“Place of shirt” is going to have more stylish? Detailed analysis of knitters, look good


100% perfect = 30% of the popular + 70% of the classics.


Eternal is not a fashion, we can’t blindly catch up, but to cultivate the style of wearing a temperament, choose a classic single product and classic color matching, wear the principle, will not make you live in the trend. The time of hand is helpless.


“Bowder” not only keeps warm, wearing comfort, but also very hundreds of integrity and fashion, there is a role in matching, there will be a minimalized basic model to wear a well-dressed effect.

The simple foundation of the bottom shirt, solid color color, very expensive and colorful, you can wear it can be taken, and it is also a small item in many stars. Remember, the more simple items, the more wearing it, the more wearing it.

The main contents of this issue include:


1. Basic article: Introduction to the bottom shirt

2. Pick up: Bright shirt style analysis

3. Match: Bottom shirt with highlights sharing

Introduction to the bottom shirt

The bottoming shirt is really not autumn clothes, some people will feel that the bottoming shirt is the autumn clothes.

Both types of items are more intimate and warm, but if you only use the bottom shirt as an autumn clothing, then this is the difference between you and fashion bloggers, female stars.

“Place of shirt” is going to have more stylish? Here is the detailed analysis of the bottoming shirt, help you understand the wonderful use of the bottom shirt, how to look at it and look good.

What is the bottom shirt?

The idea of ​​making the bottom is the close lingerie in the coat, which is the clothes inside the coat. Simply, the bottoming shirt is wearing inside, relatively close clothes, often used to match the coat.

The fashionable styles and colors of the bottom shirt should be self-cultivated fashion trend, no feet high and weight suitable for women’s choices.

What is the characteristic?

The fine and gentle, simple and comfortable, simple and comfortable, is the choice of most women, in the cold winter, comfortable bottoming shirt, brings warmth, the first cup of tea than the autumn, winter The bottoming shirt can bring people satisfaction.


Keep warm

Most of the bottom shirts use a variety of textured silky blended fibers similar to modal cotton or wool and hot fibers, so wearing a comfortable warm.

The cotton fabric tactile feel is better, it is not easy to start, more comfortable and sweatstick. The wool bottoming shirt is mainly used in winter, the flexibility is better, and the winter jacket is more comfortable.



Winter clothes is most afraid of bloating, and the bottoming shirt is based on human engineering very good, and there is a comfortable feeling while shaping.


Most of the winter jackets are heavy, so choose the personal style, more in line with internal and easy to wear, so autumn and winter can also show a good figure.



The personal item must pay attention to breathability,

The fabric must be delicate and comfortable, do not tie people, skin, bottoming shirts, more organic materials such as animals and plant fibers make high breathable

It is good for skin breathing.


The bottoming shirt will not bring discomfort because it is close to the body, but it gives people warm feelings.

What is the advantage?


In addition to some of the materials and fabrics, in addition to some of the materials and fabrics?

Designed and simple

Black bottoming shirt is the most foundation and the most wild style. Black This is slim, and a lake green fur exquisite is gentle, the lower body chooses the black jeans, and the overall matching is high.

The design of the bottom shirt is simple and easy to match, and the pure color strip can easily match the needs of our daily lives.

The black and white two-color bottoming shirt is the foundation, with convenient, dark-line bottoming shirts, sultry, light-colored bottoming shirt gears and fresh.


Style multi-selective high

The stylish bottoming shirt can help you rapidly improve the taste, the wood ear side + collision hooded + pit strip design has a romantic feel.

When you need to take off your jacket in the air-conditioned room, you can also show your exquisite taste, so it is also very important in winter wearing, not because I can’t see it.

Colorful lights bright winter

There are a lot of colors in the bottom shirt, so no matter what skin color can be better, in addition to the classic black and white gray three colors suitable for most girls, yellow skin color chooses blue purple bottoming shirt will be more apparent, But don’t choose a yellow dress.

Light gray, light blue, shallow purple, etc. The light-colored clothes will be more effectively effecting.


The gray suit is lighted with bright orange, and it is brightly bright in an instant. When choosing a dark jacket, use a bright colored bottoming to take your eyes.

Bright shirt style analysis

Now, we have to analyze the styles of the bottom shirt, and the bottom shirt has been divided from the most basic style to a lot of branches, according to the neckline:

Round neck, high collar, V-neck, word collar.

