The invincible daily net burst red cat raisins, adult children love to eat


Japanese super fire cat toast, today with the raisins of California, in the United States, instead of adding sugar in the bread to do healthy and delicious cats, raisins contain natural nutrients, and the babies can also help inhibit oral bacteria growth. To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, enhance the digestive function of the body, and eat a lot of help every day.


By clip mummy


250 grams of toast powder


Milk 145 grams

Protein 1


3 grams of yeast


2 grams of salt

Sunmaid Sunshine Portal Raisin 60g

20 grams of butter


Dark chocolate


Blueberry 6

Decorative biscuits 2

Practice steps

1, ready for ingredients;

2, I chose this small package, very convenient, a small box 15 grams, no weighted, usually when snacks are eaten.

3, put flour, milk, protein and yeast into the bread machine, open the kneading program, and add butter and salt to continue a kneading + fermentation process, the last two minutes is added to the raisins, and the lid begins to the lid to start fermentation;

4. After the fermentation is completed, the dough is exhausted into three copies, cover the plastic film, relax for ten minutes;

5, take a piece of dough, take off the bubbles, turn over, fold the two sides, and slightly, it is slightly longer, rolled down from the top;


6. After all of the three dough is all rolled, put it into the cat toast (a baking disk below) to put it in the warm temperature and warmth, it can be made to eight points.

7. A baking paper is baked onto a bump, and then press a baking tray, put it in a preheated oven, and 180 degrees for about 30 minutes, release it on the cool frame;


8, let a cool section, use the melted chocolate to paint the expression, you can also use blueberries to make your eyes, make your own imagination, play free …


Different brands of flour water absorption is different, and according to the specific situation. The oven temperature and time are appropriately adjusted according to the situation. References given by recipes. The mold is 135mm height.

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!

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