Nanning 12-year-old boy steals home 5,000 yuan to buy Nike shoes, parents want to return to refuse


Recently, Ms. Nanning is a bit annoying. She has a 12-year-old son stealing home 5600 yuan in cash to Nike shop, she bought 4 pairs of shoes and 2 clothes. She found returns to refund, but the store said that this is the normal consumption of children. South China Morning Post client reporter conducts investigations.


Ms. Huang told the reporter, recently, the teacher called her, saying that her son gave the newly bought shoes to the classmate, she knew that her son sneaked the 5600 yuan cash in the safe in the safe, I bought 4 pairs of shoes down the Nike shop. And 2 pieces of clothes. “My son is thin, I can see the minor, after the incident, I will find the store to ask for refused, the store also said that there is often such a child to spend.” Ms. Huang said.

The children buy four shoes to Nike shop. South China Morning Post client reporter

On December 14, the reporter came to the Nike shop on Dongge Road extension. After consulting the clerk, I learned that the pair of shoes were 1299 yuan, and the two pairs of bids were 999 yuan and 849 yuan respectively. There is still a pair of bids in the store, failed to understand the price. The clerk said that the son of Ms. Huang took a few times a few times, because there were usually children to buy shoes and clothes, so they felt that they didn’t matter.

The person in charge of the store is also said that it is normal consumption, and the employee does not have a trick. And there are sports brands they operate, and many consumer groups themselves are young. The company has not encountered such a precedent before, and there is no provision to meet the parents who have encountered unprocated consumption.

The person in charge said that if the child bought back, there is no demolition of the label and does not affect the secondary sales, you can return the refund, but now the goods have been used, they can’t handle it. At the same time, he pointed out that parents as a child’s guardian, let the children get so much cash, there is a regulatory issue.

Ms. Huang said that she is a supervision responsibility as a parent, but as a business contact with my child, when I encounter a large consumption of minors, I have a responsibility to remind the child and contact the parents to agree, otherwise the child’s behavior is invalid civil action. .

According to the analysis of the relevant provisions of my country’s Civil Code, natural people who are less than the 18th year of age are minors, and the minors over eight years old, in order to restrict civil capacity, only implementation with their intelligence and cognition Some activities, such as using small minus money to buy snacks, toys and other behaviors are legal and effective. Like the 12-year-old son, the act of a large amount of consumption, has exceeded his behavior activities, and the merchant should contact the parents to pursue. If there is no legal effect, there is no legal efficacy, and if the goods are sold to minors, the loss caused by the use of unpacking, should be borne by the merchant.

It is understood that Ms. Huang has dials 12315 complaints, and current market regulatory authorities have intervened in investigations.

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