2020 winter mother fashion cotton coat, long corduroy, plus velvet thick wear your confidence


Winter mother fashion cotton coat, long woven corduroy cotton jacket, plus velvet thick warm and charm

The warmth of my mother can’t measure it. It is like a dawn, shining on the road, spring warm, and give him warmth. Love my mother, let the winter are warmer, send him a down jacket. Let your mother wear warmer. Today, Xiaobian recommends a plus velvet, cold warm, very good cotton coat


This product’s fabric is dark and soft, soft and delicate, strong wind and air insulation, easy to wash, easy to wash, no need to be iron, can be washed. It is often used as a fabric for high-end clothes. Very fashionable


This dress. The fur collar is designed in a soft and warm hat, the texture is rich, and the winter belt is no longer cold. The cuffs are simple and generous, and the bright lines are closed on the fabric, increase the level of layers, beautiful and generous, and the pocket design on both sides makes mothers easy. Let your hands insert your pocket more warm, and the ribbon outside the cuffs is also highlight. Let your mother wear more fashionable!


Winter in 2020. Have you considered? Choose a love for your mother!