These articles have joeone trousers fall and winter can still tide


Whenever the temperature gradually decreased, buy fall and winter trousers on imminent. Seasons throughout the year, the importance of men’s pants is self-evident, as the seasons must-have item in the bitter winter, want to be stylish and warm and comfortable is not easy.

拥有九牧王这几条男裤 秋冬也能照样潮

In fact, autumn and winter pants do not have much. Only need to meet one point: comfortable joker. It is recommended that several wild trousers can not go wrong, so you can still fall and winter tide.

Nine animal husbandry, Wang trousers: classic wild single product

Classic little black trousers wear a single product, but when you can not bother with a sense of fashion, everyday, workplace, commuting, small black trousers are a higher rate of appearance of a single product, and as long as the version in place, immediately put on we can significantly legs.

Joeone this small black trousers, to meet all your expectations of a small black pants. The weather is getting cold, a lot of people in a dress with grace and temperature are not attained embarrassment. Slim trousers although small but warm too tight, and hot pants easy to fold. But joeone this little black trousers, but easy to solve all your problems.

拥有九牧王这几条男裤 秋冬也能照样潮

Nine animal husbandry, Wang trousers high-elastic fabric uses for Research and Innovation,

Stretch ratio is 4 times the normal fabric ①

, Comfortable, not tight, not winter wear more card file, Le flesh, but after repeated tests, with excellent ductility and elasticity, random pull will not be deformed. Slim version of design, good package, can be well modified legs. In addition, this small black trousers on the same stand the details to consider, joeone small exclusive custom sewing trousers and accessories, as well as special technology waist, stitching special technology to meet the needs of different body sitting. Comfortable, wild, easy care, so a nine animal husbandry, Wang trousers fall and winter can be said with a choice.

Joeone high-elastic jeans: good elasticity and good version of both

Jeans evolved over time, becoming one of the most-loved single product. To this day, the jeans still active in the fashion line, in addition to fashion modeling, a good elasticity version and comfortable jeans, no doubt most people prefer choice, and there is joeone high-elastic jeans, just is like that.

Joeone high-elastic jeans make you comfortable in the fall and winter and have a type. The jeans high elastic fabric,

Elongation up to 7 times normal denim fabric ②

So you are free to release the legs unfettered. The smoke gray color version of the design plus straight and wild at the same time without losing the personality, but also a good modified legs, released in the fall and winter heart charm.

Joeone zero-dyed trousers: Business casual Men must

For professionals, trousers everyday essential items, autumn and winter with a suit or coat, warm and be stylish. If you feel too monotonous monochrome trousers, you can try joeone zero-stained trousers.