The radiation protection suit claimed to “pregnant women” is an IQ? Expert: I can wear


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It is said that there is no small thing pregnant, mothers can be said that they have been in pregnancy, and everything from the diet to the environment is safe as the starting point, and the best everything will give the baby. Baby.

“Life is everywhere, it is easy to affect your baby.” Recently, there are a lot of “radiation” on the Internet, and there are also many bloggers “Amway”


, And call it “pregnant woman standard”.

But this also makes the pregnant moms have a lot of doubts, is radiating really harm to the baby? Is the radiation protection suit really useful?

In this regard, Haidu reporters invited Liu Meizhi, a gynecological chief physician of the Third People’s Hospital of Fujian Province.



Radiation protection suits is called “IQ”

The store has not seen the sale

Speaking of radiation protection clothes, I believe that pregnant mothers are not strange. On the network platform, radiation suits can be shielded in daily life, and after the pregnant woman puts up, it is like the baby in the belly to equip “Golden Bell” to resist the foreign radiation damage.

Radiation suits sold online

However, there are also many netizens who have recently on the Internet to ask questions about the effect of radiation protection.

Even the radiation protection suit is actually a “IQ”


On the 14th, the reporter random visited the maternal and child shop in Cangshan District, Fuzhou.


There is no shop selling radiation suit.

Mr. Chen, who has the second treasure, told reporters that in 2016, there were also windy winds in the radiation suit on the Internet. At that time, his lover did be pregnant, he went to the physical store to buy. “At that time, there were basically selling radiation suits in the maternal and child shop. The price was about tens of yuan.” Mr. Chen said, then there were many rumors on the Internet, saying that anti-radiation serve the “IQ”, After that, this boom was scattered, and the store did not see radiation suit.

And the boss of a pregnant woman tells reporters,

I used to sell radiation suit in the store, but sales is not optimistic.

There is no more imported.


Signaling the radiation protection but wearing a heart

Radiation protection clothes can be worn

Among the apps called “Little Red Book”, there are a lot of pregnant mom bloggers “breeding grass” radiation protection suit, many literary cases mentioned “radiation may cause fetal abortion, premature birth or embryonic development The point of view. There are still some pregnant mothers say that because of the long-term facilities for a long time, I don’t know if the radiation suits is useful, but wearing a dream.

The reporter browsing the online shopping platform, the radiation protection suit is quite, there is a sliver, a lot of apron, pregnant dress, vest, the material is mainly metal fiber, but the price difference is large, from tens of yuan to two thousand yuan. In the advertisement in the commodity, the radiation in life can prevent the baby’s injury.

On the 11th, a news on the microblogging APP platform “experts called the pregnant woman anti-radiation suit is also sweeping.” Netizens have left their own opinions.

Some netizens said that the biggest advantage of wearing radiation protection is to let others know that you are pregnant women, and others will pay attention to avoidance. Some netizens believe that although it feels that the radiation protection suit is useless, it will still be more peaceful when wearing a radiation suit.


It is said that there is radiation everywhere in life, then these radiation is damaged by the pregnant mother and the fetus? Is the radiation protection suit really effective?

Director Liu Meizhi, the gynecological chief physician of the Third People’s Hospital of Fujian Province, told reporters that if you want to know if the radiation suits is useful, we must know,

The radiation is divided into two, one is ionizing radiation, one is non-ionizing radiation.

. “The main use of the regular manufacturer has a certain effect on the prevention of daily non-ionizing radiation. The computer, mobile phone, microwave, refrigerator, etc. used in our daily lives are non-ionization. Radiation, these home appliances are as compliant with relevant security standards and standard production,

The usual radiation will not harm to pregnant mothers and fetuses

And there is currently no evidence that non – ionizing radiation in life can lead to increasing abortion rates and fetal malformation rates in life.

The speech is too exaggerated by the “Radiation of the Merchant Propaganda”, and some pregnant mothers have a pregnant mother in a negative maternity or long-term in a large number of electronic product environments, can wear radiation suits according to their own needs.

For the fetal effect, the radiation is ionizing radiation, and the ionizing radiation is usually from radioactive inspections such as X-ray, CT, and the radiation protection suit which has added a wire cloth on the market cannot be protected.

Editor: Pan Zeyan

Radiation suits sold online



Radiation protection clothes can be worn

Radiation protection clothes can be worn