The boss is a happy farm founder, and the pseudo-Japanese goods will be blooming?


China’s new network client Beijing On July 21 (Zuo Yukun) In the hot summer, drink a refreshing bubble drink is undoubtedly more than addictive, but the “unhealthy” label “unhealthy” label is also deeply influenced. Rubbling 枸杞, 戒 戒 油 油 年 人 人 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天

So, the health of the health is from the wind, the Yuanzi Forest “of the” 0 sugar and 0 fat 0 calories “is one of the leaders. Maybe you still don’t know, this net red drink “Men behind” is also a founder of the game “Happy Farm” that is popular.

I don’t sleep in this year, do you like to drink a dollar forest now?


The Yuanshu Forest Bubbles sold in the store. Zuo Yukun photo

Win the Black Horse, the killer is “drinking is not fat”

If you still don’t know the brand of Yuan Yuxi, the following three data may take you to take you to the rolling head of this net red drink.

In 2019, “Double Eleven”, Yuan Yi Forest is second only to Vitamic milk, ranked second in the sales of all net beverages, defeated Coca-Cola, Pepsi;


In May 2020, the sales performance of Yuanyi Forest reached 260 million, exceeding the total sales sum of 2018;


Recently, there are industry insiders to reveal that Yuan Yu Forest will get a new round of financing, and the company’s valuation will reach $ 2 billion (equivalent to RMB 14 billion). In October 2019, its valuation is only 375 billion yuan.

Packaging, the wind, find Li Jiaqi live broadcast, in the “planting grass” small red book crazy marketing, the four-year bubble water brand Yuan Yi forest has become a newly-cherished beast of the drink industry, gaining many Investors’ favor.


Image Source: Yuan Yu Forest official website

In many people, the drink is not a fresh blue sea, how is the Yuan Dynasty? Ye Yuping, the original R & D director of Yuanyi Forest, said: In the beverage industry to do explosions, we must first choose a good track.

What is the most important thing to drink a drink when you are drinking? They are sweet, but they also know that excessive sugar intake is harm to the human body; they pursue health, but do not mean that they will compromise with taste. For the most expensive eye cream, they are the most embarrassing night, the children will do the choice, and the adults are all.

So, the idea of ​​”0 sugar 0 fat 0 calories” is easy to occupy the minds of “urban beauty”, and zero sugar and sand, and the 気 気 気 気 気 颖 颖 颖 颖 颖 気 颖 気 気 気 気 気 颖

“Yuan Yun Forest” “Happy Farm”, it turned out to be a “”

For many people, soda is the memory label of youth. If our youth is in Coke, Sprite, Fanta, then the youth of this generation may leave the memory of the Yuanshu Forest.

But in fact, the founder behind the forests, more than being created by this generation.

Day eye check data shows that Tang Binson, Xie Xianlin and others hold 57.81% of the Yuanshen Forest. Tang Binson is the biggest shareholder behind the Yuansi Forest, and is also the founder of Yuanyi Forest.

Tang Binson. Image source: 智 明 通 官 网

In 2008, he had just graduated from Beihang Graduate. He has been evaluated by Li Kai Fu as “it is possible to become a next Ma Huateng”, and a company named Zhiming Star will be founded. Soon, this company has developed a national game that dominated the Internet.

I can’t think of it. Today, you drink the Yuanshu Forest in your mouth. Whether it is a peach, orange, grape, or burning tea, corn tea, maybe it’s still “species”.

Some netizens suddenly realized: So, “Happy Farm”, “Yuan Yu Forest” is still very worn.

However, Zhixing recently released an announcement, the company’s board of directors received a resignation report submitted by the vice chairman, CEO Tang Binsen, on June 11, 2020, resigned from June 11, 2020.

The father of “Happy Farm” concentrates on doing a drink. He hangs all the way to the Internet. There is no funds, talents, or supply chain background in the field of packaging beverages. The production base has just been officially completed in July.

