Cotton silk should not only do pajamas, give your baby a piece of foreign beach dress.


The cotton silk should be unfamiliar, and many baby clothes in the summer, especially pajamas will be used. But someone may ask: What is the difference between cotton silk contains free cotton?


Here I will understand my understanding:


Cotton silk, belongs to the categories of artificial cotton, is the blend of cellulose and protein, in colorfulness or comfort, and now has a significant difference from the current artificial cotton, it is a new one for the past high-quality artificial cotton. Speaking.


The difference between artificial cotton and cotton is,

Artificial cotton is cellulose extracted in plants or raw cotton shorte. After processing into a spinning stock solution, it is repaired by wet spinning.

The cotton is a cotton as a raw material, and a textile that is abandoned with each other by a woven yarn.

Simply, one is a native cotton fabric, one is a regenerative cotton fabric.

If the benefits of cotton don’t say, everyone should be very familiar.

The characteristics of cotton silk:

The cotton silk fabric will be slightly faded when washing in the first water, and there will be shrinkage phenomena in the washing, and the shrinkage range is generally about six percent.


Cotton, clothing: moisture, sweating, softness, breathable. After sweating in hot summer, it can be dried quickly and does not affect the softness of the clothes. There is no strong sweat.


If the cotton silk fabric is released by hand, there will be more wrinkles. There will be fold after seating. There will be folds in cotton, but there is a lot of cotton.

Drows, pure cotton is not as good as cotton.


The strong strength of the artificial cotton is low, it is not as good as cotton, especially in a humid environment, and the culture of artificial cotton is poor. Therefore, most of the artificial cotton is mostly thick, and the cotton yarn is so thin.

Various fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages. Select it on demand.

Ok, the words come true, talk about the clothing style to share today.

Beautiful style, all kinds of colors can be controlled.

The picture is the elastic shoulder strap, I think the child’s shoulder is too small. It may be unstable, so it is slightly changed on the cropping picture.

100 yards of crop map sharing to everyone

Cuff Cable Calculation Formula: B / 4-0.5cm

The other number type can be pushed according to the circumference 4cm length 5.5cm


Here is a cutting chart

Crop chart

Production process and technology solution


Fabric selection, cotton silk, cotton can

Cropped before shrinking, washing and drying.

Production order: The upper body can be made into a double layer. The neckline can also be built.

The shoulder straps here are loose tightening, and when the neck is small, it can be easily wear with this method.

I am doing ordinary shoulder straps, suture in the face, or began.

The production of the skirt: first sew the splicing side of each layer of the skirt into a circle. The upper mouth is depressed to the length of the upper layer.

Spliced ​​each layer in order. The skirt can be used as a crimped process, and each layer is stitching and doing a locking process.

Ok, the beautiful finished product is completed.

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Cotton silk should not only do pajamas, give your baby a piece of foreign beach dress.