Super floating lovers, rods, lighter coats, this is not just a graphic!


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First mention today:

Super thawled lapel long cardigan coat,

Men and women are suitable, the most important thing is that weave is very simple,

Basically, the new hand is not polished,


Virtual structure,

Only sleeves are widely used in needle.

Do you want to come?


After the cold is faded, you can wear the street!

See the dog on the picture?

Painted! Can the work show still “play”?

Appreciation design, according to the map,

In fact, there are many moments that can be excavated.

Weaving is sometimes flying ourselves in a quiet state


When you are enjoying the pleasure brought by weaving,

Let it make it more interesting and vivid,

One of the ways to make fun of the way,


Is “sharing”

[Original weaving data reference]

Wire: 80% Mercino, 20% Nylon, Ms. 770 grams, men 810 grams

Use a needle: Japanese stick 8 (4.5mm), 9 (4.8mm)

We all walk from the network, try to improve relevant information.

The browsing friends are hardworking and sharing weaving experience,

Don’t have a joint effort

Will weave in the end


the meaning of,


This feeling is very good, what do you say?

The following is a diagram shared in our May.

Recently weaving life forum members “


“Imitation it ~

The trial of his daughter, the original version of the woman,

Wear the popular Sen girl of Xiaoyu or in the moment.


Young sisters, see more people?

The bottom of the poker reading original text

You can view the braided records shared by the author.

If you like it, you can learn from the original graphic.

If you have any questions, you can also explore each other!


I push, you weave,


You wrote, I introduced

Let us in this kind of “you come to me”

Creating a unlimited excitement together!

Welcome to the big stage show to weave life,

As long as it is wonderful enough, there is no black hand behind the scene.

Only one pair hope this stage is more dazzling.

And shine the same shiny

Pushing a small white hand in the middle of the stage


I like to “look good”