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The National Institute of Science, Gu Manchi shouted the academician of Ge Milin – “I don’t agree with the argument of” Ge West “.

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Our reporter Li Daqing

Recently, the Science and Technology Daily published an exclusive interview with the academician of Nankai University, “China should not build a large accelerator” “(hereinafter referred to as” Ge Wen “), Ge West shows the position against China to build large ring colligations. Chinese Academy of Sciences High Energy Physics Researcher Yan Mangchi said that there are some factual mistakes and discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion of the discussion.

曼曼 获 2008 won a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., University of Paris University. The study of particle physics and large collining in Europe was subsequently carried out. In 2013, it returned to the high energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Q: Is there a factual mistake in the discussion of Academician Ge?

A: Yes. Ge West is in an interview: the core technology of the accelerator is a strong magnetic field. European large strong collision (LHC) can be built because there is such magnetic field technology in Europe; and domestic superconducting magnetic field technology does not do this strong magnetic field, resulting in a ring positive and negative electronic collision (CEPC) The strong magnetic field needs also requires theory, and the material breakthrough.

In fact, China’s CEPC does not require Europe’s LHC (low temperature superconducting) strong magnetic field technology, uses a low field, and conventional electromagnet can be used. The LHC uses a strong magnetic field of 80000 Gauss to ensure that the energy of 7TeV can be restrained in the main ring of the 27 km perimeter. CEPC has an increase of nearly 4 times, while its beam energy (120 gev) is only about 1/60 of LHC. Because the deflection magnetic field strength required on the ring-shaped countercraft is proportional to the energy of the charged particles, but the radius of the track is inversely proportional.

Therefore, China’s CEPC main ring deflecting magnet magnet magnet field strength has 1/200 on LHC, about 300-400 Gauss. This has been described in the “CEPC Concept Design Report” released last year. In addition, the intensity of the deflection magnet on the positive and negative electron collision of Beijing is approximately 2000-8000 Gauss, and it has long realized mass production.

Even if the CEPC may be upgraded to the super proton countercroach, we need 200,000 Gaussian strong magnet technology, we also have a response. The Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperated with high energy, developed a supercoded supercondary coil based on multi-core iron-based superconducting wire, which has created a feasible, and a simple performance, simple manufacturing process, simple, and superconducting magnet technology to create a feasible. New path.

Q: Is it wrong with this fact?

A: Also. Ge West pointed out that infrastructure expenses did not include the cost estimation of China CEPC. In fact, 30% of the tunnel and civil cost have been included in CEPC cost estimation of 36 billion yuan. All CEPC costs published by the formal channel include tunnels and civil cost. Spaglers said that the Japanese government has just announced the cutting of the International Ultimate High Linear Crop Central (ILC) project. In fact, the ILC does not go down the horse, but the Japanese government has decided to decide whether to build an ILC.

Q: Do you think that some views in “Ge Wen” are debatable?

A: Yes. Spirit, I believe that the new physics of the high energy zone can be found through the cosmic rays, and the example of “Wukong” satellite discovery is evidence.

Indeed, cosmic rays play an important role in the early stage of particle physical development. Through high air balls, people discovered the premium and a series of strong children. The universe line experiment does not need to establish an expensive collider, just waiting for the physical signal to wait for physical signals, but it cannot accurately control the generation of physical signals, and there is a limit of signal case and difficult control comparison.

With the continuous advancement of accelerator technology, cosmic ray experiments are no longer the most effective experimental method of particle physics research. For half a century, the vast majority of particle physics, whether it is the discovery of new particles or the establishment of the standard model, is achieved by accelerator experiments. The 1.4Tev’s signs of 1.4TEV observed by the “Goku” satellite mentioned in Ge, I have not been confirmed by any other experiments. The international CALET cooperation group published in 2018 clearly stated that “did not discover obvious narrow peaks near 1.4Tev.” This is completely different from the observations of “Wukong” satellite.

Q: What else do you have a view?

A: Geardo also pointed out: “High-energy physics development to the present, project characteristics, theoretical must be special: What to find? What is expected to be?” He said: “He said:” LHC is clear to find Heges particles (therefore received funding). “I don’t agree with these views.

Whether the big science project is funded, depending on its scientific objectives, feasibility and driving of industrial technology, cultural economy, etc. It is not necessary to obtain fundidity in the aincidence theory. For example, 嫦娥 Projects and human genome plans, it is difficult to say anything clear theoretical prophecy; the major discovery of unhappy in the history of scientific history is also. For example, the discovery of the universe microwave background radiation, the discovery of micron signals in Japan, the discovery, etc.

The scientific goal of Europe’s LHC is not only to find Higs particles. In building LHC decisions, key scientific factors are because of the theoretical huge difficulties of the standard model at the time: the theory expects to have a newly-1 graviz that can be presented in the 100Gev-1Tev, or there is new physics. LHC found Higs particles, determined that the standard model was founded in the current observable scales, and played a role in defecting from a large number of physical theory.

In the final analysis, physics is experimental science, not only for the means of theoretical certificate, but also has unprecedented new observations, new data, and provides key clues and knowledge for the theory.

In an interview, Yan Mun specially emphasized the reporter that the current standard model of human physics is still known, but I don’t know. The standard model has a simple and beautiful mathematical structure, but human beings don’t understand why they choose such a mathematical structure; the standard model has a large number of free parameters, and the value determines the appearance of the universe, but human beings do not understand why nature is selected. parameter. Although the standard model succeeded in the experiment of the collision, it is impossible to explain a series of major issues. Why is the standard model particle quality difference between the particles, and the material is more than the anti-substance in the origin of the substance, where is the mass of the neutron What is the essence of dark matter and dark energy?

Yan Manci believes that the answer to any of the above problems means the major breakthroughs of basic physics. Focusing on the above problems, people have proposed a large number of new physical models, and new experimental data is needed to be used to go to fake. Accurately measure the collider of Higs particle nature will be to explore the above problems, find a great means for the more basic physics behind the standard model. “The global high-energy physics community has initiated a large number of new types of colligations. China’s CEPC has a huge scientific potential, relatively mature technology, relatively low project cost, and the ability to control the performance, is expected to achieve significant breakthroughs.”

(Technology Daily Beijing June 12th)

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