This Olympics currently the biggest black horse Zhangjialang! China Hong Kong’s first gold medal


Today (26th), Hong Kong player Zhang Jialang won the people of the Tokyo Olympic Games.


His opponent is the Italian star Daniele Garozo (Italian: daniele garozzo), born on August 8, 1992, Italy, Achiala, Italy, the Men’s blunt auditorium, representing Italy to participate in the summer of 2016 Olympic Games personal blunt prior project and won gold medals. Fie world ranked No. 7th.

Zhang Jiaran (English: Cheung Ka Long), was born on June 10, 1997 Hong Kong, a Hong Kong men’s Judi athlete, 2016 Asian Jianzi Championship won the floral champion, a family of Hong Kong.

Zhang Jiarang is born in basketball world. Parents are basketball players, and Father Zhang Zilun is a Hong Kong policeman. It is also a member of the former basketball, and the League champion of the League team in 1987. The mother is the representative of the Hong Kong Youth Basketball. He has worked A, and has also taken the League champion.

Zhang Jialang lived in Hong Kong Island, practicing the swords from young, and did not rank among the adolescent team at the age of 15. Zhang Zilun took a self-expenditure to let Home Radang participated in the World Cup and the ticket accommodation fee. Middle Schools read the Yinghua Academy, China and Siyi decided to go to the full-time athlete.

[Reporter] Wang Sheng


[Drawing] Zhang Shi Yu

【Author】 Wang Sheng; Zhang Shiyu

Hong Kong

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