Gansu Light Industry Hospital: “Gift Rose” Sixty Dynamic Path “Breeding Mechanism”


The picture shows various extracts displayed in the Gansu Lighthouse Research Institute. (Information map) Yan Yu photo

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou November 12 (Reporter Yin Chunyong Yan Li Yaolong) is located in the northwest of the five-north of the four major rose products, but also “foreign crops” buckwheat, more rich road Chinese herbal medicine … As a “one part” in Gansu, Gansu Provincial Light Industry Research Institute has passed its discipline advantage, and a rose is made into a “flower” series, extending food to the skin care industry, and extracts Chinese herbal medicines. ” Old wine newly brewed.

As a research institute in a planned economic era, face the challenge of transformation and development in a new development environment, but opportunities are more new.

甘肃轻工院:“赠人玫瑰”六十载 探路“反哺机制”觅新生

In 1959, Gansu Provincial Light Industry Research Institute was built in 1959. Since its entirety, more than 60 hours have experienced the rise, prosperity, and have nothing.

Although the hospital is committed to scientific research and development, the resulting results are basically serving more than 300 SMEs in Gansu Province. From the data, the results are fruitful. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the hospital completed more than 1,000 engineering technical consulting projects, helping companies strive to build billions of dollars, so that many small and micro enterprises develop into large-scale enterprises.

However, because of various reasons, they also missed the development of “golden period”, and later restructured as the Gansu Provincial Light Industry Research Institute limited liability company, there was a “no industry and retrieval”.

In the past two years, the hospital identified the development idea of ​​”innovation + service + industry”, and slowly walked “Shangli Road”.

The picture shows the Gansu Provincial Light Industry Research Institute to promote the effective ingredients of the biothest production of bitter roses, red dates, etc. Gansu Provincial Light Industry Research Institute for map

Make a flower into a “flower” series: Top Dishui Rose Industry Chain

Gansu Province Light Industry Institute is based on the research promotion of bitter water roses, lilies, 枸杞, red dates, oil olives, small grains, Chinese herbal medicines, etc., and biotechnology.

In the hands of the researchers, a bitter rose was treated by fancy, broaden its industrial chain. As the “Lanzhou City Flower” and local specialty agriculture, the bitter water rose is a long history. It is the officially certified agricultural product geographical symbol registration and no hypervisible agricultural products. Currently with flowers, rose essential oils, rose sugar sauce, dried flower buds, roses, roses, roses The wine is active in the domestic market.

In fact, in 2013, the bitter rose is still in the roughing stage, the process is simple, the equipment is behind, the industrial chain is short, and the rose and agricultural and agricultural profits have been developed. In 2014, the “Lanzhou Rose Industrial Development Plan” was developed by Ganzhou University and Lanzhou University, and it is proposed to adjust the structure of the rose and increase its added value. For example, extend the industrial chain to large health foods and products, and use rose resources.

At present, the water vapor distillation method has been used to obtain the oil and rose essential oil, which is higher than the international and domestic average, and the development of rose water is developed. It expands the application field, reducing the cost of bitter rose oil, compared with other places, there is a rose oil. Very big competitive advantage.

甘肃轻工院:“赠人玫瑰”六十载 探路“反哺机制”觅新生

Gan light work a new generation of “winework craftsmen” Peng Tao, and his team is committed to R & D series health wine. The picture shows Peng Tao debugging health. (Information map) Yan Yu photo

Nong specialty into the “wine”: extracting the essence of Chinese herbal medicines “old wine new brewed”

In recent years, the new generation of “brewing craftsmen” Peng Tao and the team have the development direction of health care wine and specialty wine, with Gansu Road medicinal materials, specialty flowers, high-quality fruits, according to their different characteristic design experiment, by low temperature Ultrafine pulverization, ultra-high pressure enzymolysis, flashing, low temperature fermentation, freezing filtration, etc.

Peng Tao as an example of Chinese herbal medicinal materials, according to the characteristics of the effective components of various medicinal materials, using different extraction processes. After the extraction, all kinds of extracts and different alcohol are selected. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the nature and effect of alcohol, play its health efficacy, is very difficult.

During the development of Gansuring labor, the research and development of artificial Laojiao technology won the first prize of the scientific and technological progress of the original light effort. The first generation of the hospital, the second-generation technological expert took root in Gansu, and promoted the technology to all liquor production enterprises in Gansu.

Peng Tao said that this is also conducive to pushing Gansu specialty agricultural products to the country. At present, the institute uses the characteristic resource development of Gansu Province to complete the research and development and mortgage work of 药, oligolite, leaf-shaped eyeiles; scoop wine, red jujube wine, rose wine, blue 5 series of 7 products such as Little Rose Rose, Concentrated Apple Juice have been listed.

The picture shows the gas chromatographic analysis room in Gansu Province Light Industry Research Institute, the staff in the office. (Information map) Yan Yu photo

“Ocean Grain” transform skin care: expand the new use of buckwheat

Zhang Yongxue, General Manager of Gansu, Yongxin said in an interview. At present, the buckwheat is the main product in the research and development of agricultural and sideline products, and the buckwheat has been expanded from the diet to the skin care industry.

The bucklariostea is produced in the South American Andes, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, etc., high-altitude, with high protein, known “Food Mother”. After introducing Gansu, there are planted in high altitude in Gannan, Tianzhu County.

甘肃轻工院:“赠人玫瑰”六十载 探路“反哺机制”觅新生

The hospital mainly attacking the research and development of agricultural and sideline products, said that the hospital has rich research resources, from two years ago, there is currently three main lines: processing production, bury wheat, buckwheat pie, fruity plant powder Extraction of processin, protein powder, energy bars, etc.; biosynthetic activated peptides, research and development of skin care products and biomedical products.

Ma Wenjin also said that the raw material used by the frozen R & D is the No. 3, which is a new variety of buckwheat. At present, the hospital has synthesized the anti-aging ingredients in buckwheat by cooperation, and the production is formed into a mask and is undergoing test.

In 2019, Ganshen was reported 8 patents in the R & D of the buckwheat. According to the team, the next step will develop biomedicine for “three high” crowds to exert its nutrients.

As the competent unit of Gansu, Gansu Science and Technology Investment Group has improved scientific and technological resource allocation efficiency. The group is responsible for investment and management of scientific and technological research and development field, and after integrating 15 companies, it has formed an investment financing, fine chemical, environmental safety, mechanical equipment, test inspection, technology transfer (hatching), business logistics, real estate development One-piece technology ecological chain covers multiple fields in a one-two industry. (over)

甘肃轻工院:“赠人玫瑰”六十载 探路“反哺机制”觅新生

Source: China News Net

The picture shows various extracts displayed in the Gansu Lighthouse Research Institute. (Information map) Yan Yu photo