2019 winter most worth buying 4 double boots are here



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2 Combat Boots (military boots);

3 Square-ToE Boots (square boots);

4 Knee Boots (knee boots).

Seeing that I have been in November, the early autumn of the mouth said that I have already entered the winter.

Tortiethical face, small Song, Nai, recently wear three pairs of beautiful

Color color boots

It comes from Chanel.


Domestic female stars have also wear a variety of boots, long and short, and beautiful. after all,

Boots are the right road in autumn and winter


And the MISS biscuit is a calculation, this

Double eleven


, The little devil who calls you to buy new shoes began to recover, hook your fingers, let you “open a kill ring” ~


Resolutely don’t let you waste more money

MISS biscuits are not ready to let you buy ~~ This is not, I am listed.

The most worth buying boots this year

Follow this article to buy it!

1 / LACE-UP BOOTS (lace boots)


To say this is a boot, everyone will not be unfamiliar. As early as the old street shoot, there is already its figure ~~ Kate Moss and Miss Miss have passed:

And this year, it has become a big popular. There are a lot of show on the show, and most of them are accompanied.

High heel

▲ REJINA PYO, Mary Katrantzou, Dior

– matching –

Boots Boots Because there is lace UP blessing, in style



. Plus the boots are tight, follow

Loose skirt


Will be very.

The trousers with boots with handsome casual leisure are also very. There is a very look

“This year”

Attention is

The foot is not too tight

. There is a loose amount of the foot and a short-term trousers, you can look more fashionable.

– Choice –

Throughout each street shoot, it is found that such a few pairs of boots are really a pair of fires.

First of all, it is certainly Celine’s round boots. This is actually the old, but the people wearing this year are still over, it is estimated because of true

Too wild


Let’s go. Price 6000 + ~~

This pair of shoes bloggers bought it basically all the rice white, in fact it still

Black and brown

. The gallery Lucy Chadwick directly passed the two colors:

By FAR has also launched a lot of boots, super fire this year! Especially this pair



, A row of close laces, plus large thickness,

Super handsome

! They did a lot of color, all very nice:

Becca is now entirely in the big red shoe, Damu’s black leather, Amiro’s personality snake pattern, Jeanne’s coffee challenge, is very wild, the official website price is 3800, which is cheaper than Celine. ~~

This is the same as Celine, with Celine, apricot yellow, and black, the same

Small round head

Design, guaranteed comfort while still

Modified foot type

. Original price 599, double eleven coupon allowances, as long as 369 yuan can be bought!

This strap detail in the right is more, like Becca’s relics, MISS biscuits like this square rough,

Very handsome


. Double eleven price 430 yuan, plus full reduction, 390 can take it!

There are a lot more


Fast Fashion

Brands also have tape boots. For example, the blog of Nika Huk, with her, a few things like a good look, exceeded!

It is said that this year Zara’s lace boots are also super, others can go to the official website, MISS biscuits mainly want to introduce this.

The left side of the figure is a Korean brand Rejina Pyo, this

Cream blue

Really beautiful to the heart of the biscuit, about 5,000. On the right side ZARA

Color is almost like it

As long as 899 can take it! Tmall shop is gone, everyone can go to the official website to find, the item number is 5134/001 ~

Mango also has a super tender boots this year.

Fantasy lavender purple


Too special! The price of the official website is about 800 pieces, the item number is 57095919, the sisters needed will go to Amoy!

Of course, MISS biscuits also bought a few pairs of treasures that can be smashed in a treasure:


Left Marie Claire This small white boots original price of 989 yuan, pay the deposit after 120, plus the allowance 100 yuan and coupons,

989 boots 739 to hand

The original price of 2090 yuan on the right, double eleven 1358, plus coupons and allowances, 1158 yuan,

Close half price

The above two items belong to a relatively simple style, and girls who like the design can look at these two paragraphs:

Lost in echo’s shoes we pushed several times, quality and style can be built. This pair of small square design is stitching at the shoe.


silvery metal


Very modern

. Double eleven can be available to 1270 yuan.

On the right, the NEEDLE is also very good, the upper is the foundation of the pointed, square

Metal thick

Very good. Double eleven price 797, as long as 737 yuan after full reduction.

2 / Combat Boots (battle boots, military boots)

This fall, all kinds of

Tough handsome military boots


Also super fire! The keywords of such boots must be


! With distinctive neutral wind, it is generally accompanied by

Strap, thick bottom



Including the Martin boots we are familiar with, in fact, it is also a kind of Combat Boots.

This year’s boots, the tide people are very love

Pattern boots

. She all put the pants in Bella feet.


This group is going to wear a good look.


Boots tight

It can be wrapped in the calf and the sleeve of the ankle.

