2018 new winter girl big dress coat


01 girl big dress coat

This girl’s big dress, very temperament, bold collision color matching gives this coat unique version of the charm very textured, and it is very good at all.


02 double-breasted woolen coat

The mixed wool coat is very personality, get rid of a single-tuning, the fur collar lapel has highlighted the baby’s exquisite little face, and the loose A type is swaying, and the dress is comfortable.


03 long jacket coat

The classic atmosphere has a retro style, a children’s woven coat, the broad version of Han Wei, elegant doll collar is very ladady, and there is a cute taste while the wild.

04 single-row buckle coat


Children’s clothing single-row buckle coat, leisure and fashionable, design is very atmospheric, spiritual training, double-breasted design with a handsome, long version does not pick people.

05 long woolen coat

Middle long female hair coats, standing talents design, method is also type! The adjustable belt is slim, and the leaf-like design is high-end atmosphere.

Ok ~ The woolen coat brought to you above, you have to learn how to give your little girl! Become a hot mother!

01 coat + sweater + wide leg pants

The colorful coat is best for girls this old, lively and lovely, with a brown sweater and wide legs wear trendy, completely do not lose big girls

02 coat + leather pants + boots

Very lady with a bit of casual woolen coat, with a tight leather pants and boots, and a handsome adjustment in sweetness, the little girl can be so fashionable.

03 coat + dress + boots


The straight-type wool coat is more gas field, the black dress and the boots that are mixed, and the girls can feel so feat.


04 coat + leggings + boots

Combine the pleated and woolen coat, collide with sweet girls, and the little girls are mixed with leggings and boots, there is a spirit of college wind.


05 coat + leggings + Martin boots


A straight coat of the lady is full of straight coats. The design is more similar to the design, simple with tights and Martin boots, more fashionable!

New Year’s new weather, a red woolen coat gives yourself a princess, it is not least less! Take a look at the red children’s woven coat!

01 coat + sweater + boots


Big red wool coat, a black sweater, then wear a pair of black Martin boots, handsome, highlight the taste of the little woman! Special eye-catching ~

02 coat + tights + boots


This red coat matching cartoon embroidery pattern is more vivid and cute ~ with leather pants and a pair of boots, cool, more like small girls’ personality and temperament.

03 coat + jeans + boots


Relating big red woolen coat, with white sweater and jeans, then wear a pair of boots to make you handsome ~ good-looking.

04 woolen coat + flat shoes

The special foreign red woolen coat, the dress of the coat is very good, with a red wool hat and a pair of small red flat shoes, special festive feelings.


05 woolen coat + dress + flat shoes

Red dress, a red dress, festive and enthusiastic ~ wear black leggings and a pair of flat shoes, fashion and thin ~


I saw the children’s clothing woolen coat brought by Xiaobian, all the hot moms, have you have any favorite style?