What are the beauty salons in the beauty salon?


Once the woman is 25 years old, the collagen will slowly lose, the facial skin is dark, dry, spots, etc., and to solve these skin problems in the face, simple beauty techniques have reached a good effect. In order to beautifically, many beauty institutions use specific beauty instruments, then what are the instruments of the beauty salon?

Small bubble

Most people’s skin is generally in a problem with insufficient cleaning and insufficient hydration, and the small bubbles are to solve these problems.

Small bubbles can solve most of the problems of the skin, such as the thick pores, dry skin, oil, skin color, dark yellow, small bubbles can be deeply cleaned deep, hydrophine.

At present, the popular Mei Bao Magic Box is a combination of ultrafine bubbles and negative pressure. It can penetrate the oxygen and nutrients in a spraying manner from the skin to the leather layer, on the one hand, the skin is oxygen, can accelerate the skin. The cell’s update absorption, adsorb the grease of the pores, cosmetic residues, and on the other hand, the skin is established, so that the skin maintains a long water lubricity.

Skin Integrated Manager (AI General “


Nowadays, the beauty is not only wanting to have a beauty effect, whitening effect, brightens skin tone, moisturizing, increase the elasticity, tightening skin, relieve aging, etc., so firstman multi-function integrated beauty instrument Favorite, after solving the problems of the skin, it is really beautiful. Multi-functional skin management instrument gives different solutions for customers of different needs, flexibility is also relatively strong.


The water light instrument is the beauty instrument equipment we often hear, injecting hyaluronic acid into our skin leather layer, using fixed layer, quantitative, timing, and divide the skin into three layers of hydrating, each The 1st layer has functions – leather layer: penetrating support mask; base layer: nutrition lock water mask; superficial layer: cool mask.

Each layer has a certain characteristic and role, the purpose is to allow each layer of the skin to adhere to a “mask” with moisturizing, elasticity, moisturizing, nutritious. The efficacy of a water-optic hydrating moisturizer is more than 8,000 times of the outer molding mask.

Water beauty water gauge is a beautiful instrument that replenish high-end nutrition to the skin, through high pressure injection patent technology, with a speed and high pressure per second, to inject various nutrients into the skin leather layer without invasive injection. In the leather layer, positioning, seting layers, quantitative injection, establishing a nutritional warehouse, thickening of the leather rubber, the skin’s leather connection is tighter, and the skin is not invasive and refined.

Beauty salons have a water-saving water instrument, which can not only increase performance, but also in the water projects, first safety, followed by the general moisture method, it is much better!

Skin detector

There are many problems in the skin. In fact, it is hidden. Some situations can’t see it. In the past, the ecstasist is based on the surface phenomenon to do skin conditions. In this case, even if there is an experienced beautician, it is difficult to accurately judge to give a reasonable skin solution.

The cloud mirror skin detector is a modern scientific AI intelligent image detection technology, which is tested by spectral analysis and testing through 28 million pixel HD camera. It has been diagnosed with top ten problems. For skin pores, acne, wrinkles, pigments, hornies, and Skin moisture, oil, elasticity, skin color, sensitivity analysis of face recognition, exactly display the skin’s condition, intelligent analysis and find a suitable skin care solution.

It is also possible to record the skin care products on the skin detector. When the results come out, the skin care products are recommended by intelligent AI analysis. There is data with data, don’t have to say that the beauty said to break the mouth, the customer pays for himself!