This year, the people are still very keen on

Middle long boots with short skirts

. But MISS biscuits felt this

Death length

Only leg fine can try.

For the girls of ordinary body, or

Medium head


Better, and

Fabric light skirt

Will be more comparison of the handsome of the army boots.

Prada’s Monolith is really hot this year, and fashionable feelings are wearing.

Long boots tie a small pocket,



It seems really a female warrior to go to the battlefield. The small pocket can also be disassembled, the effect is very obvious:

The thick sole is super eye, watching should be very good, full of elf ~~ Blog Caroline Daur has been wearing a few times, all

Match black short skirt

Looking at cool.

However, the boots of the calf are too picking up, plus hair 1w5 price, Miss biscuits indicate this trendy, see it.

Beau Today has a tall color, with cof color, black, brown optional. Miss biscuits feel that this coffee color is quite special, there is a kind


. Double eleven coupons as long as 654 yuan.

In addition, Toomany and Dibo have similar materials, but the boots will be higher. Dibo this or even


The short girl can also try it. Double eleven price is 1203 and 1018 yuan, respectively.

There is also a pair of BV Combat Boots that is also very fire this year, and the big wore it on Taiwan version “Harper’s Bazaar”. It is also put the trousers into the boots of the boots:

BV continues the previous non-logo design, the style is super simple, there is no extra decoration. Plus

High quality vegetable tanker

Supporting the scene, Pick It’s a lot of bloggers.


However, the price of 8300 also made the biscuits taking the drums. Jeffrey Campbell This tied footprint is also great, and the shoe is also widely wide.

For the fat foot is quite friendly


. Original price 1199, the coupon plus the allowance 879 yuan can take it.

McQueen has a pair of high-tube military boots, and there are many people wearing. There is a circle of boots

Leather decoration

In addition, there is a brightness of the skin, it looks cool.

The small brand Ann Demeumester has a very like McQueen, the difference is that the ANN’s boots are not a skin, but a circle.

Lace decoration


More gentle

. Yang Mi and Shen Mengchen have different heights of Pick:

MISS biscuits gave everyone to everyone! Belle’s original price of 1149 yuan, Double eleven coupons + allowance can take 929 yuan.




Discount is even more powerful


1299 boots double eleven direct 629 yuan, 1 point before buying can also reduce 90 yuan, plus allowance,

A pair of leather boots as long as 439!

▲ In addition, Marie Claire and Dr.martens have a lot of good-looking military boots.


MC This small white boots believe that the old powder will not be unfamiliar, before the feat, there is a few times, each appearance is asked.


Design, super handsome! Original price is 859 yuan, the allowance will be able to take it after 659 after the allowance!

Speaking of Dr. Martens, everyone is familiar with their classics 1460, in fact, they are clear and more


Handsome leather boots

Joska! Original price 1799, double eleven probably 1319 can get, cheaper, full 480 ocean!


3 / Square-ToE Boots (square boots)


In the 1990s, it was popular.

The square boots have respected the shoe cabinets of trendy people this year. In fact, when BV in spring and summer has a series of square shoes, sandals, super popular:

This boom has not stopped in winter. BV this

BLOC boots

Widely doing the shoe, right


Also super love. Pick is a lot of blogger, and it is still a lot of OOTD shortly.

Fangtang boots have changed many boots, so it is almost unable to match. But MISS biscuits prefer to use it with various

Long-bread pants

, The large trousers cover some of the upper, exposed long shoe, like

Trendy man in the last century

The main simple small brand Wandler has a one this year.

Color colorhead boots

Very fire. There are two colors of black and white and brown white, very nice. It’s just a short section, it’s a 5000 ocean, the price is a bit fierce …

Also doing the color matching side shoes and Manu Atelier. Their family

Duck boots

You will not be strange, it is already a net red in INS.


Flat shoe is like


Duck mouth


Same, matching lace design, very significant. Prices are about 3800. These bloggers you are familiar with are almost a pair of hands:

▲ Jeanette Madsen, Jessie Bush, Xenia Adonts

Miss biscuits, of course, for everyone, the left Needle is also

White + brown

Color, original price 999,


Double eleven hits 78% off


As long as 849 yuan can take it.

The color matching of Doyoung on the right is more accumulated.

Collection and coloring in the sole

But it is also very good. Very high cost, double eleven, three hundred bodies ~~

Liu Wen didn’t wear a chloe’s square shoes before, and the ankle is

Knitting stitching

, There is a feeling of hose boots. The MISS biscuit found a similar section in the Siguki,

Solid color is thin, hit color, eye!

Original price of 1890 yuan, double eleven until 1278, coupons and allowances can reduce 200, 0-2 points payable can also reduce 80, the lowest is as long as 998!

