Visible “Recharge Belief” – ultra-thin men’s wallet


Author: evesky

Write at the forefront! ! One day browsing Zhang Aunt, see a ultra-thin fashion wallet –

Bellroy short head layer leather clip fashion casual light thin note Sleeve male wallet

, Immediately poison, but a grandfather, a grandfather, and the heart is detoxified.


Australia imported Bellroy short head landscaping fashion casual lightweight Note Sleeve male wallet …


Later, a treasure saved a family, the effect made and the original version is similar, decisive order, May 1 holiday delivery, last 3 days finally arrived. Box below:

Use a box packaging, not bad.


Open the box …

The material of the bag is similar to the kraft paper, it feels good. Take out the bag, the first feeling the wallet is indeed thin.

The store is still more interested, and the wallet will be packaged with paper.


Take out the wallet, feel good, the leather is soft, the edge is also relatively straight, listening to the owner is artificial sewing.

Take it in your hand, it is very small, and the summer is not so drumming in the trouser pocket.

I bought it.


Outer dark brown


It is also very beautiful to open the wallet, and the internal line is also very standard, beautiful! ! !

The student dog does not have so much card, put two bank cards outside, insert an access card (there is a small pull strip, pull the card out, more convenient), put a piece on the right No grandfather.

There is a big banknote, two cards, a dark bag and an SD card bit.


This is the dark bag, you can put a coin or blue spirit of spirit. However, I don’t plan to put things, because this wallet is relatively thin, the skin is relatively thin, and things will be printed on the outer skin. In addition, I think the thin wallet should not put a lot of cards, otherwise it will lose his original meaning. (Question out: a piece of leather in the dark bag, long use time, estimated, is also imprinting on the surface.)

The wallet has four cards, the upper end thickness.


The wallet has four cards, the lower end thickness.

The thickness of the right end of the wallet.


Overall, this wallet is still very nice, the leather is better, the work is unexpected, and it is completely unpleasant, and the most important thing is thin, thin, thin, and thin. Important things say three times. To experience a thin wedge wallet, if you don’t miss your grandfather, buy the original version; if you are a silky, you can buy such a quarry.