A small child whose height is 160, wants to increase the clothes, come and move these high-strip templates


Some people say: Look at the taste of a woman, look at her clothing.

Indeed, the makeup can be soil, and the temperament can also be extracted from the book, but the clothing that is wearing can only be passed through a progressive attempt and improvement. Especially for the “height is a hard injury”, he will take the Fan Fan. Insufficient 160, it feels all the contrasts of some of the sellers on a treasure. But recently Fan Fan found a small trick to lift the clothes.

That is to learn this little sister’s dress, Fan Fan has recently went out to be praised by the sisters. There is a lot. The little sister is also a high height of 160, but from her wear, it looks nearly 165. Returning the reason, or the little sister will improve the clothing by wearing, there is a lot of high.


Spring, autumn is probably a lot of girls who like, traveling to play the sun does not hurt the skin, the temperature is not cold and not hot, and the shape is good. Various tasks “hays hay” can also be so beautiful. When you look at this small sister, when you look at the skirt, no matter whether it is a combination of colors, it is a tape, this shape has a clear waist line, so we wear flat shoes, this high looks not only 158.

Forget the days that can only be wrapped in the down jacket life in the winter, now I am a day of the world, the little sisters take out your wardrobe’s baby, delicate knitted V-medals to take a fairy net skirt, just like small This is like this, you can enter the sweater into the waist. In your hand, you can go out of the small square bag, easily out of the door, turning into a gentle and beautiful fashion girl, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole street.


For most small people, there is a courage to try to the clothes of “long”. So in order to wear less walking, directly choose to wear it with your own height, such as controlling the length of the skirt in the calf, whether we look at which type of sweater, this pass The height of “the day after tomorrow” is also very high.


Of course, for some small baby, it is also a standard pear shape, then when choosing the dress, you may wish to choose the A-word version of the skirt, like uppercase letters a, the cess is very loose, happened Weakened the flesh of our thighs, it looks more beautiful, so this is also a model that is like a small sister.

Small child clothes pay attention to waistline, ratio, color coordination. As long as you master these three skills, simple single items are fashionable to talk about paper. For example, learn from this little sister to wear, white shirts loose wide leg pants, drill red shirt tap trousers, etc. They all have a very obvious feature, the clothes is good, the proportion is relaxed, and in the matching of the up and down, they are also their own position, let the little sister are not only beautiful and very high.


This group of sweatestors are not enough, but the feet of “show an ankle” is high through the roll of the feet, this does not need too much cost, and no woman is a great way to let the hand, for the moonlight Fan Fan said that it is really snow to send a charcoal and solve the troubles of no money. This kind of price-free single product, as long as it matches, the old clothes can become treasures.


Striped sweater takes up brackets, is this light spring dress that has captured your heart? Anyway, Fan Fan is already available. It is no longer to take off the beautiful feelings to express their love, with double retro shoes, or when going out to the top fisherman, this visual effect seems to be beautiful. And let’s make a small child.

Although the summer, or the windbreaker has already been possible, but the weather that is not allowed will inevitably cool, so the babies may also remember that the little sister’s trench coat is mixed, can be equipped with a dress, and the trousers have been known. Beautiful and self-confidence, this creating a visual visuality, and bringing a beautiful dressing, we can’t ignore!