From the hairpin little girl to the insurance, the pyramid is cheated, the history of Zhang Min and the four men behind


Zhang Min was wearing a tight-fitting training suit, and he wore a white duckling hat. In the temple court, the same little monk in the same small monk is listed.

She smiles, the smear, and the horizontal traces are traces that have passed the years.

Video recording is deliberately marked in the right.

Ms. Zhang Min, Zhang Min


“Maybe it is to consider that the audience of today’s age may not know how to explain it, it plays an explanation.


I feel that the big words of these eight yellow-faced sides have fallen out of a semester, and it is not blocking with an era.

As the hedgehog band, they sing in their representative song “Train to the cloud, dreams in nine”:

A generation will end, but there is always a young.

Shanghai was born, Hong Kong fight


On February 7, 1968, Zhang Min was born in Shanghai.

Like a lot of actors, Zhang Minyi is born, it is a mighty eye, a five-dimensional Peugeot, and a beautiful embryo.

After reading a few years in the Luwan District, Zhang Min was 11 years old, and his parents moved to Hong Kong.

At the junior high school in Hong Kong, Zhang Min gradually became a big girl who fell generous.

A good face, outstanding appearance, cheerful character – this is not obvious to see when the star is?

So, Junior high school graduated, Zhang Min went to Asian TV artist training class.

This training class is to cultivate the performance artifact and let the students have mastered the basic skills of performance. Practice a nature with now.

Dawn, Zhang Jiahui, He Jiajin, they are all in this training class.

In 1987, Zhang Min sent Asian Miss Pavilion in the street.

A woman with a self-contained gas field passed from her, and looked at her and took her hand.

At that time, Zhang Min, the 17th year of age, is the age of Yanzhang group, unlimited flash.

The woman has a few words and Zhang Min, who handed her a business card, asked if she was interested in the Yongsheng movie company to play.

Yongsheng Movie Company, just established in Hong Kong, it is also a company that is famous.

However, the company’s boss, in Hong Kong is a number of people in the number of people – to Huaqiang and his brother Huasheng.

Zhang Min took into account it and decided to join Yongsheng movie company.

Since then, Zhang Min started her performance career.

(There is also a saying, Wang Jing director discovered Zhang Min this actor, took her into the circle)

Ott of resources, step by step

The first work of Zhang Min is, is the “magic jade” cooperated with Andy Lau.

This king-called science fiction film, at the time of the large film, the gods of the fairy, did not cause an uproar.


Only Zhang Minni’s Shen Yunni, the image of the half-faced face left a small childhood shadow.

In the second year, Zhang Min was in cooperation with Zhou Yunfa, Zhang Manyu, and played a comedy, called “hardcover chasing women.”

Although Zhang Min is a supporting role in this film, playing Zhou Yunfa’s ex-girlfriend, but her image temperament is not weak than Zhang Manyu.

This movie is also directed by Wang Jing. Wang Jing in that year is the synonym of Hong Kong’s commercial movies.

In 1988, Zhang Min played “the best son-in-law”. In this film, she cooperated with Zhou Xingchi for the first time.

At that time, Zhou Xingchi was still not today’s star, but a newcomer in the movie alone, people called Axing or Star.

Zhang Min played a beautiful daughter, Zhang Xueyou, Mo Shaocong, Zhou Xingchi deeply fans in the film.

With an excellent performance, she finally surrounded the most promising newcomers of Hong Kong Movie Golden Dragon Award.

In the same year, she also played a “fire dance”.

With him, it is a character of Hong Kong’s film, what is the mile, Zhong Chuhong, Qin Pei, Wang Jing and others …

As a newcomer, Zhang Min has such a good resource, the first time I arrived at the peak of others, in this, in addition to the super color value, there is a quite important reason, let’s talk below.

After that, Zhang Min ushered in the highlight of his own film and tendering.

In “gambling”, she is a wife janet that gambling god.

In “gambling”, she is a dream of changing the Dear Differences;

In “gambling”, she is a dream of changing the special function of Axing.

These roles, let Zhang Min’s female charm greatly play.

She is not only in the play of Axing’s dream, but also is the heart of the audience.

“Gambling” and “Gambling” are refreshed with Hong Kong movie box office records at HK $ 3705868 and HK $ 41326156.

She became an actress in Hong Kong’s most sale in the 1990s.

In addition to these modern characters, her ancient dressing, no one can go right between Hong Kong entertainment circles.

“Yi Tian Dragon Slayer” is elegant Zhao Min, “Tianlong Babu” in the ancient spirits, “new blood sword” in the briquette, cute nine princess …

With the more and more movies of her star, her popularity and wellness increased day, in Hong Kong in the 1990s, Zhang Min calculates the well-deserved top flow.


It is:


She is all like it.

