The wind and snow coat invented by Eskimo people will not want this year.


A few days ago, I suddenly became a big snow, and there was almost no in the circle of chicken and beer. I was “from the stars” in the snow-green coat wearing a green coat, red. To put it, it is not an ordinary coat, and people have a big man.

Invitably invented by Eskima from the US military red to the streets of the UK

The Eskimo living in the Arctic needs to fight extreme low temperature and snow, but also hunt on the cold ice, so they invented a special coat. That is a kind of cemetery, the material produced is generally based on reindeer and seal skin, very thick, its sign is even in the hat on the coat, which is a big fur, can Resist cold against the head and cheeks.

This is the prototype called Parka coat, during World War II, the United States and the United Kingdom have used Pike coats to be served as military uniforms, and of course the fur used by Eskimo is converted into a more cheap and more lightweight cloth, but the hat The fur continued to continue. In the 1960s, Mod Yama was prevalent in the UK. The core idea of ​​this culture is simple, that is, enjoy a better youth. The British band The WHO has launched a far-reaching album “crack”, Parker coats will become the standard of MOD family together with Fred Perry polish, 8-hole Martin boots and “small sheep” motorcycles.

The MOD family is very inclusive for different music, and the traditional British gentleman temperament is mixed with street elements in the costumes, playing a special style. Parker coat also turned into a hipster single product.

How to wear how to wear how to wear

爱斯基摩人发明的风雪大衣 今年流行得不要不要的

Parker coats were originally chosen because it was practical in warmth, whether it was a soldier who was sticking to the cold area, or a MOD family riding a motorcycle to the streets of London. Nowadays, Pike coats have retained this feature. In addition, there is a draw string with the hem, which is still very tough. And because of the Parker Coats, many brands have launched the style of fashion, such as switching to a thin fabric, the waist uses a slim cut, the length can be long, a bit like a windbreaker. So in daily, Parker coats can vary all kinds of painting winds, bring warm and charming to cold winter days.

The most handsome match is Pike coat + leather pants, inherited DNA of military uniforms and street culture; feeling that leather pants is difficult to control, narrow leg jeans have similar effects, pretty Martin boots, this is classic neutral wind. Loose Parker coat + bottoming socks, adding a woman flavor on the basis of the neutral wind, plus a short skirt can also, pull the long legs in minutes. Parker coat + knitted cap, walking is a playful route.

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