks, or Pandaer “reshaping” Messenger bag PVC transparent visible front bag, where do you want to stick?

In this special reminder, I also purchased the Pandaer “Rehabilitation Series” new winter grab sweater, the magic paste can also be posted on the right arm of the sweater ~


Outside, wild!

Good-looking clothes have to wear, handsome bags have to be back!

Dedicated partner Note: iPad Air 4 and three fold umbrella are not enough to put in Pandaer “Remove” Messenger Bag inside ~

The internal space is measured, and after a 20,000mAh mobile power supply and a set of chargers, there are nearly two-thirds of the remaining space ~

Let’s take a look, Pandaer “Rehabilizes” The Outside of the Messenger Bag is real!

PVC transparent visual front bag is really a “God”. While ensuring sufficient space, it can also show personalities and show the trend!

Import DuPont Cordura fabric + YKK zipper and buckle, let you have a comfortable burden!

Re-matching Pandaer “Removing” Keychain and Pandaer “Rehabilitation” badge, this street has the most Pandaer elements, it is you!


Finally, how can a cool photo be less!

This time, the Pandaer “Resist” Messenger Bag, do you love? !