Which is better than the dog shadro? Suitable is the best


The shovel wants to choose a suitable washing liquid to the dog, first understand which kind of dog’s variety is suitable. Long-haired dogs need to choose a fluffy effect; white hair needs to choose to have a white effect; the red poodle has a special wash liquid.

Long-haired dog chooses plant essence washing fluid: silk slip, Yingxiang era


Plant essence natural formula, use unique plant enzymes to decompose technology to pollutivate, safe without residual, deep clean hair, to achieve long-term anti-fouling effect; silk protein has a significant effect on dry hair and nutritional care, rich in various Amino acid, vitamin and other nutrients; repair fibrin, enhance the texture of hair, moisturizing pet delicate fur, makes love, fragrance, flavor, cleansing and gloss; contain natural mineral elements to be naturally fluffy, silk Skilled texture, easy to comb.


White fur dog selection white hair special wash liquid: crystal bright white, pleasant fragrance


Crystal bright white pure natural formula, excluding industrial bleach, using advanced technology refined high concentrations of ivy plant maintenance essence; rich in natural cleansing factors, reduce white hair produces yellow-brown effect, so that hair keeps colorful and bright Repairing fibrin makes hair abundance stereo, healthy and bright, increases hair texture; quick to stain, moisturize pet delicate skin, fresh smell, clean and gloss, Australian nuts and grape seed oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids Converaising capillary holes; natural vitamins, can strengthen skin function, fully protect the skin, meet the various nutritional needs of skin and hair.

Red class Poodle chooses red brown hair special wash liquid: shine bright, looking for fragrance

For dark hair design formula, bright hair, crystal bright, bright, specially added natural red algae is a natural pigment reducing agent, which can slow down the pet’s hair loss, color change, color discoloration, color change, color discoloration Increase hair color; there is a wealth of catechols in the mate extract, the antioxidant effect is 200 times the vitamin E, high efficiency against free radicals, restore hair natural nature; find fragrant, fragrance, durable.

Lanxia Shi and washes, 5 washing fluids +1 rodes, combined with pet fur classification design. Plant essential oil, natural safety. Long-lasting moisturizing, lasting. From the excessive extent of the foam, the degree of soft and fluffy, the degree of cleaning and decontamination is impeccable, it is definitely an ideal pet care products to make you worry.