Men’s stolen value 2600 yuan helmet is detained


[Men’s stolen worth 2600 yuan helmet was detained] Recently, Guangzhou Haizhu police received the case of Zhao, and said it was stolen in the electric bicycle.According to the owner, theft is a foreign black carbon fiber full helmet motorcycle helmet, a value of 2,600 yuan.After receiving the report, the police have been investigating, locking Chen (male, 50 years old) has a major crime suspicion, and quickly grasd the suspect Chen, and seized 1 robiby helmet.After trial, Chen’s facts confessed to the root helmet.It is understood that the suspect is still a habit, there have been many theft.At present, the suspect Chen has been criminally detained by Haizhu police because of the suspected stealing.(Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City reporter Li Dong Wei Lina correspondent is super)


Source: Guangzhou Daily