Good object | a unique small coffee table, create a comfortable space


The comfortable home space needs to dress up. In the winter, let’s rest in the sunshine in the sunshine, next to the small coffee table, the top or clear tea or coffee will always present a warm and romantic atmosphere. And a unique small coffee table, which can also improve space art, let it present unique art.

* Z-shaped edge

The color of the original wood style, presents natural original state in home space, so that you will feel simple and pure. And the personality of the Zhim is undoubtedly more eye-catching, it looks very beautiful, can show a high artistic place. At the same time, it also has a creative hollow line, adding a fashion style to the living room. And its desktop is in the glass tea glass, if the space is hidden, in the light of the light, there is a permeable beauty.

Figure / Vita flagship store screenshot


* Square desktop retro side

The total number of home supplies in the northern European style is sought after, but it is not only its simple shape, but more importantly, the atmosphere full of romanticism. In Paris, the building of rice white, furniture, simple color elements, grinds the controversial french style. And this retro side has a real presentation. Its desktop is square, but also has personality and design. The white table leg is a curved shape, there is a sense of “bake”.

Figure / Shangsen home flagship store screenshot

* Tea wrought iron creative coffee


Home space has one or two special things, not huge but enough to take off. This creative small coffee table is the shape of the branches, like stretching, giving people a relaxation. High and low-missing double countertops, give people aesthetic, add art design to space, both personal and practical. It also has two different color options, white clean pure, black atmosphere. And the material of the wrought iron makes it cold and moisture and durable.


Figure / Mai Fan shop screenshot

Beijing News reporter Zhang Jie

Editor Qin Shengnan School of Luxe