Winter refuses to dress! The pleated skirt has a new darling, a hundred classic fashion, the key is still beautiful


In autumn and winter, many little fairy will choose the trousers, but relatively in the trousers, the skirt is more feminine, pay attention to the sweet girl, can also give beauty and fashion. However, many young sisters will worry, and the choice of dressing can be more cold, so this Xiaobian introduces you how to wear a sense of beauty, wear a sense of fashion, deductive season!


Pleated skirt

In fact, in the winter, the pleated skirt is selected. It is biased toward the “anti-season wearing” style in the wearing, which limits the possibility of a certain extent, on the other hand, pleated elements show loose wear Taking way, you can create a sweet girl’s temperament, it is very beautiful, and it is a beautiful and delicious sweetness.


Match the three elements of a pleated skirt:

Because most of the winter models are relaxed and bloated, they must pay attention to the problem of waistlines in the process of matching the vest, avoiding the formation of bloated; second is the sense of level, and the shape is reduced to cause a single sense; In combination with pleated skirt, you can consider it, choose black, rice white, brown, brown, etc. Hundreds of classic shapes, will create a beautiful age for the whole LOOK.

Recommended 1: T-shirt + knit cardigan + pleated skirt


This whole is the style of the school-age school, choosing a T-shirt or a bottoming shirt as the inside, and the opening of a sweeping is to form a sweet and aggravated style, highlighting the playful look, combined with pleated skirt , Shape aesthetic and fashionable breath, which is more conducive to highlighting the beautiful temperament, and the simple style is still showing fashion elegant atmosphere.

Recommended 2: Cased Shirt + pleated skirt

Also, there is also a relatively cool wear, there is a choice of bottoming shirt plus the pleated skirt, the whole is more perfect from the color and waistline and the elements, and the color forms a dark and bright series. It is possible to show a beautiful temperament, although this bottoming shirt is simple, but uses the lotus leaf cuffs to shape more girl temperament, which is with the pleated skirt elements, and thus deduct a beautiful sense.

Recommended three: sweater + pleated skirt


If you are worried that the above two models are too simple to be thin, then choose the sweater with pleated skirt, which can guarantee comfort and warmth. In fact, this set of styles is more inclined to highlight the waistline problem, which can create superior body curves, and also can be significantly thinned, and the gas field of urban beauty can be used.

At the time of matching style with the same color, you can choose to use the fashion elements to highlight the level of layers, and then interpret the aesthetics, just like this is a pure blue match, combined with half-open skirts, so Can bake the waistline, and also shape a unique novelty for the overall effect, highlighting the cool and fashionable queen.


Recommended four: high collar sweater + down jacket vest + pleated skirt

When you want GET to aesthetics and temperature, you need to set up three-piece set above the shape, more importantly, using different contrast color, but instead can shape the overall LOOK. White and pink are refreshing and aged, but also shapes a beautiful fan, combined with pleated elements to create a small new style.


In fact, in addition to the past, the pleated elements can also match suit, wear, down jackets, etc. .

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