I met the ex-boyfriend who didn’t see it in 3 years. He only asked, I turned and escaped home to cry and wet bed.


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On the weekend, Xu Xu was in dying at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, only drilled out of the nest, a big lazy waist has not been extended, and he heard the voice of her house passer. Ostrich, hurry up, tell you something, this morning, Song Xuan fucked me again, ask if you plan to do her family daughter-in-law. “

Xu looked over a big white eye, “Mom, I am a hundred percent friendship with Song Xuan, I don’t like him, what is daughter-in-law?”

“Like? Are you talking to me?”

Dou Tooked, I came to the spirit, and the hand torn TV drama didn’t look. The remote control threw, directly rushed into the blurred bedroom, sitting on the bed, two eyes splash, a combat stripping watch.

“Then you talked with me, when you like Ji Lin, Ji Lin does not like you?”

I heard the name of the Di Lin Shen, like the old scars of the old scars, suddenly opened, Xu Xu’s heart, Zhang, a few mouthfuls, did not speak.

Dou Tao also ignored her, selfless self-represented: “That is like it, it is love to die. But later, are you married? Do you still contact now? Don’t you have a dead? ? “

In the face of Dou Too behind, I asked, Xu Xu, I only felt that the chest was stuffy, but I was not angry. I didn’t have a way to chat. I took a big dress on the hanger. I hurried. Have a home.


This year’s winter is particularly early, but when it is approaching Christmas, he fell in this first snow.

Xu Vulusatts set with Dad’s large campaigrans, there is no purpose in the military region, and I saw a person who walked over the face, the tall figure was a deep forest.

She is secretly laughing in her heart. I haven’t seen him in a few years. Is it necessary to miss the epirality?

Taking it closer, I found that the people who wore the army are also moving in a big step, can it be a depth? !

Xu Xu’s first reaction is to hurry, hurry, three steps, three steps to hide behind a tree on the side of the road.

When the ostrich is secretly impeached, the sound of sudden Ji Lin is a familiarity sound in the ear: “What to hide, come out.”

Xu Zhen was big, and when I was chaotic, I contacted my head tightly in the fur collar. I closed my eyes in my heart: “You can’t see me, you can’t see me.”

The air is quiet, and the Ji Lin has a deep cough, “Don’t hide, say is you, Xu Zhen. Do you misunderstood your body shape, think that you can block you?”


Xu Xu, who was named, knew that he was killed, and had to take a pocket with his hands, step straight from the trees.

She didn’t dare to look at the practice of Ji Lin, so I had to look at my head and saw it on my feet. I was still in order to meet Christmas, specially bought elilled cotton slippers. At this moment, the red pompon nose is like a long face, which is extraordinarily funny.

She whispered: “How did you come back?”

Di Lin was laughed by her. “My home is here, why can’t I come back?”

Said that I took a long time in the pocket, took a black rubber band to her, “tied the hair, how to make this look? This is quarreling with your mother, I have to leave home?”

Seeing the black rubber band, Xu Vulus dyed and looked up and looked deeply, and his eyes did not prevent the ground into his familiar peach.

Xu Wei died in a thick natural volume, and before the depth of the Dynasty, she didn’t look at the chaos of the steel ball, and they were running in the court all day.

After receiving the depth of Ji Lin, she left the hair for a long time to seriously realize the hair, and built a black rubber band.

Just I didn’t expect, wait until she is long hair and waist, he is gone. I didn’t think of three years of past, he also retained a habit of bringing a few black rubber bands to her.

Ji Lin smiled in the mouth, and the eyebrows were as good as before, as if he was not gone for three years, but the troops were busy. There have been no return to the court in a few days.

Xu Vuliang did not reach out and rubbed, carefully retreated a few steps, and pulled a distance from the Ji Lin, and shook his head. “Thank you, you don’t have to use it.” The Baiqi of the Group.

Ji Lin survived smile, “Xiaoyan, three years, you have been hiding me, just don’t want to see me?”

Xu Wei dyed closing a coat, and he didn’t speak low.

Ji Lin took a few steps forward, and the battle boots stepped on the snow, and Xu Xu was suffering from it. “Document is deep, I warned you, don’t come over, or I want …”

She said half of her, but the body reacts half a shot than my head, and I ran in one turn.

The premium of the ostrich is just out of the instinct, the more the results run, the faster, and finally flee home.

She buried himself into the nest, her hands smashed her face, and her tears finally fell. After the fingers smashed into the sheets, it turned.

Like many years ago, she went to the mountain to camping with the Ji Lin, two people squeezed in the night rain heard in the tent, let it be, it’s awkward, it is not enough.


Xu Wei dyed Dad is a professor professor of Ji Lin. That day, the professor finally made up his mind to eliminate the old refrigerator of his teeth, and shouted that Di Lin Shen helped put the new refrigerator on the building.

When Xu looked at the doorbell, I was sleepy, thinking that Dad didn’t have a key, kneading his eyes.

When the door opened, she shocked his face and watched the bib of the bin, and the Ji Lin was deeply looked at the same face, and the hair style was comparable. Xu Xu Dye.

The most important thing is that she only wore a pink sling sleep.

