Ben five women don’t always wear jeans, with skirts with knitters, elegant and comfortable women’s taste


Although the jeans set low-key, practical and classic, not picking up, but after 40 or 50 years old, how to take care of minimalism and elegance compared to age-age, how to make a more important taste . From this point of view, the sweater, the skirt can meet the wearing needs of the five women.

This time I came to share a group of “sweater + half-length skirt” with demonstration, this summer, the five women don’t always wear jeans, with skirts with knitters, elegant and comfortable, no losing women, come and see the people blogger Aniika’s matching demonstration!

First, sweater

The sweater has been adopted by a soft knitted fabric, in addition to the female 50-year-old woman’s pursuit of comfort, it can highlight the gentle temperament of the 50-year-old woman, but these advantages are built on we challenged the knit.

Regarding the choice of knitted, the five women can start from the two aspects of color and version.


First in color, with black and white gray base color, earth-colored, low saturation color or Morandi color to replace high saturation bright colors, easier to make soothing elegant visual sense, such as beige, apricot, cof color , Gray or smog blue.


Regarding the knitted version, the five women can make choices according to the two factors of the body or skirt, and if they belong to the pear shaped body that is hoarded in the thigh part, it is recommended to use a slidable upper body line with a slim sweater.

In addition, if you use a loose skirt using a loose skirt, the knit sweater should also be properly divided, and the tight combination is more distinctive.

Second, the skirt

The sweater and the skirt are combined with each other. What kind of dressing style can be created to a large extent on the skirt, and the five women must be absolutely hidden.

1, print skirt

The high waist half-length skirt of the laminated print pattern is rich in the hierarchy, and it can play an excellent age-up effect, the romantic and beautiful meat is slim.

However, the length of the printed skirt cannot be too short, under the knee, the best of the ankle, in addition, due to the printed skirt enough to be very eye-catching, the glitch is simple and low-key.

2, zebra dresses

When using a skirt with a sweater, the five women need to adjust the half-length skirt according to the wear. If it is leisure or out of the street, then the printed dress is very good choice.

When used in commuter occasions, all of the clothes are more important than romantic sweetness, and the zebra dress takes into account elegance and modern, and it is not wrong.


3, acetic acid, silk bag hip skirt

Material is a key factor affecting the effect of the skirt, and the five women will be high-altitude and elegant, then they need to use a material with acetic acid, silk or knitted.

Just like here with gray knit cardigans with smoky gray acetic acid bag hip skirt, the same color matching combined with a tattoo fabric, noble feelings!

Third, upgrade the skills of clothing

Dressing, watching, two looks, 50-year-old woman with a skirt with a knitted dress, if you don’t want to match the old gas, then you need to master some skills that can improve your clothing.

1, the last short

Suitable for the summer sweatshirt, such as knitting cardigans, headers, knitted or knitted long cardigans, but it is recommended that the 50-year-old woman is preferred to adopt a short sweater.

This creates a shorter dressing effect, and adjusts the wearing body proportion to a more perfect state.

2, the same color match

Tongzhuang mix refers to the same color knitted with skirt, thereby enhancing the visually depth, further modifying the body and high.


But in such a way, the sweater and the skirt need to be distinguished in the shade of the tone or the material, avoiding the waistline blur.

3, simple combination

For Ben five women, wearing the way is moderate, no one to pursue sweet age age, not to pursue simple, maintaining the balance between fashion and mining, is an effective way to create high-class clothes.


This also requires us to follow the principle of integration, when the half-length skirt is laminated, the sweater is best prioritized by pure color.

4, with the help of the accessories

Accessories for necklaces, earrings, silk scarves, belts or bags, to act as a finishing touch, is a way many older women will adopt.

But the accessories are symbol of taste and aesthetics, compared to the quantity, rushing five women more need to care for the quality of the accessories, such as the pearl necklace, pearl earrings, not wrong. The above is this “sweater + half-length skirt” to be shared by everyone, and if the five women are not mixed with the clue, then I will take it out!


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