Blowing, this is the shoes that boys should wear in winter.


High-top sports shoes, tight ankles, with shorts, roll the trousers, can create fashion styles. It can not only create a strong sense of existence, but also useful when balanced with winter clothing, because down jackets, oversized coats and layered clothing will tend to be bloated, high-top sports shoes can be well coordinated. This bloated sense.

If you want to use Converse’s “All Star Hi” to complete your winter clothes, you can choose the leather material without hesitation.

Converse’s high-top sneakers “All star hi” uses canvas, but if you want to make your feet look more mature, leather is absolutely recommended. In addition to using the same color black and white as the canvas, there is a deep-feeling black monochrome three colors, so that you can enjoy the coordination of fashionable adult style.


Nike’s high-top sneakers with an overwhelming presence in winter monotonous clothing

Dark-toned winter monotonic buildings have a delicate and cool atmosphere, but if there is a way to add a sense of existence in the accessories, in the case of not affecting the characteristics of clothing, the exquisite is “It’s easy to do it. “. You can join high-top sneakers with impact to distinguish this winter monotonic clothing and update in the IMA style. Especially for high-top sports shoes, you can update your dress with your feet without sacrificing exquisite.


Converse classic white high-top sneakers make your winter clothes new.


CONVERSE’s classic high-top sneakers “All Star Hi” is very suitable for your winter clothes. Matching the pants can reveal the foot tiptone is a standard practice, but it is also suitable for a wide leg pants, which can be rolled up and give people a big comfort. If the length of the balance jacket and the contour of the trousers will be set to an ankle length, it can look more casual.

Full black stacking package with high-top sneakers to improve gravity


The layered leather jacket is equipped with a long jacket. Although the texture of the leather gives a sharp feeling, the axis of the clothing consisting of pure black items may appear some stretch. However, in this case, the center of gravity is set higher by setting up white high-top sneakers. By raising the center of gravity, the legs look longer while emphasizing a well-distributed loose profile, which does not generate redundant or light sense.

Socks, high-top sports shoes, let winter monotonous costumes look small

Givenchy’s socks sneakers “George V” uses low-tech white soles and upper, eliminating additional decorations, creating a simple look. Balenciaga’s “Speed ​​Trainer” is a futuristic style with super flexible molded soles, but this socks are more simulated and retro. For those who feel that avant-garde’s Balenciaga “Speed ​​Trainer” in winter is too spicy, Givenchy’s “George V” is a perfect combination of retro and modern


Set high-top sports shoes to balance a lot of winter clothes

A large-scale winter dress combined with the North Face Down Jacket and Shakashaka Materials, using low-tech quality high-top sneakers to create an equalization. With Timberland Boots and Red Wing Irish Second Leaders, etc., it is also ants, but if your goal is to familiarize with this city like it is like now, this pair of high-top sneakers’ feet: It looks like a style too It is doubt that it is doubt that it will update winter clothing suitable for cold weather measures, which tend to be in the mold with a limited number of pieces.


Set white high-top sports shoes to emphasize the vertical contour of winter clothing

High-top sneakers can also be used to emphasize the vertical contour of long coats. Lean design, eliminate excess decoration, the more the shape is more and more, the more the effect is, and it is more integrated. The low-top sports shoes, the center of gravity of dress tend to decrease, easy to delay the impression, but the high-top sports shoes don’t worry.


Cotton and suede-like mixed shoes high-top sports shoes, bring seasonal appearance


Focus on materials similar to winter, express seasonally in high-top sneakers. Especially Vans’s classic high-top shoes “SK8-Hi”, popular cotton sails and cotton X suede COMBI-APER models are almost the same, so the appearance is almost different, and Combi-Apper is aware of the seasonality. But this doesn’t look good.

Converse x jw Anderson joint high-top sports shoes to add a wipe winter dress up


Converse X JW Anderson’s high-top sneakers launched different colors, such as this season, limited capsule series and disposable cooperation project, white, red and blue. After the previous white, after red, the 2019-20 autumn and winter series is developing, blue and new “Glitter” and “Flag Grid” are also launched as the pre-installed series of 2020 spring, so those who missed white and red. Why don’t you check it earlier?

American plans to “CT70” Converse high to help sneakers, for your feet

Converse classic high-top sneakers “All star” has a Japanese plan (authorized) model of Converse Japan and the “Chuck Taylor 70”, a side seam, and then followed by the United States. Differences in detail. CONVERSE USA’s “Chuck Taylor 70” faithfully reproduces the initial all-star developed as basketball shoes, one of the most significant differences is to reinforce the triangular side suture of the upper. While returning to the source of this source, the masterpiece sneakers will be returned while you want to express your unique foot feeling with Converse’s high-top shoes, then you don’t hesitate to choose the US project “CT70”!

Red Nike High-hand Sneakers show a strong soft winter dress


Put the white details of the red Nike high-top shoes with the neck and a slightly visible white T-shirt slightly visible from the waist, highlighting the feet while adding exquisite winter clothes. While re-examining the beautiful skirt, foresee the future of short pleated sneakers, with high-top sneakers, is a haze at the foot of winter. clothing. I am from sports shoes.


Ok, share these today, I hope to bring you some inspiration, new day, I wish you a happy.