The two of the two people who wandered in the middle of space and reflectance arc, and finally realized what is the more and more red face of Julin. He looked down at the chest of his spring, screaming Run back to the bedroom.

I heard the sintrians who came to the screaming, and the town of the town was deeply welcomed to the door, and the cup of ice is very enthusiastic, and he greeted him at noon.

Ji Lin sat on the living room sofa, very chest, two hands on the knee, the waist is very straight, the face is full of red: “Master, sorry, just … That … she is okay …”

Dou was slowly weaving the sweaters, and it was not awkward. All right.”

Knowing the child Mo Ruo, just in the depths of the Ji Lin, when you look at a stone statue, you will have a stone statue, and you will be in dyed from the cuisine.

Ji Lin has been standing and standing. It is standing in the military posture. This place has no silver three hundred and two: “The ostrich sister, I didn’t see anything!”

Xu Xu dyed his teeth and squeezed out: “Otherwise, do you want to see what ?!”

She felt and got a mess, and she screamed for a smile and smiling and smiled. After her heart, she wanted to say a word in front of this man in front of him. The name of the dye is over.

However, after a month, dyeing, I was looking forward to smashing a small hand, but the fart was over, I came to my single dormitory.

Prior to this, the occasion of the three five people created by the Ji Lin three times, and the apology failed, Xu Vulusan was infected with the iron, and they were running, and they did not lose their dumb, kneel It is refused to tell him a word.

So after Multi-facery, I opened a few hours of the car, and I ran to her dormitory, and I got a big character newspaper. I only wrote a word: “Large aura cocker single-reverse lens, do you want try it?”

Xu looked this person has two great hobbies, one is to bury himself into the nest, the second is photography.

Unfortunately, when the college entrance examination reported volunteers, she couldn’t pay a wish, and fill the physics.

Seeing the college for two years, Xu Zun is dyed, and he has become a ostrich mass of the most unknown truth of the Physics. She and the only link between the physical circles, probably she has a curly hair that is comparable to Newton.

When she learned that Ji Lin is a uncomprofable photography enthusiast, I can’t wait to take all the family without any drinking, I have died for the cheapest SLR, I took the nose for a few months. Xu Xu, and decisively throw personal grievances to the brain, returning to the lanquil of the people in the same way.

It turns out that Ji Lin really didn’t let her down, Xu looked in his simple single dormitory, and his face looked at a row of SLR lens, envious of almost saliva.

Since then, every day, I don’t know what the future is in the future, as if I see the hope of the dawn, as long as the Ji Lin is deep vacation, I will carry him with a tripod, and the long distance of half of the night is frozen. The trembling arrived in the early morning, just take a photo of the sunrise.

Later, they were together.


At that time, Xu Xu had just graduated, leaned against the depth of Ji Lin, and found an internship of the photographer’s photographer. And the depth of Ji Lin has also raised his captain and began to emerge in the arm.

When the marriage report hit, when they were ready to get married, the Jubi Lin suddenly received the troops command and went to the Frontier Defense Forces for three years.

The command has come suddenly, and it is necessary to go to the team for ten days to report, and the marriage can only be temporarily put on hold.

Seeing that the days from the departure from the discipline are getting closer and closer, Xu Zun is staining more than a day, Ji Lin walks in the room to pick up the baggage, Xu Xu dyeing his corner. Where did he go, she will follow, stick to him like a piece of rubber sugar, and I don’t want to separate a second.

Her heart is getting more and more panic, she is afraid of a release, he disappeared without a trace. Most importantly, she has no reason to leave him, and there is no reason not to let him go.

Di Lin looks deeply of her, and she is a bit, I can’t touch my mind. “How did you have a small dye, have something to tell me?”

Xu Vulusan dyed some nodded, but it felt shy and difficult to say, a small face was red.

After ten minutes, Ji Lin was finally defeated by her, and she was so angry and laughing. “Silly girl, I should go to the station, time is really too late. Do you have any words, then call slowly Let me talk, is it good? “

He said that he had to go to the luggage box, Xu Xu dyed him, and finally decided to ask the exit: “Our marriage report, batch?”

Ji Lin nodded, “I just bought it yesterday, rest assured, I will receive it well, I can’t lose.”

Xu Wei dyed the mouth, “Di Lin deep, are you a pig? How are you so stupid? Can you leave the marriage report to me? Is there a trip between the couple’s couple? I am afraid of you It is three years, and I will come back and don’t pay. “

Di Lin Shen suddenly realized that it was a little annoyance to say: “For the right, how can I not think? Hey, look at my pig’s head.”

It is said that it takes out a leather envelope from the bedside table.

Ji Lin put the envelope’s seal in the mouth and put it slightly, and then used his hands to solemnly put it on the hand, “Xiaoyan, waiting for me for three years, waiting for me to come back to you.”

Xu Zhen Yan won the treasure, be careful to pass the envelope, suddenly red eyes, tears are not controlled, quickly run to the study to lock yourself, face the expression of death, “Di Lin Shen, you will go! Don’t worry! Go! “(Work name:” Heart Yue Jun: ostrich girl “, Author: Zhao Pean. From: Reading story app daily, see more exciting)

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