According to the version to divide:

Loose, tight, short


. These types are very common on the market and are more popular. In addition to these, there are still many beautiful stylish style to meet different aesthetics.

Different styles of bottoming shirts can give people a different feeling, and the loose version of the bottoming shirt giving people lazy casual feelings, the tight bottoming shirt shows a beautiful curve, the following main analysis, different collections and different loose degrees The visual effect of the bottoming shirt is worn.


✭ Differences in different collections

Round neck bottoming shirt


The round neck bottoming shirt can highlight the slenderness of women’s neck, and have a symptomatic neckline, which is the most classic neckline, which is very practical!

Black round neck bottoming shirt is very soft with black shirts to increase the taste of the taste, the round neck still has a good thing is not to pick up the body, women can wear, but not recommended women to women.

It is very suitable to use a round neck bottoming shirt to make soft.

V collar bottoming shirt

V collar the bottom of the bottom of the bottom, visually can face the length of the neck length, can also optimize the proportion of headers,

If the neck lines and faces are not perfect, women can choose to try. This V-neckweed sweater design with the neckline is more rich, and the extension of the neck is more appearance of the curve of the neck.

V-neck bottoming shirts is suitable for the fitting of jackets to choose the neckline more relaxed, so that the inner V-neck style can be exposed.


High collar bottoming shirt

The high-neck bottoming shirt winter must keep the neck without cold, more thick and warm. But the neck is not long enough, the woman is relatively wide, it is best not to choose a high-level shirt, it is easy to look awkward, a round tie or a semi-collar bottoming shirt will be more suitable for you.

The high-tie is also very good, brick red high-ranking shirts with smoke-gray wide-leg pants, simple advanced.


Different version differences




The bottom of the bottom shirt and the degree of looseness are very related,

The loose version of the bottom shirt is lazy and casual, it is very good to be thin, and the girl is very friendly for the grease.

The loose version of the bottoming shirt will not be very embarrassed, and the white high collar will be lazy and will be more casual, and it is very good.



The close-fitting bottoming shirt is more showing beautiful curves, but also more thin, but also to pick your body, you will expose your meat on your arm. Most of the winter clothes are rich and loose, so they must choose the touch of the inner bed during winter, which seems to be more lightweight to avoid bloated.


The beige’s close-up shirt is very good to lay out the curve of the female slender arm and the waist, and it is very good to look at a simple black jeans.


Bottom shirt with highlights

Introduced the characteristics and style of the bottom shirt, then analyze it, how to wear a bottoming shirt! From the wearing experience from others, sum up themselves, I believe that you can become a model of others tomorrow.


Lace material increases temperature soft lady

Lace bottoming shirt self-with romantic and woman flavor, white lace bottoming shirt with plaid short skirt, exquisite romantic, lace bottoming shirt, fetter, vaguely penetrating skin is very breathable, showing the body of the body.

The lace’s bottoming shirt is combined with winter, more light and avoids dull, this is also a single product that fashionable people often make a wild gamstick.

2. Striped bottoming younger


Striped bottoming shirt is universal classic, the horizontal stripe has a thin effect, and it can also avoid monotonicity is still very age.


When you match the striped bottoming shirt, you must choose a solid color, so that the high level will not be messy.

Match the rice white pleated skirt, more literary. When choosing a striped single product, be sure to pay attention to the direction, interval, and stripes of stripes to easily avoid closeness to people’s visual troubles and expansion.

3. Pink, beige match, more ladies

Brick powder brick pink bottoming shirt with beige skirt, gentle skin full. In winter, it is very suitable for selecting soft hue to give people warm feelings. Brick pink is very white, high collar style is more literary, rice white skirt, simple but very advanced.


Thick fabrics are not only thin, and the version of the A is slim, it is very suitable for winter. It is a Korean female owner to wear it. In winter, try the mix of warm colors, give people soft and simple feelings.


Ok, the above is all the content shared today. From the brief introduction, characteristic advantage, and related styles, there are some matching, and the small friends must have gains, if they are very helpful to you, please share your good partners!

Be sure to remember that the basic single product is the eternal classic.

For today’s content, if you still have questions, welcome to pay attention to me, leave a message and private letter, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road.