“Multidimensional Balance Car” developed by Mao Road Street, Xingtai City won the national utility model patent


Recently, the “multi-dimensional balance car” developed by Mao Road Street, Xingtai City won the national utility model patent (patent number: ZL 2021 2 1029766.4).


It is understood that the multidimensional balance car is a functional fitness equipment that is spliced ​​by the wheel, steel pipe, screw, bearing, abdominal dish, car seat, code speed table, with fitness, fun, innovation, etc. Its production inspiration comes from children’s skuscrips and pedal karts, and its main practice is straight.

The main purpose of the car is the second-stage physical education in the primary school and the physical training of sports communities. It is divided into large, medium, small three models. Students can adjust according to their heights during exercises. The car has three practice functions such as upright slippery, sitting positions, and leapfrutic hands, and other three practice functions, which can effectively exercise students’ balance, physical stability and core muscle strength.

At the same time, in order to avoid safety problems when students use the car to exercise, the designer uses an oblique design to the connecting rod’s grip connection, which can effectively solve the students in front of the elbow, and the friction of the elbow. The corner is attached to the anti-collision strip to avoid accidental injury of students.


“The successful application of this patent has further enriched the physical training sports equipment, promoted the development of the school’s physical education.” The school principal Jia Jiancun said that the school will share the results of the city, for sports, body Teaching and integration work, add bricks.


(Yanbu integrates media reporter Zhang Huowu correspondent Liu Jie)