Cushion and sofa matching skills sofa pillow picture appreciation


Cushions and sofas, the relationship between them is inseparable. A good-looking sofa combines the right cushion is quite important, more will be messy, less looks very lonely, and it will look very cold. The match between the sofa and cushion is also very important. You can refer to the environment, background wall color, sofa color, and carpet color. Specific matching principles and techniques please look down.

靠垫和沙发的搭配技巧 沙发抱枕图片欣赏

First, the basic principles of the sofa and cushion match

1. For insurance, you can select the colored cushion according to the size of the sofa.

2. Choose the cushion to consider the environment of the whole space to make a look.

3. To select a popular cushion, it is best to be a gray sofa, so it is not easy to fancy and don’t take it.

4. Select the pattern to be cautious, colored pattern backgrounds should be unified; the pattern of plants is preferably bonded in the same pattern.

Second, the matching skills of the sofa and cushion

1, refer to the background wall color

We can consider starting from the environment when choosing a cushion, such as the five cushions of the colors and the size of the colors and changes in the background wall. Don’t put together the same brightness.

靠垫和沙发的搭配技巧 沙发抱枕图片欣赏

2, adjust according to the sofa color

The cushion is preferably used, and a component is divided into two, one is a neutral colored cushion, and the other is a geometric cushion consisting of neutral colors and sofa.

3, reference carpet color

The color of the cushion can also be fixed according to the color of the carpet and the pattern.

4, reference jewelry color

In the color of other jewelry in the environment, choose a cushion, and several other mats are mixed according to the shadow of the sofa, so that even the color of the jumping will not be very awkward.

5. Cushion of green planting pattern

In recent years, the cushion of the green plants is very hot. When you use, you should pay attention to it, it is best to match the green tune. If the sofa is not green, you can pave the green blanket or combine the same green plant in the sofa to choose the same green plant.

6, choose solid color or zipper

1) If there is a very low big earth color, solid color or graphic does not matter.

靠垫和沙发的搭配技巧 沙发抱枕图片欣赏

2) As long as it is a bright color, whether it is a cushion or a carpet, contrast or similar color, with a pattern is better than solid.

3) In particular, the pattern is particularly recommended, such as the white-bottomed striped cushion, basically a wild product, like the various colors of the following pictures, look good.