Why is Huaqiang North headphones so much version?


Today, I will sort out the three generations of Bluetooth headsets from Huaqiang North. First of all, we must understand the importance of the machine, such as motherboard-chip-battery, use noise reduction micro wind, piezoelectric induction, etc. From the perspective of the selection and cost control from the part, the manufacturer will comprehensively analyze the production plan of the headset, then analyze a few versions! (The article is very long, you can browse about 5 minutes)


There are many choices on the ear die shell. (For market reference only)

Nowadays, Huaqiang North Headphones Shell mainly has a river shell, colorful shell, original shell material.

The rivers and shells are more in line with the specifications of the three generations of headphones, and the cost is also low. At present, the most widely used shell in the three-generation headphones is a river shell.

The colorful shell is considered high-end brands in the shell industry. Basically all second-generation headphones use colorful housings, but the three generations markets have been robbed. The current three-generation headset rarely selects a color headset.

In fact, the original shell shell is exactly the same as the original shell, which is also higher than the other shell. The top of the most popular original severity version on the market is originally used as originals.

Online so-called Fujikang shells, in fact, it is a rivers and shells, and merchants have changed false propaganda, and they heard Foxconn.

2. Select the headset motherboard solution.

Today, the three-generation Loda 1562A Bluetooth headphones are almost all use of the main board, whether the original shell Extreme version, the bull version or the most original 1562A.

First of all, I’m also a founding plan. I don’t know what impressed by everyone in January. Use love creation plan. Since the Niu Head Edition Loda 1562a manufacturer did not produce, Ai Chuang gradually quits Huaqiang North Headphones Market.

3. The core of the headset – the chip selection is diverse. (LODA)

1. Loda 1562a chip: One of the strongest chips of Huaqiang North, three generations of Bluetooth headset, the highest price, the best quality. Doubly fed active noise reduction chip support technology, highly compatible with mobile phones, low power consumption. Built-in ANC active noise reduction, providing microphone noise reduction technology, and supports Bluetooth 5.2.


2. Loda 1562F chip: The F chip itself can also, support monoepower noise reduction, low cost, good quality. Merchants often sell 1562A with 1562F to get higher profits.

Loda 1562M chip: The second generation Bluetooth headset is widely used 1562M chip, there is no noise reduction function, so the third-generation headset does not have a 1562M chip, but its super-endurance is the hegemony of the second generation market, its function is stable.

4. Sino-Science Blue News Chip: BT8892A is a chip with low price and excellent quality. The wafer includes noise reduction techniques. The three generations of Zhongke Blue News Noisei-cutting headphones have really cost-effective, and the three-generation headphones within 200 yuan are invincible.

Fourth, the diversity of battery selection.

1. Soft packaging battery: At present, Huaqiang North headphones widely used soft packaging battery, low price, less quality, short life, poor service life; partners often reflect, headphone battery one, two months, Most of them are soft packaging batteries.

Aluminum outer shell button battery: The first time appears on the inclination A6 headset, the price is higher than the soft packaging battery, and is better than the soft package in terms of quality, charging, life, etc. The aluminum shell battery is good. Also note that the battery is 25 meters or 28 meters.

3. Steel Shell Button Battery: Steel Shell By battery appears in the three-generation headphones of the original shell. I saw a battery test report, very surprised. The battery charge and discharge is about 300 times, directly extending the life of the headphones. Steel housing is more protected. Of course, the cost is naturally higher, but there is a customer base that is pursuing quality in the market.

After rough analysis of the above accessories, Huaqiang North Third Generation Headset Multi-Edition The answer floated.


River shell + 锐 方案 + chip 1562a + soft bag battery = LODA1562A three generation headphones.

Shell + Hao Rui Solution + Chip 1562A + Steel Shell Button Battery = Case Extreme Version.

River shell + luxury protocol + chip 1562a + aluminum shell button battery = Bull version 1562a.

As you doing the combination of math, you will discharge many different versions; each of the costs of each accessory is different, so the price is different.

It can be seen that the ultimate partner should be the loyal fan of Huaqiang North Headphones. Buying headphones is really tangled, the price is uneven, the fake leave; the following is some suggestions: 1. Not blindly anchor, not necessarily relying on people. (The article before Xiaobian is the aest of selling fake) 2. There is no reason to choose WeChat direct transactions for 7 days. Trust the sixth feeling, believe, feeling very accurate.