What is the standard size of the home improvement socket switch? Remember these details, renovation will not turn over


The switch socket is a hidden project in home decoration. Once the previous period is ok, it will be more troublesome, and the position of the switch socket is fixed on the wall. If the location or size design is unreasonable, it is not only used Comfortable, may even be blocked by later decoration or furniture, resulting in the case where the switch socket cannot be used normally. So, what should I pay attention to the size and design of the switch socket in the family decoration? Let’s share some dry goods, you can learn from it!

1, switch height


There are two kinds of switches of the lamp, one is a conventional switch, the height is generally 1350mm; the other is a bedwitch, because it is used when it is lying in the bed, the height is generally

700mm (simultaneous bedside socket, usually in a row of switches).


2, socket height

1 Socket of the TV wall:


Generally, based on the design of the TV wall, the main goal is to try to hide and function properly, the height of the socket on the normal TV set station is

With around 500mm, if it is a wall-swall TV, the height of the socket should be around 1000mm, and it is set to the top right of the TV.

2 Sofa wall outlet:

Depending on whether there is a side arrangement on the sofa, the height is 350mm or 700mm, and the socket here is mainly used to charge the mobile phone, the table lamp or the landing fan.

3 mesh case outlet:

According to the height and design of the meal cabinet, it is recommended to be installed inside the blank layer of the sideboard. The general height is about 1200mm, mainly for small electric appliances such as aqueous kettle.

4 kitchen socket:

The kitchen socket has the embedded electrical outlet under the console and the small electrical socket above the console. The socket of the embedded electrical appliance is generally necessary to keep the socket according to the electrical specification, and the general height is 350mm; the small electrical socket on the stage can stay To the height of 1200mm, minus the operating desk 800mm, probably the height of 400mm above the table;

Water heater sockets can be left high, do 1800mm


5 Subtocks:


The study socket is based on the desk. On the desk, there is a platform, the upper socket is generally 1000mm height, minus 750mm desk height, and approximately 250mm from the plane; the interior socket is about 350mm;


6 air conditioning socket:


The socket of the wall is generally equipped with a height of 2200 mm; and the air conditioner socket of the cabinet air conditioner can be installed to 350 mm.

3, advice on socket and switch

1 kitchen appliance socket with open customs


The socket of the kitchen appliance is recommended to match a separate switch control, especially the socket of the embedded electrical appliance, hidden in the cabinet is blocked by the electrical appliance, and the power supply will not be disconnected with the power cord with a single switch. The power supply of the embedded electrical appliance can be controlled by the switch.

2 switches next to the door

The switch is generally mounted next to the door, and the door frame may conflict with the switch position if there is no compact position in some spaces.

Therefore, in the case of compact, the reserved switch position should be considered on both sides, balance the door position, because the door package will have 3-5cm width after the door is installed, so it is reserved when the blank is based. The switch must be left from the position of 8cm of the doorway, so that insurance is compared.

3 switch socket on both sides of the bed


On both sides of the bed, don’t have a sloppy rate when reserved switch sockets! For example, the spacing of 1.8 meters is 1.9 meters, you think it is very enough, but the skin created after the bed is eight9 will block the switch socket, because 1.8 meters of the skin art Bed, bedside backrests may have more than 2 meters.


Summary – The standard size of the home improvement socket switch is as follows: Conventional switch 1350mm, bed switch 700mm, TV socket 500mm / 1000mm, sofa wall socket 350mm / 700mm, side cabinet socket 1200mm, kitchen electrical socket 350mm 350mm / 1000mm, air conditioning socket 2200mm. There are other switch sockets, which can be set according to the actual furniture arrangement and design.