American parents gave son to make Christmas gifts, boy shooting 4 students, is parents to be responsible?


A parent of the United States bought a pistol for his son as a Christmas present, and the son after 4 days, the son shot 4 children in the school, causing the most serious campus shooting in the United States in the past three years. Recently, the prosecutor of this case intends to accuse the child’s parents. However, this case has aroused disputes in the United States.

American boy Iszone’s Michigan campus shooting is charged first-level murder, Reuters

Father bought guns as a gift for his son, shooting in 4 days

According to “New York Times”, a 15-year-old boy, Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old boy, was born in the Oxford High School in Michigan, and also seriously injured several students. On 13 December, Izuka was attended, and the case prosecutor Karen McDonald proposed criminal accusation of boy parents.

McDonald pointed out that the first four days of shooting occurred, the boy’s father took him to a gun shop and bought him a pistol to be a Christmas present.

One day before the shooting case, a teacher saw the boy searching online, informing the child. But the boy mother actually texting with the child: “I am not angry, but don’t be caught by the teacher.”

On the morning of the incident, the teacher found a picture of the boy, painted the pistol, a shot of people and a smiling expression. The boy also wrote: “It is blood everywhere”, “thinking can’t stop, help me.” The school asks the boy parents to bring their children to do psychological counseling, but they are rejected.


When the news of the shooting event came out, the boy mother sent a message to his son: “Don’t do this”, but it is too late.

American boy Isan and parents, Reuters

US campus shooting is repeated, 80% is the gun of parents

According to the “Washington Post”, at least 145 campus shootings occurred at least before the Michigan shooting.

In 105 cases, 84 guns used in cases are taken from home, accounting for 80% of the case.

In some places in the United States, there is a child contact preventive law (C.A.P.), which requires the guns to protect children away from guns away. The law stipulates that adults put guns in children can easily take and open fire. . But in most states in the United States, including Michigan, there is no legal for children or adolescents from contacting guns.

EVE BRENSIKE PRIMUS, professor of the University of Michigan, said that even if there is such a law, it is also very difficult to have a conviction.

In 84 children’s shooting cases, only 4 children parents were convicted.


After the Michigan high school campus shooting, BBC

Children’s shooting will be difficult to achieve by parents

McDonald McDonald, the McDanner, McDonald, said that the boy’s parents should have a considerable responsibility for the shooting case, and according to C.A.P. conviction, it can play a preventive role in the future campus shooting incident.

But for parents should be guilty of murder by children’s guns, it has triggered the argument of many scholars in the United States. Andrew McCarti believes that McDonald is inappropriate to exaggerate the behavior of their parents to lack, this is not appropriate.


Other people who do not agree with the law believe that the law may be abused by American racism. Some prosecutors are easily impressed with black or ethnic parents, which may lead to black parents to have their own impact.

Some people put forward that other measures need to be taken to prevent school shooting events, such as strengthening monitoring of students’ behavior. However, experts said that such intervention is limited, there are many parents who are not willing to cooperate with schools like the Michigan shooting.

A study of the United States said that every 100 residents in the United States have 120.5 guns. The person in charge of the US anti-gun violent action said that the easiest way is to let the minors can’t easily get a gun, then the US campus shooting can reduce, even eliminate, “states should immediately implement these laws, let the gun owner Responsible for your own negligence. “(Extreme Journalist Song Qingying)

Source: Extreme News