( ) Super Simple Tasty Nutrition Meter Abalone Filler Soup


Unlike other boiled, the soup is cooked, the soup is clear and delicious, does not need to kitchen, save electricity gas, and my family often uses this method to cook soup ~ It is really simple and delicious!




750 grams of ribs

Fresh abalone 10


Red jujube 3


Reference tablet 20

Chicken leg mushroom 1

2 grams of beautiful ginger powder

1-2 grams of delicious white pepper

8 grams of cooking wine


MSG 1 gram or omitted


枸杞 1 small

Chopped green onion

Practice steps

1. Fresh abalone is treated with a brush, put the refrigeration ready for the refrigeration (the specific treatment method of abalone)

2, ribs cold water, add delicious ginger powder, cooking wine, fire


3, boil to have big bubbles to turn off the fire

4, wash the floating and fine slag over cold water

5, put it in the half pot water, my glutinous pot is 5L, add a beautiful ginger powder, 2 teaspoon of salt, refers, red dates

6, fire, remove the floating foam after boiling

7, cook again

8. Put the burning pot in the pan-burning pot

9, cover, usually three hours, can be used to use its closed environmental insulation to achieve a glutinous purpose

10, 3 left and right hours, then put the burning pot to the gas cooked, put it into a chicken leg mushroom and boil

11, taste the taste, see if you want to put salt


12, add 1-2 grams of whiten pepper powder (according to your own needs, there is a child to drink, you can put 1 gram)


13. Place the abalone prepared in advance, cook for half a minute, you can turn off the fire, sprinkle with green onion, on the table. Can add 1 gram flavor, can also be added (I didn’t add, because it is already very fresh)

14, full photo is delicious, husband children love to drink

Nutritional effect of pork ribs


1. Calcium supplementation

Pork ribs contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone rubber, bone mucin, etc., can provide calcium and old people.

2.补 肾 肾 养 养, yin and moiste


Indications of hot injury, thirst, kidney, weakness, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, complement, nourishing yin, moisturizing, nourishing liver, moisture, Liqi and stop thirst.


3. Supplement

Chinese medicine believes that ribs can make up the benefits, whether it is a sauce rib, or a ribbon soup, whether it is a burning, or fried, ribs have the role of qi.

4. Nourishing spleen and stomach


Pork ribs can nourish spleen and stomach, reasonably edible ribs, can health care.

5. Anemia

Prouten ribs can provide heme (organic iron) and a cysteine ​​that promotes iron absorption can improve iron deficiency anemia.

6. Strong bones


Rodification of iron-rich, zinc, etc., can be strong and bone.

Sign in. Enhanced physical strength

Proud ribs have rich sarcosine, which can enhance physical strength and make people energetic.

8. Nutritional supplements

The ribs are rich in protein and fat, providing high quality proteins and essential fatty acids, which can supplement the nutrients required for the human body.

9. Ziyin and aphrodisiac

TCM believes that ribs can nourish the yin and aphrodisiac, which are excellent diet materials for female men.

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