How about the furniture maintenance industry?


Furniture maintenance is mainly for damage to damaged furniture structures or topcoats.

Some damage to the furniture maintenance interpretation of furniture structures or topcoats include brand, professional, image, standard, etc. Maintenance type solid wood furniture, plate furniture, soft furniture

brief introduction

Furniture maintenance is mainly for some damage to the furniture structure or the topcoat. These repairs include damage to all parts of the following classification furniture: solid wood furniture, plate furniture, soft furniture, vine furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel wood furniture.

The furniture maintenance industry has always worked in the market in the form of guerrillas. There is no standard for industry regulations. With the rapid development of real estate in recent years, housing prices have begun to be heavy, The technical labor value is very large, but when the value of this industry is obvious, the competition in the service value of this industry will be larger, not just a lot of this industry. Constant competition also promotes the development of technology and business models, from technology to service value war, which is avoidable!

People who are engaged in furniture maintenance industries must understand that this industry is not only technically, how to operate their own technology is more critical, brand, professional, image, standard, etc., from 2008, there is a building materials after-sales service. Outsourcing companies starting with standardized, specialized service standards, in 2012 today, today’s market or guerrilla main line, indicating that this industry has great development potential, and currently developing a relatively fast third platform The green three valley market has developed very fast, basically established market standardization, professional service image, plus the service industry chain in this industry, and this industry has a deeper market space.


Now because the development of furniture building materials is too fast, there is a “furniture maintenance” industry. Generally, the corresponding practitioners refer to assembly and repair. The technical requirements for assembly and commissioners are actually very uncommon, and the disassembly and demolition is often necessary to be careful and physical. Judging the skill of an assembly master is to see if he can quickly debug the metal hinge structure of the door of the cabinet.

For the finished furniture furniture repair beauty technicians, this industry has long been, but its rise should be due to the prosperity of furniture industry in the past two years. Nowadays, many local practitioners actually have technical bottlenecks in this industry. In foreign countries, especially in Western European countries have a better technology. Domestic masters are temporarily very small.


1. If the rattan or bamboo products will have more drafts, discoloration, and the saline is wiped, which can be pollutable and can make it a relatively toughness. Wipe it with a wet huga to keep it clean.

2, in the coffee table, a few brown tea, long time, will leave a grievous film stain. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe it with the tin foil on the cigarette case, and scrub it with water, you can wash the tea stains.

3, hot cup, etc., directly on the furniture paint, will leave a circle. Generally, as long as it is wiped with kerosene, alcohol, flowerwater or thick tea, or use iodine, rub it with iodine, gently wipe it or apply a layer of Vaseline oil; eliminate.

4, fireworks, soot or unstroused matters, sometimes left the focal mark on the paint surface of the furniture. If it is just a paint, it can be wiped with a layer of hard cloth on the toothpick. Then apply a layer of wax, and the coke can be removed.

5, the trademark on the furniture will leave the residue of the stickers, sticky and dirty, can be rubbed with thick rubber, good effect, chewing gum on the floor can also use eraser.

Maintenance classification

Furniture maintenance can be divided into maintenance and surface paint of structural components, the structure of color, such as the sofa internal wood break, sponge, a resilient, the same, the same, the same.

Paint color

(This is a “furniture maintenance beauty” material)

1) Treatment of paint problems such as solid wood, mahogany, sticker furniture, scratching, cracking, etc.

[Materials used: toner, slash water, color water, polished water, matte without trace spray, steel wire cotton, etc.]

2) Wooden door, floor, staircase, windows, aluminum composite window, etc. (The principle is consistent with the upper, so the color repair repair of building materials is also classified.)

3) Leather sofa, leather products surface scratch, fading, color and other repairs, refurbishment.

4) Marble crack, fracture repair, splicing grinding treatment.

