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Yang beyond the same paragraph Puff princess dress harness high degree of difficulty. Profile picture

Blue and white puff sleeve dress. Figure @ Vision China

Recently, “This year all Puff” entry boarded a microblogging hot search. Reporters noticed the trending read rate of up to 700 million times, of which the most vocal of the discussion is “big-boned ‘star people’ worry about wear to become the ‘King Kong Barbie’ how to do ‘, led to a lot of how the network and avoid face Puff does not match the body to produce the effect of dressing to share. In fact, as this year’s “top flow” fashion style, retro Puff the show has long been popular, whether in Paris, T stage, Milan, on or off the street shooting people up, both Puff new retro polymorphic in the lens. Puff in the end how to wear it? According to avoid the minefields stature is the first step.

Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Tan Weiting all media

Puff Why such a fire?

盛夏穿衣新顶流 复古泡泡袖

Puff rushed trending One of the major contributor was friends known as “Puff the world,” Yang beyond the demonstration. Yang was because the beyond on the microblogging publicly that Puff is a fan, and liked to work or daily wear Puff, so users just “want to copy both wearing the same section, are worried that giant head body appears’ Diamond Barbie “effect” among the tangled, explore the real wear Puff. In fact, as a classic Puff sleeve type, starting from the elegant Renaissance has always been female, feminine pronoun. It refers to the pumping broken pleated sleeves and at the mountain from the bottle in a bubble-like sleeve type, is to present women’s feminine features local style.

In recent years, these original look Puff, the air filled with a sense of the sleeve has produced a number of “current branch”, such as the leg of mutton sleeves, hanging bell sleeves, lantern-shaped, gourd-shaped and so on. Although these polymorphic branches are collectively referred to as retro-based daily Puff, but because of its own “miss is as good hack away,” the details of the property, if without considering the stature to choose the same style dress, stepped on mine probability zone is hundred percent. Therefore, before selecting the style, it is the need for the wearer’s body shape analysis, screening material clothes, clothing and body type version, and many other sophisticated filtering. Of course, the election of Puff and wear the right, and indeed has “skillfully deflected the question” fashion, making a preliminary time you spend very value.

Large collar, very thin

In the selection of a single product, wide collar style is called Puff choice. As viewed from the visual point, regardless of the merits of the body, the collar make large overall look more breathable, no stiffness; neck skin exposed clavicle will readily highlight lines, neck lines, thin effect is obvious. In the wide-collar style, the generous again this year with big V-neck collar more popular, because the traditional high round neck after year, more reflected in the previous package dew style, the front shield skin looks slightly more. It should be reminded that if you are not slender neck itself, select the generous collar and V-neck definitely better than high round neck, the hair bundle up properly there will be slimmer synergistic effect.

In addition, special neckline particularly popular with younger people of all ages as well as Peter Pan collar and large lapels. The former is more suitable for wide shoulder “star people”, to emphasize their shoulder line under the premise of advantages, not cover up too much momentum Puff. The latter is more friendly to slip shoulder “star people”, with a large lapel Puff collision can lead people to ignore the “narrow shoulders can not afford to hold clothes,” that is, as the flu, only caveat is not to touch too much profile bubble money, avoid the bloated feeling.

Small bubbles, very wild

If from a practical point of dressing, the retro Puff sleeve has a loose, it must be able to cover the “bye meat” on the arm. But it is particularly prone to another problem that the enhanced stereoscopic Puff voluminous upper body, head and shoulders if the ratio is not so good, although blocking “toning” in return “King Kong Barbie” amplification effect , trade-off. So when selecting Puff, in addition to selecting the appropriate style advantage is exposed outside themselves, may be made on the fine filter voluminous sleeves. In principle, the greater the sense of volume Puff the more likely a sense of the effect, if you are a person slip shoulder, wearing a banquet scene is small, can choose bold, dresses or money, or unlined jacket. The key is to choose the design below the waist to tighten, “princess dress” Puff feel no need to choose, because they do not highlight the waist line version is very easy to have a “sense of Giants” visual.

Everyday life, a sense of volume is relatively small Puff, Puff fact, a large volume on stage more than wild. For example, large lapel design with cute little Puff, apart from very retro by age. It also can refer to a number of design elements with a small Puff, such as Xian Qi full of lotus leaf, wood ear decoration; cuff dress into the collage elements, are dotted with prominent personalities.

盛夏穿衣新顶流 复古泡泡袖

Ascending Order tips:

Fabric material into the temperament embellishment

“Xian Qi” word, in which the retro Puff mentioned very high frequency, in fact, depends on the choice of fabric material. Currently on the market most of the Puff will choose cotton or blends of relatively stiff lace and organza, the former would be more intense sense of style, which is easier to create a romantic Puff own “Xian Qi.” If you do not need to change the visual proportions of body type needs, the latter in the daily outfit will be more close to the people some of the. If you want a little “Xian Qi”, but afraid of transparency too, can try to select collage materials, Puff only part of the show a sense of transparency, is kind of subtle beauty looming.