But a fact that the sorrow of the drink world is that Tang Binson, which is cross-border, crit this.

Net red beverage explosion password

The Internet’s Internet people Tang Binsen, naturally also bring the Internet to the creation of the forest to the forest, the online “trader” technology is not unfold.

“Yuan Yu Forest was established in 2016. It is an Internet + drink company, specializing in the production of sugar-free, low-calorie products. We launched a series of popular drinks, including burning tea and bubbles.” On the official website, Yuan Yizhen introduces yourself. It is not difficult to see that it has never denying its own “net red” gene.

I want to be a net red, the first esteem is: you have to look good.

Most people are buying drinks, with the first feeling, the packaging design of Yuanxiao Forest is also the key to its success. The use of the word “気” adds the brand’s highlight mark, minimal daily style air packaging not only attracts enough attention while consumers entering a convenience store, but also drive them in social media.

Above the Internet, the “wine incense is also afraid of the depth of the alley”, marketing is less.

Yuan Yu Forest is a representative beneficiary of “new ways of advertising”, live broadcast, net red grass grass, etc.: to evaluate the name, a large number of KOL output related short video and graphic content, Li Jiaqi, Viria, Luo Yonghao They have taken the goods in the lives in the lives.

Zhang Yuxi became ambassador for the Bubbles of Yuanyi Forest Su. Image Source: Weibo @ 気 気 Forest

In addition, the Yuan Dynasty forest rushed to the box horses, 711, Rosen and other chain platforms and convenience stores bloom everywhere, and the new channel bonus accelerated the brand fast forward. There is a data show that Yuan Yizhen Forest products have covered 30 provinces in China, and the products are from nearly 200,000 convenience stores and online traditional stores.

Under the precision judgment of the consumption trend, “product + marketing + channel” becomes the explosive formula of Yuanyi Forest under 0 sugar.


Will it be like “stealing”?

“Nethong” has never putting a double-edged sword, which is no accident in the Yuanshu Forest.

Yuan Yu Forest released the name and outer packaging of “Made in Japan”, in addition to the eyeball, it also became a shackle, which triggered the accounts of the outside world to Yuan Yu Forest “Pseudo Japanese goods” “plagiarism”.

“When mentioned in Japan, the neural network will let us associate the quality, and will associate with the Japanese brand known as the non-printing product, and the famous products are deliberately to establish contact with non-printing. Let you consciously believe that the famous products and non-printing are related to the keyword quality of the non-printing products. “Tang Binsen said.

During this paragraph may also be an explanation of the root cause of the 気 気 forest outfit design, and the psychology of the whispering edge of the Japanese brand is indeed misleaded some consumers. Whether the quality of Yuan 気 Forest can make up for consumers to find the psychology of “being deceived”, it is still unknown.

Second, and whether the marketing flavor will result in a decline in brand value. Bubble water products itself is not high, the marketing, the marketing, the channel dividend is still there, still has replicable.

Food people have emerged.

A few days ago, Xi Tea announced the official public number to launch a soda line, the main 0 sugar 0 lipid + dietary fiber, the price of 5.5 yuan is almost consistent with the 5 yuan of the Yuan Dynasty forest, but also in the traditional convenience store, supermarket and Yuan Yumus forest ” Positive “.

Image Source: Weibo @ 喜

On the first day of selling, Xi Tea soda was held in the first battle of Viya live, 300,000 bottles, 25,000 boxes of vapor seconds were robbed. In addition, the “Yuan Yu Forest”, such as Wahaha, Nongfu Spring, and Master Kong, is also on the road.

“From the Yuanzi Forest Composition and the formula, there is no obvious feature, and the product threshold is low, can be reproducible, only relying on the net red mode, which is the largest drawback of the company’s development.” Some people said.

It is a flower that is running out of the leeks, or the lasting life of the new, I have been “stealing dishes”? (over)

Source: China News Net