2 months of new homes, getting more and more warm, wood-oriented panels are tv wall, simple and good


House decoration does not necessarily be more luxurious, how atmosphere, as long as it can be satisfied with the effect of a family, that is, it is a good decoration. For now many of us, the TV wall is an indispensable part. When decoration, it is required to focus on design TV walls. Therefore, it can be seen that there are all forms of TV walls today, all kinds of shapes, a variety of effects, and the TV wall is suitable.


I am very happy this time, bringing you a new house for everyone, just stayed in the day. When I was renovated, I found a designer to help design, but the construction process, including all materials are the owner’s own responsibility. Decoration is not luxurious, staying for a long time, more and more warm, especially comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the wooden panel is designed to make a TV wall, so the effect is simple and nice, I really like this effect. Share it for everyone, come with good luck together, I hope to put home in the future. (Image source house owner: Na Ni)

New housing is decorated in modern minimalist styles, giving people very comfortable, warm. The wall brush is a squeezed latex paint, under the lining of the lamp, particularly textured. The restaurant area is small, a rock plate square table, and the space occupied is suitable. After every meal, you will be scrub clean, you can say that it is not dyed. The male house is sitting on the dining chair to drink water, and I will enter the country when I accidentally.

The living room is a masterless design, has a lot of hardware lamps, plus lights, enough illumination brightness at night. The tube lamp opens the glow effect of the lamp is really beautiful, and the wall can be hanging on the wall, the effect will be more perfect. Arranged “L” gray fabric sofa, sitting very comfortable, and this style of sofa is also convenient to lying. With very beautiful, personality pillow, you can play a certain decoration. The living room and life balcony have been opened, and some indoor area is added, and the space is particularly spacious. The floor paved tile is particularly clean, even if the ground is placed, it does not affect ha.


The owner takes into account the first new room in life, and the TV wall is an indispensable part. Under your own needs, add the help of the design, designed the wooden panel to make a TV wall, such a simple look, no need to shape, look very comfortable. The groove position reserved in the middle of the television wall can put a TV, the size position is suitable, forming an embedded TV cabinet, and it feels good. On the left side, you can have a few books, beautiful and practical. If you do decoration with a wooden ornament panel, it is more environmentally friendly, and the effect of the log is more resistant! Abandon the traditional TV cabinet, and choose the way to do, visually compare personality, look good. The TV wall is still not known how to design, you can refer to this effect. If you stay in, your home is getting worse, more and more smoke.


The second bed is set with a double bed, and it is very comfortable to fall asleep. Plus a wardrobe, there is basically no extra space. There is a big bay window, the lighting is very good. The float window is large enough to be used as a sofa. Every time I get up, the bedding is quite neat, watching it is not using it. The top is no ceiling, just a circle of plaster lines.


The top of the master bedroom is installed, which is very space. For the effect, it looks good, and the bunk is placed casually with the blanket, and the bed is placed in the bed, and the floor is placed in cotton shoes, especially if you are very interested. At home, if you like photography, you can play any place in hand, you can play a certain commemoration.


The projector is installed, you can watch movies or TV very comfortably in bed. It is a bit similar to the feeling of home theater, it is really happy, especially enjoy. If there is such a need at home, you can install one.

With an independent cloakroom, the space is large enough, and the mergers and dressing areas can be used very convenient to use. Wardrobes are customized, quality and workmanship is not bad, the logs of the log, very dirty. The long handle is installed, it is more convenient to use, and the atmosphere is visually. I can have such a separate cloakroom, I am really happy for a woman.

The bottle cans on the dressing table are slightly a little more, and you can see that the women’s house is very like to dress up. Although I am messy, this is the status of living after check-in, very breath.


The kitchen customizes the “U” character cabinet, the right side is a gas stove, the left side is the sink, which basically forms the order of “washing, cut, and fried”. The space is large enough, the position of the right can just put the double door refrigerator, the size position is suitable, just use the space. The refrigerator is the kind of four, when the frozen food is sufficient.

After staying in two months, the more you live, the more you have a smoke, the more warm, very happy. The overall effect is not bad, simple and good, especially the TV wall made by the wooden panel, I really like it. After reading the renovation of the house owner, I hope that my family can also put this effect in the future. Here, I wish them a lot of happiness!