Part Repair

1) Chair maintenance (pulley, air pressure pump, handrail, five foot claws, foot), handwritten board, repair and replacement service)

2) Table repair (lock, drawer, drawer slide, keyboard frame, handle, host holder, plate crack repair)

3) Office sofa (deformed, bend)


4) Wooden, steel file cabinet (lock, drawer, drawer slide, keyboard, handle, hinge, host holder, door frame deformation adjustment)

5) Office screen (screen accessories, screen connector, screen and lower cover, screen corner, screen line)

6) Bancai, mid-stage, paint desk (lock, drawer, drawer slide, keyboard frame, handle, hosting, plate cracking)

7) Cow skin chair and siph chair and staff chair (pulley, air pressure pump, handrail, repair and replacement service)

8) Professional furniture disassembly, shift service and equipped with professional furniture!

9) Maintenance of other structures.

Development Law

The first stage: Market maintenance services

Features: In the early market service of the guerrilla, the speed of technology is slow, the lack of standardized standardized market is inevitably a space with huge resource integration optimization, the guerrillas can not enjoy the corresponding social overall protection, although the company is in human resources Saved cost, but the quality of management will also be greatly reduced. And green three valleys, professional workers network and other enterprises have begun strategic investment in this industry in 2007.

Social Significance: Furniture Beauty Furniture Maintenance Technology Working Operation, belonging to the process of social development economic development, the derivative of technical profession, so there will be such courses in short hours, then the guerrillas are here. The stage plays a vital role, and the economic development of the entire building materials home decoration industry has played a support position in after-sales.


Second stage: sales of maintenance materials products

Features: The core key of furniture maintenance is that the technology, mature technology materials are mostly equipped, because the material cost is not commercial investment value, due to the main sales of customer groups are guerrilla technical workers, there is no commercial business Value, and the industry enters the threshold, the attack price is impact, it is difficult to form a product or brand that effectively survived profit at this stage. Technical workers are not easy to make money, it is more difficult to earn technical workers!

Development Significance: The customization of tools can make it easier and improves construction efficiency, and use more smoothly more professional, and the mass storage production of the paint material can make the cost to lower, but the market space is still very small. From a company such as green three valley, their workers’ construction frequency is very high daily, and the average material cost is not more than 500 yuan per person per year, which requires a certain social contribution of enterprises to invest in this area.

The third stage: technical training

Features: The guerrillas entering this stage are not easy, and the external open training of furniture maintenance beauty technology is equal to the abandonment of the maintenance service market, the key is lowering at this stage, and there is no need to accumulate, relative technology Training is more simple than entering market services. Matureness and good, so training technology belt is relatively simple, this stage is difficult to achieve market-based brand, because there will be more guerrillas without the bottom line, technical training companies cannot achieve effective survival profits in the industry, so no Some people will focus on investment, and the master’s way of life is also very short, because when the first generation technology is out, it will quickly develop the second generation and three generations, so the market will soon be transmitted 10, ten hundred talents of technical viruses. The characteristics of propagation are rich. As early as the 2008 global financial crisis, domestic housing prices rose, green Sanyue Company is free training technology, and has more than 2,000 technical human resources to the market.

Social Significance: Establishing mature professional, scientific, standardized professional technical training, can scientifically grasp market development trend, according to development needs to provide corresponding technical occupational human resources training, improve social labor production efficiency to ensure human resources, hope There are more companies with professional investment capacity in these industries, promote the market development of furniture maintenance building materials after-sales human resources training projects, which has very important social significance.

The fourth stage: vocational training

Features: This stage is the pace of furniture installation furniture maintenance beauty. Non-single technical training, the corresponding technologies through the standardization, standardized combination training of the industry, so that they are suitable for the industry and integrate into the industry, and the professional training is also the basis for ensuring social human resources. In the social class and enterprise structure, there is a clear organization structure, and the furniture maintenance furniture installation furniture beauty This type of technical service is only the after-sales profession of furniture after-sales, and the green Sanyue Company has started after-sales outsourcing of building materials in 2010. Project promotion, and market outsourcing business, sales, business, and after-sales management outsourcing business. Through vocational training, it is not only possible to quickly master technical skills, but also quickly integrate into the market, integrate into the market, and quickly create performance value for enterprises.

Social Significance: This stage has developed mature in many industries, but for some derivative technology skills industries, the 90% technology guerrillas in the national building materials decoration industry, lack of professional ability, and enjoy fair equality Salary, social overall protection treatment and benefits, quickly establish a rich corresponding technical vocational training, is of great significance for improving labor employment, social employment rate is also a local government’s political performance standard.