Shanghai Filter, dangerous in pyramid scheme

In 1994, Zhang Minhe went to Hua Sheng, to Huaqiang’s dining in the peninsula, suddenly attacked unknown.

Online About this incident, true and false


The cause of this event, there are two versions of the workshop: One is a battle between the community, and the other is that the attack is rushing to Zhang Min and Huasheng.


No matter what purpose, what motivation, 1995 Zhang Min leaving Yongsheng film company, or some micro-links with this.


After leaving Yongsheng, Zhang Min wants to try himself. She is doing investors, looking for Liang Jiahui to shoot “people in one thousand and one night”. Lack of experience plus all kinds of reasons, this film allows Zhang Min to losing thousands of Hong Kong coins.

The fiasco of the test water, did not hit Zhang Min, she raised soil, personally played the comedy movie “Chasing the Dream of the Girl 95”, the box office is more than 10 million.

In 1995, after taking “Ten Brothers”, or because of his heart is tired, or because of other reasons, Zhang Min has begun to build her business empire.


In 1996, Zhang Min came to Shanghai and opened a clothing store, beauty shop, creative T-shirt store.


I also opened my family Karaoke, called “Dragon Dragon”.

One words, Zhang Min, the ability and luck of Zhang Min, and she was in the entertainment industry like a fish.

Love sea, confusing

Talking to Zhang Min, I have to say four men behind her.

The first place is Zhou Xingchi who has had a short-awaited.


The Star and Zhang Min cooperate dozens of movies, almost no bad film.

Let’s come to the rough market:

“Gambling”, the dream of the dream, “Escape the Warlong” series makes people unforgettable female teachers, “Wu Suan Su Ji” in the wind …

When shooting “the best son-in-law”, there is a little inner direction, and Zhang Min even thinking is a bit stunned.

After a few years, after the two cooperated with more than a dozen movies, slowly became tacit, as well as friends and relatives.

However, the gossip is the gossip, Hong Kong, which is highly developed in the gossip technology, and two people have not had a big material to explode, keeping a friendship between a friend.

But it is undeniable that she is a large number of “star girls”, the most cool and most sensuous.


The second place is that the Hong Kong Entertainment Circle Herce is famous in Huasheng.

Fang rumors, Zhang Min can have such a superior resource in the film and television circle, and it is a famous star big wrist with the first mad, and the status of the rivers and lakes and spare no effort to the Huasheng. Contact.

But the hanging is that although the relationship between Huasheng and Zhang Minzi, the lovers are not well known, but there is never no magazine to take the close photos of two people.

Until, I left the people to Hua Sheng, I had a media to expose, Zhang Min went to Tibet and wishes to Tibet during his illness. As for whether it is a marriage in the year, Hong Kong’s well-known screenwriter, the talent Xiao Ruoyuan once said:

He (to Hua Sheng) will be the same Zhang Min, and later Zhang Yushan, he has no money, spend tens of millions of buying buildings to Zhang Min, this person is like this.

All our people have always been in love with the conflicts, the public figures have always been. But sadly, in the era of entertainment, the truth seems to be not so important.

But there is a little undeniable: with Zhang Min’s value and body, in the Hong Kong entertainment industry in that year, there is no miracle to have no gossip and negative news. In some aspects, absolutely to Huasheng Dark guards are related.

Third, it is one of the “Beijing Four Less”.

The fourth place called Liu Yonghui.

Dance is born, Handsome is handsome, Ahui, I have already entered the film and television circle, from the actor to the producer to the broker, Liu Yonghui’s experience in the film and television circle can be described as colorful.

He used to be Zhang Min’s agent.


It is reported that two people have been in love for many years, and they registered marriage in 2013.

However, this statement has to be certified, I have seen some reports, saying that Zhang Min made a unmarried, I didn’t know if I was divorced, or I didn’t have a marriage with Liu Yonghui.

The feeling of feelings with her confusing, is a clear and clear political position.

That special period, she made her idea on the individual social platform:

Flowers blossoms, cloud clouds


Today, Zhang Min has experienced a bit of a little calm and gentle.

Recalling that the flowers of Hong Kong, she could squeeze out her own heavens and the earth in Lin Qingxia, Zhang Manyu, Wang Zuxian, and let the “dream” become synonymous with “dreams”, except for God gave In addition to the beautiful appearance, it is also closely related to her hardworking, pragmatic, dedicated work attitude and act.


Shu Yu brand, Qingxia drink, Zhu Yin, Zhang Min return

These four classic scenes were carved on the ceiling of Hong Kong movies, and no one can surpass.

Ye Yuxi, Zhang Min, Li Zhi, Guan Zhilin, these four people, especially, have become a generation of sweet memories on youth.

The beauty will go old, but elegant but will be circulated.