The best air filter in the world, is keen on domestic, understand


Air filtering is one of the most often necessary maintenance and replacement parts, in thousands of spacing, air filter seems to be an extremely eye-catching component, because it is not directly related to the car The technical performance, but in the actual use of the car, the air filter has a crucial role in the service life of the car (especially engine). The automotive engine is a very precise machine, and the very small impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, the air must pass the fine filtration of the air filter before entering the cylinder to enter the cylinder. The air filter is the Guardian of the engine, and the quality of the air filter is related to the life of the engine. For such an important spare parts, not only regular maintenance replacement, but also need to use a better air filter. So what are the best filter in the world?

Bosch air filter

Bosch is the world’s largest auto parts supplier, which has won the industry’s praise with reliable product quality. The quality of the Bosch air filter products is reliable, the performance is superior, mainly supplying Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, etc. .

2. Manchild air filter


Manic filter is one of the subordinate brands of Manhumer, Germany. Its product quality technology and performance are excellent. Any Manchian filter quality is in line with host manufacturer’s host assembly standards, which is the original factory of many car companies. Matching business.


3. Males air filter

Mahle Maller, a car and engine parts manufacturer from Germany. The Maller filter is a world-famous brand, its quality, high filtering accuracy. Its products are favored by many consumers and is a very good filter brand.

4. Sofama air filter


Solima China and foreign joint venture, its product material is reliable, stable performance, quality reliable, and is the original factory supporter of many domestic car companies, exports to all parts of the world.


5. Leopard King Air Filter

Leopard King is the most popular filter brand in China. It is the original supporting of many domestic car companies. Its product quality is stable and excellent in quality.


6. Delford air filter

Delphi is still one of the world’s largest suppliers of auto parts, and its filter has superior performance, high quality, and high cost.