crazy! Urumqi sister 18 leggings 30 pairs of socks waiting for zero point to grab


Xinjiang Morning News (Reporter Kang Yan Yan) 18 strikes, 30 pairs of cotton socks, November 10th, the small Tmall in the Huihai City, the Handan Road, Wuhe City, only waiting for the zero point .

“I have always like this brand of leggings and socks. Every time I see new products in the store, I will buy two or three, just three or four hundred yuan. Tmall’s double eleven price is more than the physical store, the style is more I picked this pile unconsciously. “Xiaotao said, she cleaned the wardrobe during the summer, and she bought the bottoms trousers, and the gums were weard from different degrees. Just threw away. This winter is not low in winter, she has not anxious to buy new in the store. Catch up with the Tmall flagship store to do a double 11 promotion, a lot of styles join the poly cost-effective, and have a full reduction offer and Tmall allowance, and all kinds of shopping courses are more cost-effective than usual.


In small Tao’s shopping cart, you can see from 280D thickening, 480D modalla, 680D shaping, to 1200D high-tech, 2000D silk velvet, 5000D Siri cashmere, forest, different thickness, different textured leggings, Selected 9 12, there were 6 sets of open group reminders waiting for the 11th to enter the “poly cost-effective” page snapped up, the discount price is from 49 yuan to 269 yuan, and it takes 1602 yuan, which is in the physical store. The price is not equal to 100 yuan to 500 yuan, respectively. In addition, she likes the cotton socks wearing in the same day in the physical store 15 yuan a pair, the flagship store 11 days ago, 5 pairs of 49 yuan, equivalent to 6.5 fold, she has a special color series 30 pairs of 294 yuan.

“The store has a discount of 10% off, full of 399 minus 50 discount, plus Tmall Mall on the 11th of the day, 400 minus 50 discount, I still have 200 yuan Tmall shopping allowance, count as long as 1400 yuan, equivalent to each The leggings are seven or eighty yuan, and then send 30 pairs of cotton socks. “Small pottery said that the finger said, because many years of habits, she will pay attention to the season promotion information, this double eleven flagship store offer The strength is less than before, so it is not hesitant to buy a big purchase.

As for these leggings, it can be used. Small Tao also has its own ideas, different thickness and style leggings suitable for spring and autumn and winter different temperatures. She has purchased two. Alternate replacement. “Not everything wears now, the goods in spring and autumn are also prepared for this time, anyway, it will buy more, leggings, socks these things themselves are consumables, starting and worn or hard The warmth will fall, just like a living consumable such as a piece of paper towel, there is no uncomfortable. Again, the similar style can’t worry, give the mother or girlfriend, do not have to go to the physical store in a year or two. ” She concludes her last tone.


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