Customize the pillow to choose what fabric is better! Grapefruit Street Pillow Wholesale


Custom pillow design is one of many people like home accessories, very unique and innovative. In order to make a variety of pillows to customize their own minds, many customers will also consider custom pillows, then which fabric is better? let us see.

– Linen pillow needs to be closely contacted with the skin, so in order not to stimulate the skin, there is a better use effect, we recommend that you can use a linen such as linen, which can be more economical, and it is more close to the skin than other fabrics.

The cotton cotton fabric is hand-woven, bringing perfect care to the skin. Moreover, this material has a long history, which can reduce the use of various dyes. For customers, daily use can be more assured, cotton fabrics are easier to absorb sweat, with winter warm and summer cool.

– Non-wovenly custom pillows can show more fantasies and a lot of young consumers. Many creative pillows can exert its best effects and integrate into many individual elements. You can consider non-woven materials, they have stronger tensile. Since the natural fiber non-woven fabric is made, the gas permeability is good, even if it is not faded or yellow in long-term use, it is very loved by consumers.


– Cotton Pillow In order to create a happy and warm home environment, creative pillows can make it more colorful. Many pillows on the market are made of high quality cotton and linen materials, which can fully show simple style. Moreover, the design concept of cotton and linen pillows is also a variety of different exotic style.

– Cashmere pillow cashmere pillow has loose soft feelings, won praise from our customers. This is a perfect match with high-grade sofa. Many friends will choose to purchase a combination of combined sets when purchasing creative pillows to achieve more visual effects. Moreover, the pillow of this material can bring a more warm feeling, which looks more delicate, and they have added a lot of creative and personality elements, even a small hugging is still very interesting, very smart performance.

I believe that after this introduction, you have a certain understanding of which fabric is suitable for custom pillows. Now, the creative pillow is very popular. For those who are interested in customizers, you can see more, combined with your home environment design and overall style.

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