Grab the Zhou Yang Youth Pants, Yang Tianzhen, can also take high legs, how big is the elasticity?


The cold winter is gradually approaching, the more wearing the clothes is, and many girls who are afraid of cold have already wrapped themselves into “scorpion”, which seems to be so safe. But who doesn’t love the heart? No one wants to wear thick and bloated, especially the fat girl itself can’t keep up “with thin beauty” mainstream aesthetics, then wear bloated some really worrying to find boyfriend, then fat girls wear thin again It was put on the schedule.


There are a lot of women in the fashion circle. In fact, it is not dry bar. There is also a sluggish body and even more plump, and their clothes can be borrowed, and there may be a half-time effect. This time, Yang Tianzhen Po out video, tried on a tight jeans of the Zhouyang Yanshan, a good jeans she bought. Grab a tight-fitting trousers that Zhou Yang Yansheng, Yang Tianzhen can still raise his legs, how big is it. Then, when the cat sister is talked about when Yang Tianzhen, I’ll be thin.

Current ministry reading:

1, Yang Tianzhen’s body pants style analysis

2, how to wear thin and winter fat girls


Adhering to the principle of black skin, this model is a common all black style in the autumn and winter season. Don’t say that the visual effect is really good. Black round neck sweater + black tight jeans, this kind of upper body, the body’s tight match is not only the rest of the casual, but also puts the leg line line, and the effect of the legs will naturally reach. Considering the dull black styling, adding a silver metal necklace in a silver metal necklace, exquisite and trendy feelings, this shape is really a fat girl’s clothes.

Second, how to wear thin and winter fat girls


(1) Try to have a dark-column, with a color system to avoid the old gas

“Darkness is thin,” is recognized to be friendly, many fat girl’s closets almost clear, but the problem is coming, it is dark, it is really easy to wear the feelings of the old feelings. How to crack? In fact, you can properly join the color system for balance, just the choice of color system, it is recommended to avoid high saturation. The brightness can also be slightly dark, you can get rid of the “fluffy” that the color is visually expansion. Matching can be thin and aged.


(2) Avoid too loose layers

The loose version of the clothes are now popular: loose wide-legged pants are full of maritime, and the boyfriend is lazy, and the boyfriend is safely passed out, and there is Overseized suit concave Handsome cool girl is cool, but all of this is a vegetable girl. Only thin can be done in place, and fat girls need to modify their own body lines and avoid fluffy and then fat. Danger . This type of hard-moving black jeans is modified, is it not very popular?


Look at an example. This caramel coat, the surface of the cortical shine shines, the body is full of beauty. Although the collar of the same color is not violated, the waistband is tightened, but it can clearly see that the fat girl wrapped in loose clothes, fluffy feelings really It is difficult to achieve a thin effect, which explains some girls to choose the loose version of the clothes “Tibetan meat” but the reason why it is appropriate.

(3) Choosing the pointed shoes are more effective


Shoes should be a detail of a lot of fat girls ignore? Especially in the presence of autumn and winter shoes, it is not very strong, but how can you ignore? Compared with the round head and the side of the shoes, the feeling of the pointed shoes is the trendy, exquisite, delicate, compared with the thick wear of autumn and winter, weaken the fat visual thick lines. This beige woolen coat, with a pointed bright diamond high heel, delicate sexy woman is unstoppable.

Choose a pointed shoe, you can balance the widespan legs and tiredness. The red waist coat is sufficient to attract people with a color, which is a tight round neck bottoming and black striped wide leg pants, with a black slime slightly fat body mitigation a lot. But the leather pants will be too slightly exaggerated, and there will be a risk of bloating and more fat. It is also a dark red pointed shoes to show “the sharp corner”.

I bought a tights of Zhou Yang Yanshan. Yang Tianzhen can also take high legs, “cut the stomach” is really thin. Ok, this period is chatting with you, is it getting you give?

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