I want to sleep well, and I am very important to the quilt.


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When you are super happiness in one day, it is about to drill into the nest.


Imagine the nest, warm and comfortable, comfortable, can’t wait to fall asleep.


The actual bed, the cold and humid, lying in the moment, I can’t wait to freeze a fine chicken skin.

This southern friends should have a deep understanding.


Sleep at night, cover the quilt hot to sweat, kick the quilt in the middle of the night, and diarrhea during the day.

A thin quilt, it will be cold in one night.

, Dreaming is being thrown into the cold storage ….

If you have more troubles, then you must not miss this today –


A silent intelligence temperature control is.

Cover this quilt,

Let your nest constantly temperature 28-32 ° C, so that you are not cold, not hot, not kicked




You can also make your quilt quickly warmed, eliminating the time to use the flesh, let you lie down, as if there is a feeling next to it.

It sounds very meticulous, but actually is so powerful.

For these two points, there is a detailed measurement, it is really more comfortable than ordinary quilt.

After all, it is adopted by the NASA Outlast Aerospace Temperature Temperature Temperature.

Temperature temperature, the speed is really not talking.


The small partners have also confirmed that there is indeed a temperature control effect.


And it can make the cold body warm up.

And this quilt, more than ordinary quilt,

Cover it, there will be no feeling that is pressed to suffocation.


In short, I have bought it, I will not lose.

After all, it is a quilt that is a high-tech, the cost is quite high.

So this is 799 yuan original price.

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Not a discount of dozens, one hundred,

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There are two specifications, the size of the double bed double bed, don’t miss it.


Double eleven price is given to you in advance, and now you can only avoid the peak of express delivery, I really have to enjoy early.

Constant temperature 28-32 ° C

Sleeping is not bored, not hot, not kicked


This quilt is really amazing. We are shocked when we do test.

Emergency measurement: one defense temperature is warmed faster

Test the small partners to be more concerned, whether it is rapidly warming.

We found two 16 ° C boards, which were placed in an ordinary quilt.


After a minute, the two boards came out.

Ordinary quilts are only rising to 19 ° C.


And a silent cotton intelligent temperature control has risen to 28 ° C.

Cover a malicious quilt, let your body heat up, cold body, enter the bed like a warmth of love.

Cooling test: Cover a silent intelligent temperature control is not afraid of heat


Some friends will worry, cover the quilt to the second half, how to do it hot and kick the quilt.

Don’t worry, a silent intelligence temperature control is invited to make you feel fast.

When the temperature is too high, you will cool down your quilt.

Let your beds have been in a very comfortable temperature and sleep all night.

We put two temperatures 43 ° C, put them into a smart temperature control and ordinary quilt.

One minute later, the temperature of the plated sheet was only lowered by 2 ° C, and the final temperature was 41 ° C.

A silent intelligence temperature controlled the plate, the temperature dropped at 6 ° C, which was directly dropped to 37 ° C.


A silent intelligence temperature control is really controlled with comfortable temperatures, cooling when hot, warming when cold.


I don’t worry about the overheating of the son cover or too cold, affecting my sleep.


More amazing things, this quilt has also done the temperature control of men and women.


Men is afraid of hot, the temperature of the quilt is controlled at 28 ° C.

Ms. is afraid of cold, the temperature of the quilt is controlled at 32 ° C.


Sub-control temperature, cover a quilt to meet the temperature needs of the two people, no longer fight for a small cover.

Because of this technology, it is no need to keep warm with more weight and thickness.

So a silent quilt is super light,

Don’t worry that the breath is not breathing at night


Such a magical quilt is certainly inseparable from its super-powerful black technology technology.

This is a PCM phase-changing-controlled chips material in the core.

It derived from NASA

Because astronauts need to face space for extremely cold or extremely hot


Therefore, this technique must be sufficiently reliable after the measurement will be put into use.


This material will be adjusted according to the surrounding temperature.



When it is too hot, it heatsipizes the temperature, and it is too cold in the surrounding temperature to improve the temperature.

It sounds simple, but it is difficult to achieve this technology.


Moreover, it is quite large, the cost is high, so the fake goods on the market is flooding.

After all, it is a penny, I want to buy a real comfortable product, don’t be greedy and cheap to eat big losses.


Fabric that can be sleepled

Self-strap antibacterial function, no fluorescent agent and formaldehyde

In fact, the way the sleep quality is high is to get naked.

A silent intelligent temperature control is also said, but the fabric is soft like a satin, the inner core is like a cloud.

The first is the fabric, which uses a selection of 100 Xinjiang long velvet cotton, soft skin, moisture absorption.

Xinjiang long glennote cotton from the Turpan Basin of Xinjiang,

Here the latitude is less than the cloud, the sunshine is 14-16 hours.

Due to the high-time light, the cotton flower that grows here is large.

And the various indicators are better than ordinary or imported cotton ~

At present, Xinjiang long gum cotton only less than 0.5% in world cotton.

Quite precious, known as gold in cotton.

It is soft and comfortable with the fabric it weaved, and the face is passed.

Just like a fine skin, full of safety and comfort

A silent work is still under the woven process,

Using an ancient traditional tribute ribbling method, making the fabric more gloss and texture.

Gonned rinning + longweed cotton, such fabric look delicate and luster,

Touching the skin as soft as the child.

Covered on the body,

There is a feeling of instantaneous homes.

Because the weave process requirements of the satin are too high, there are only two precision weaving machines in the factory in the factory.

Therefore, the quantity is limited, and it is bought and cherished.

Of course, this fabric is safe enough.

After professional institutional testing, not only


Meet the national A class (infant contact) standard, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde.




Antibacterial degaussing ability

Oh, the closeness is more assured.

Washing machine can wash

Detail design over the heart

Many people are worried, they will cover it in the white quilt will not be dirty.

do not worry,

This quilt support machine is washed!

In terms of detail design, a silent intelligent temperature control is used in double-line stereo.

The heat insulating layer is formed, and the heat locked is twice the single line,

Warm remodel


A whole

Night, it’s quite good.

If you want to set it, the four corners of this quilt have also designed a fixed strap.


And the rope on the four corners of the sleeve is not shifted by the core, really superior.

Now I have prepared two specifications to everyone.

1.8 * 2.2m and 2.0 * 2.3M two sizes

You can choose according to your own needs, super intimate.


More importantly, you can enjoy the double eleven discounts now, you can enjoy early morning, you can also avoid the peak period during advance.

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Activity time: November 9th to November 11th



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