MG grand meeting: Kematothy gauze is tempting, than the long-wife deep V bag, you can’t get the heart


September 14, 2021, annual

Met Gala Charity Party

The Metropolitan Museum in the US is held as scheduled.


Since the first founding in 1971, this charity party has already passed 50 years. In these 50 years, Metgala’s nature has gradually become a fashion event from the charity party.

“Stylish Oscar”

The reputation.

Every time you attend Met Gala, you will be put on the biggest brand of clothes, with the most daring front-garde, definitely the fashionable style.


Therefore, the whole beauty is proud of the red star and fashionistors to receive the invitation from Met Gala.


And if you want to participate at your own expense, it is not cheap.

In this dinner, the location of the next table is required to spend $ 250,000, even if you don’t get on the table, you also need to pay $ 25,000 to get a pass.

Because of the epidemic, the last year’s dinner was canceled. This year’s 50th anniversary of MET GALA, so the party is even more exciting, come and see what impressive shapes appear.

First, amazing debut group

1, Xianqi full of Kemato


Wizard is definitely the most beautiful female star on the red carpet.

On the night, she wore a beautiful transparent sweater showing, the unevenness of the body was hidden in the light yarn of the wings, and a pair of beautiful legs were very stealing.

In addition to the smooth cloth, the beauty of this skirt is still in the skirt, the diamonds, crystal clear diamonds and the fairy, and the fairy.

2, high-level Bubber’s wife


Justin Bibo


That night and wife


Walking with red carpets, two couples go to the simple wind.


Bobber’s shape is medium, but his wife’s shape is very bright.

Haishi wears a deep V-bag, the good atmosphere of the skirt, plus the five senses of Hai Li atmosphere, and it seems that the advanced feelings.

In order not to let the black look too old, the designer abandoned the collection style of the traditional deep V evening dress, using a design-filled tailor, and set a drill with a circle, and suddenly made this dress a lot.

3, Xingyue Goddess Emily Brant

Emily Brant

The skirt and the macrodip beans are similar, and the elements of the tulle and the broken diamond are also used to create a feeling of fairy.


But than boldly Kematoo, Emily this skirt is obviously conservative, just show a beautiful leg.


However, the most attractive place in Amyi dress is not a skirt, but the cloak and headwear.

The cloaks and decorated collars are all integrated, both jewelry and clothes. The head decoration uses three-dimensional design, and there is a star of star.

4, put the red rose to the supermodel Kelle

The supermodels attending the evening that night are all aesthetically online.



Unveiled in a red pitch.

The inspiration of this skirt should be derived from roses. The design of the skirt shoulders is like a rose flower, the line is smooth, and the handbag in the hand is more like a rose in a ribbon.


As a supermodel naturally wants to show your body, this skirt fully demonstrates the ghost body of Kali, people like a skirt, and the roses are as hot.

5, Deng Wendi of the sunday


The clothes are rumored, and the naked cloth is embroidered with golden sequins, gorgeous atmosphere.

The northern hemisphere gradually entered the autumn, and Deng Wendi wearing such a skirt embroidered with gold leaves.


6, stabilize supermodel KAIA


I was in a black tube chest dress. Like the skirt of Bobo, this skirt also put my mind in the neckline, the hollow design made the very sexy dress added a bit of charm.

But Kaia used to match the skirt, just a classic ladies watch, with carefully managed curly hair, so that the overall shape has also been known.

7. Black and white match

There is also this, supermodel on the red carpet.



She is wearing a black skirt embedded with diamonds, and the arm is surrounded by feather shawl.

This set can be said to put the beautiful feelings of black and white.

Second, the Chinese rule

On the red carpet, it can wear a stunning is an accident. Most people can do the rules of the rules. It is already super frequent. After all, this thing is a thousand miles.


8, neighbor girls twilight



Kristen Stewart

This dress can be said that there is no competition, and it is strict and strict.

It is good to match the white pants and pink sequins and high-tuning horses, which makes her a strong girl, not being completely pressing.

9, a pink dress Nicole

Bakeham’s eldest son



Did not married wife


Unveiled, Nicole was selected a pink leopard tape long dress.

Leopard is a sexy element, and Nicola’s leopard is like it is a leopard composed of pink fabrics and transparent tulle. It is unfortunately, although the material and color are special, but the tailor of the skirt is too simple, it can only say the medium rules.

Third, the wonders

The more avant-garde red carpet, the easier, the longer the public appreciate the fashion.

Met Gala as the most close fashion stage in the world, its red carpet is born every year, and this year is no exception!

10, female version Cai Kang Yong

The Golden Horse Awards many years ago, a sentence of Huang Wei, “I only have a horse riding, see the horse ride”, let Cai Kang Yong’s riding fire.


It is said that fashion is a circle. After many years, Met Gala’s red carpet is now riding, and more ugly.

Wearing this dress is a German female singer


Kim Petras

Her skirt is very good, the result is not to load a big horse in the chest, and it will become a strange dress in an instant.

And from the side, this skirt is more disaster. Can only say that the fashion circles and we “have a wall.”


Kardashian came to be famous for his love, as long as she could go out of the limelight. If it is a beautiful thing that is willing to make people move, then Kadan is blame.

Yes, this is black, and even people who can’t see face are well-known network Red Card, it is best to laugh.



I wore her couple that night.


This dress can fully spend money to hire people to go to the red carpet, and will be happy to go, anyway, no one knows who is.

After that, Kalaisan stood on the edge of Kewei, as well as the shadow, looking at it.

Finally, I have to say that Kadings is indeed a TOP1 of the show, as long as she has her place, there is no shortage and attention, this time, this is really a one-scale horror, it is really too eye-catching.


12, black is not so completely Rihanna


Celebrities seem to hide themselves, that night



It is also a big black robe. This is a huge down jacket. The hat is wearing a card 2.0, so I am not so impulsive in Rihana.

And Rihanna’s boyfriend




It is also a gladdown, which is a colorful queen. Tomato is only one thought of this shape: the cotton is not wearing old man’s vest and trousers.

13, connect three sets, shocked me three times

When it comes to the glance, you have to mention this:


This is to dress yourself into the Saint.

The most excessive thing is that this brother will also stage the show show, but he has changed every time, the soul of Tomato will suffer a trauma!

Of course, there are some people who have moved unknown appearance at the party.


I saw these shapes, I can only say that American stars will be played with a red carpet, and they can be dressed up, but they have to take themselves.

I don’t know which one is most interested in these styles?


(Movie Rotten Tomato Editorial Department: Sunset)