Almost half price

Is it good!

▲ Right: Sijiatu $

In addition to these, there are many good-looking side shoes that can be bought by a treasure, and the biscuits have picked them a few:

Lost in echo

Transparent shoes

Not can’t. Double eleven price is 1410, as long as 1280 yuan after full reduction. You can also superimpose shop coupons.

NEEDLE This is a metal buckle design in the upper.

Very profit leg

. The original price of 799 yuan, double eleven hits 8.5 fold, plus coupons and cross-store full reduction, as long as 609 yuan.


Be more



This thick with Chelsea made black and brown two colors, MISS biscuits like this brown, especially textive. Double eleven price is 528 yuan to buy.


Washing design

It is also quite special, there is a kind of old feel. Smoglocks and beige are rare, wearing out


Not easy to hit the shoes

. Double eleven 422 yuan, only 372 after full reduction!

4 / Knee Boots (Little Boot)

Since it is autumn and winter, the boots must be less. Just over the knee boots in previous years, this year’s boots are mostly


Knee height

And this year’s knee boots are mostly compared

Tough material

, Cool, a bit

riding boots

a feeling of. Even the mild yet pushed a lot of knee boots LOOK.

So, actually

Gentle girl

It is also possible to control this tough boots ~

There is a lot of fashion in the street shooting, and it is keen to use

Short skirt

To match the knee boots. And the choice of the skirt is also

Biased fabric

It is equipped with a wide boot drum, and it is a rateful and sprinkled Cool Girl.


Of course, the previous mentioned

The way is still applicable here. If you are afraid of wearing a fisherman? That may wish to learn Daddy


And guarantee

Legs don’t have much stacking


Miss Cakes discovers that this year’s boots have a lot.

White models

The blogger Linda Tol and the beaver have recently wearing, these two pairs from Wandler and Jacquemus,

The price is not cheap


On the right side of Bershka, only 429 yuan, double eleven is

Low to 300 pieces

, The sisters of the hand, you can pay attention to:

▲ Right: BERSHKA, Amoy Sending $ LTJQYGWAPRH $

Ukrainian blogger Nika Huk has a pair

off white

The knee boots, from ZARA, recently wearing special frequently. But the official website appears to be removed.

MISS biscuits give you a similar section, from

Temple designer brand

Yuul Yi, has super color optional. Original price of 1876 yuan,

Paying gold can reduce 200 yuan


Plus shopping allowance, 1476 yuan can be taken.

In many knee boots, this year must have

Cowboy boots

A place. Isabel Marant’s Lestan Boots, people wearing a lot. There is a front of the boots.

The curvature is concave, very legal


– matching –


– matching –


– matching –

– Choice –


– Choice –

– Choice –

Pattern boots

. The price is probably 8500.

▲ See, three bloggers PICK white model ~~

Unlike most of the cowboy boots, this is very special, the Magda Butrym is very special, on the boots

Rail drill and pearl decoration

Too bad! and



, The demolished is the foundation of the cowboy boots. No wonder price is 1W + …

MISS biscuits give you a trim, and the two boots of Bubufeifei are all right. Basic design of this double eleven as long as 615 yuan,


555 yuan after full reduction


Another one with

Metal chain decoration

, The style will be more cool, the price is 1380 yuan, you can receive 50 yuan coupons, 1210 can be taken after full reduction!

▲ bubufeifei,

These two seasons are very hot

Animal pattern

It is still available in winter.

Blogger Nika Huk and Erika Boldrin have Pick’s exaggerated

Serpentine boots

From SAM EDELMAN and SAMSOE, respectively. The right side of Linda is also walking


Compared to this difficult flora, MISS biscuits are more recommended

Low-key and textured crocodile pattern

This MAVIS 85 of Jimmy Choo is so beautiful. The pointed shoe and the tall heel and the crocodile pattern is hard. Look very well

A woman taste

Still very modern

. Prices prior to 10,500 ~

Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek and Linda Tol also their respective Pick over-tuning black crocodile boots. Two boots long super like, from Tote Me and Mango, respectively.

MISS biscuits also give everyone some good-looking and bought crocodile boots:

Miss Sixty This chocolate-colored hot passengers, biscuits like it


Rough shoe

Special cool. Original price of 2290 yuan, double eleven preferential + allowance 1811 to hand.

& Other stories This is a relatively simple cowboy boot, the texture is very good, the double eleven price is 2025 yuan.


Lost in echo is quite a sense of design, black pointed

Snake design on the back of the foot

The sister who did not grasp the large area animal pattern can try. Double eleven price 1870, only 1690 yuan after full reduction.

End, share so many boots suitable for this winter, do you have the one that gets to you?

Or what winter is still a trendy, you can also share with us in the comment area ~~