Fifth stage: information intermediary

Features: Whether labor resources are rich, there will be unevenness of labor business information allocation, and the information intermediary will play at this stage, and the market is profound according to their respective resources. Furniture maintenance Furniture Beauty Technology Workers Lack of business capabilities must rely on the cooperation of business intermediary to make technical labor effectively. Business information needs to work together to complete business. The overall work efficiency and output value of the market can be provided through the information intermediary. Keep market business labor balance, so that the market maintains the technicians are active, there are people who do people, dry live, dry can be settled, and have an orderly, efficient market service state. Change the past, there is no one, the business is not finished for a few weeks, some people don’t have business, some have no business, and there is no money, and the professional worker network, Fu Lu, [Fulu Mall] and other online platforms At present, there is a good information resource adjustment. The information management capability is strong, and the network technology capability can be uploaded here, and the information profit in this development phase will be earned.

Social Significance: The information development phase is the development of all service industries must be over-stage. At this stage, the inequality of the backlog of uniform market operations, information human resources distribution is inequality, ensuring the labor production efficiency of this development stage.

Sixth stage: brandening

Features: It is necessary to support this stage to support it under this stage. There will be more corporate funds, advanced business philosophy thinking will enter the furniture maintenance furniture beauty this industry, and separate industry technology is never attracted The key to investment is the first to invest in the industry’s green three valley to invest in this industry is the after-sales outsourcing outsourcing of the large industries such as furniture building. This is the investment based on the national economic structure adjustment, and the early and accurate strategic positioning has created now. The “Green Triple” leads in the industry, the particularity of the technical service industry will also make the “green three valley group” becoming the only chain brand of the industry, the technical service industry from guerrillas to formal brand development only relying on technology to create The most lack of the brand, the technology industry is culture.

Social Significance: The formation of the brand is the responsibility of its enterprises to society, and the social role and significance of the company, and in the furniture maintenance furniture beauty, this type of service industry, and build a brand is not easy. It is not only a name, an icon logo, a few advertisements, several advertising promotion is then simple, not only for the creation of the value, but also bringing substantive value for the society, the furniture beauty furniture repair brand needs The key to social significance is that it is a service-behind service. It is “After-sales”, “after-sales”, and “green three valley brands” in ensuring that the meaning of “green three valley brands” is very clear, but also drive Employment, environmental protection, reflects the significant important social significance.

Seventh stage: resource integration

Features: The technical service industry must completely rely entirely, and the precipitation of the technical service industry is different from the other industries, and the five-year technical experience is absolutely higher than two years. This resource advantage is not With economic strength, it is a green Triple, and they are also entered this stage in the eighth year after experiencing brand phases. Obviously this opportunity will become them. Permanent resource advantage. Through the information optimization effective resource allocation sharing, establish a national information service networking system, achieve national unified service, unified management, make the overall service capacity of several dozen times, while optimizing the sales of market merchants, such as furniture repair furniture installation furniture Beauty’s after-sales cost makes all the quality of service to guarantee, establish a national unified complaint system, technical service evaluation system, so that the technical workers have resources that cannot be mobilized in the past, now have resource sharing conditions, let workers construction Effective work in combination of sales information, which greatly improves personal economic income. In the second half of 2013, all systems are perfect in a step by step. From their development speed, they can have the most fresh and most advanced development ideas of this stage, which will soon be here. The stage is taken first.

Social Significance: Through resource integration to improve the role of labor efficiency, the second resources integrate information resource allocation, improve overall labor service capabilities, reduce the overall energy consumption and cost of the industry market, and concentrate effective labor to play greater market role, Driving the after-sales outsourcing industry enters the international market, with the ability to undertake more international after-sales outsourcing business.

The eighth stage: listing into the financial market for more development

Features: From the investment development situation in this industry, it is estimated that there will be no enterprises in ten years will develop to this step. The entire industry currently puts in the green Ten Valley and a few individual operators, which is far from promoting a industry to develop.This step.

From the formation of the industry “Innovation and Development” Business Development “to drive the” Creative Employment Post “to ensure the” Adjustment Economic Structure “to ensure the economic transformation of economic circulation