“Nine Pants” will wear it is not monotonous, spring and summer match these 4 single items, simple and handsome


The nine-point trousers of the high-profile legs are deeply popular. When they arrive in the spring and summer, many men hate must not wear every day. However, love to wear does not mean that people will wear, people who don’t wear, even if we wear every day, it will not wear the effect.

People who will wear, only use a nine-point trousers to create n types, how to wear it is not monotonous. And, I also found that people who will wear, usually love to match these 4 single items, simple and handsome, let’s take a look.


First, white T + nine pants

White T should be the most beautiful single product, clean and refreshing white color, not only getting the mask, but also energetic, wearing white t, young ten years old.

More importantly, white t is very good, you can match your youthful and energetic jeans, you can match the mood of black pants, you can also match the high-level leg long, practiced, nine-point trousers.


When they are mixed with nine-point trousers, I have two recommendations to give everyone. First, it is recommended to choose a black nine trousers, showing black and white color of simple beauty, while the entire wearing fashion can be improved.

Second, it is recommended that you put the white t cloth into the nine-point trousers, but can not only line up the legs, more details, but also to show your body ratio.


Second, suits + nine pants

When it comes to the matching method of nine-point trousers, people always think of “wear + nine-point trousers”, which means that there are many people like this, which means “suits + nine pants” The risk of bad street is very. Therefore, when we use a suit with a nine-wment pants, we have more careful than using the white t with a white t.


So how can I wear “suit + nine pants”? My suggestion is to break through its inherent style. The suit and nine-point trousers are part-based single items. When we make a match, it usually tends to build a business style, such as this “black suit + white shirt + white nine points and western pants + brown leather shoes” match, full of workplace .


In this case, who can take the lead in breaking through the business style, who can put “suit + nine pants”, like this blogger, he matches white t, sports shoes, overall look complete Formal, leisure.


Third, shirt + nine partial trousers

Shirts are essential for men, often with nine suits, need everyone to pay attention, “shirt + nine-point trousers” is not as simple as we think, if you are simply wear The shirt is mixed with nine-point trousers, it is impossible to become a tide man.

When the tide man wears “shirt + nine-point trousers”, like embellishment, such as newsboy, glasses, cameras, watches, bracelets, etc., these accessories are single, but appear in “shirt + nine points In the shape of the pants, it will add two major effects to add fashion points.

Four, polo shirt + nine pants


POLO shirts that were labeled “mature”, “old gas” label, is not subject to young guys, in their eyes, POLO shirt is a single product of uncle’s uncle. In fact, the Polo shirt itself is no age limit, and it is not difficult to put the POLO shirt.

Young people can try “polo shirt + nine-point trousers” this kind of matching method, there is no smash in mature, and there is no formal, and the integral male is full. With regard to the match of nine pants, I will introduce this, I hope to help you be a person who will wear.

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